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Mistress Boudicca – Bristol

Bristol UK MistressWelcome to my website, my name is Mistress Boudicca, and I live in Westbury on Trym, Bristol and currently work in a domestic setting.

I offer a full Mistress service to discerning gentlemen and ladies, throughout the South of England. Whatever your fantasy, I am able to provide you with the relief you need.

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Mistress Geo Pinch – Bristol

I’m an accomplished Dominatrix with many years’ experience in the UK, America & Germany. Originally from Australia, I’ve travelled the world. Now based in Bristol, my premises are my own: a purpose-built BDSM studio & a dedicated domestic room. My specialties are CBT (my greatest love), CP, bondage & domestic scenarios; my passions are leather, corsets, boots, rope & well-designed BDSM equipment. Sensuality is in the imagination of those who seek it out. Imagination & desire have for too long been repressed, and liberty can take many forms: releasing the erotic imagination is one of them, and in this I am an agent of liberation.

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Mistress Heather – Bristol

heatherRenowned for her beauty and sensual sadism, Divine Mistress Heather has a wealth of experience and passion to deal with your desires. Her particular interests are Roleplay, Ball Busting, Humiliation, Mind Control and Nipple Torture. Her natural air of authority means that she does not need to raise her voice in order for you to obey. Her soft tones may be soothing, but make no mistake – she can be both physically and mentally cruel!

Formally London based, Mistress Heather now resides in Bristol for regular sessions. However, she still makes the occasional planned trip to London for appointments and can of course be booked by special request, both nationally and internationally.

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Mistress Isabella – Swindon

isabellaI have complete control, dominance and authority over you My slave – you WILL OBEY. The intensity of my aura will overwhelm your senses to the extent that I will be forever on your mind. I can be very severe, strict and commanding, yet beautiful, sensuous and stunning.

It’s not all about pain, I can also be sensuous, soft and gentle, but I will be in charge.

Mistress Isabella will seek out your insecurities. you will need, want, desire and crave Me.

Be warned I am very addictive!

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Kitty Birchwood – Somerset

kittybirchwoodI am a strict, intelligent and articulate lady located in Somerset. I derive a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction reddening the bottoms of naughty boys and girls who require some good old-fashioned discipline. I especially enjoy using my hand to administer a long and hard spanking, especially if it is over my knee. As well as feeling the sting of my hand across your bare backside, you may be disciplined with one of the many implements I have at my disposal, which include my slipper, paddle, hairbrush and cane.

I genuinely enjoy what I do and aim to make the session as enjoyable as possible. As well as offering no-nonsense CP sessions, I also enjoy role-play and am happy to play the role of a strict headmistress, auntie or teacher. Alternatively, you might wish to take part in a scenario you’ve always fantasized about. You might even want to try something a little different, your fate decided by the turn of a card, or the roll of a dice.

So what are you waiting for…you know you are in need of some punishment.

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Mistress Kearna – Devon

kearnaMistress Kearna is a very seductive, intelligent and strict Female Dominant. With more then 10 years of practice in the art of Dominating men, Mistress Kearna will make all of your dreams come true. Don’t let her looks fool you, as she might at times come across very caring and friendly but that might change in a second!

A Woman with great intelligence and a deep study of male psychology. Her Dominance over you can change with her mood which is very dynamic according to the submissive needs of men and their desires.

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Mistress Leyla – Bristol

mistressleylaI am Mistress Leyla, I welcome any pathetic creature into my lair at my Bristol Dungeon to serve, obey and worship me…

At 5ft 9 inches tall (without my thigh high PVC boots on), I will dominate, punish and tease you into submission – make you whimper and beg for my mercy, of which none shall be given – unless damn well earned!

I especially enjoy humiliating my subjects by the means of water sports, Sissy Maid/Slave training and forced bi, but enjoy teasing and torture of any BDSM, domination and other techniques.

At 33, years of age, I am an exceptionally Evocative & experienced dominatrix – I guarantee to exceed your fantasies & desires. If there is something not on my list that you would like to try (See Sessions tab for full list of services), or have tried before and enjoyed then don’t hesitate to ask, your pain is my pleasure and I will try (almost) anything once.

Do you think you are capable of pleasing me?
Are you ready to serve me?
Are you ready to be owned by me?…

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Mistress Louise – Bristol

louiseI am a very experienced Mistress with a well-equipped dungeon close to Bristol city centre.

I am particularly interested in providing sessions to mature male slaves, over 35 preferably.  I am equally happy to provide a strict session of bondage and punishment – including spanking and caning if you like discipline – or a less painful session for beginners or for those who relish sensual tie and tease, something I excel at.

I am also very happy to indulge in role play.

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Mistress Meena – Bristol

mistressmeenaYour PAIN is My PLEASURE.

I will tease you and torment you. I will demand your obedience and discipline you. I will cherish you as My most valued possession and indulge My every whim on you. I will take you to a place where pain and pleasure become one.

Your very own small piece of heaven awaits.

Whether you are a first timer or a more experienced player, I just know that you will enjoy a thrilling time with me and want to return again and again.

I want you…..

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Mistress Mia – Bristol

mistressmiaI would describe myself as a sensual sadist offering a wide variety of BDSM fantasies from the mild to the wild.I take pleasure in pushing the limits and watching the reaction.

I like to torment, tickle, annoy, pester, and terrorize all who dare submit to me. I am bisexual myself and love playing with male and female submissives.

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Mistress Nicky French – Bristol

nickyfrenchIf you’re looking for something new, I’m the one.

I know my desires, my likes & dislikes and you’ll understand that don’t worry. You’re here to serve, please & push boundaries. I drive my session by first, have a chat with you.

I like to exchange with people, I need to know more about you, your limits, your expectations to give you the right way of BDSM. If you can bring my Slave form filled up for me will be perfect (find it on my website)

Of course I’ve got my preferences, I LOVE CORPORAL PUNISHMENT !!!!!

I also like to squeeze your little balls hmmm… I’M A BALL FETISHIST, they’re my relax balls haha !!

I see every gentlemen, all ethnicity, respectful with good manners. If you wanna session with me, just give me a call and I’ll see straight way if you deserve to session with me or not.

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Mistress Nina – Bristol

ninaI’m a young stunning looking Mistress based between Bristol and Bath.

If you wish to serve and appreciate the company of an experienced and very well equipped TS Mistress, you may apply to serve me. I love to see submissives who wish to please and pleasure me.


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Submissive Saffron – Bristol

subsaffronHi I am Saffron, a proffesional submissive and a bdsm enthusiast.

I am naturally drawn to this lifestyle.

I session at the House Du Croix with the full use of dungeons and facilities.

I also session with Mistress Suki on Saturdays if you would prefer.

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