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andryLesbian feminist supremacist dominatrix based in Central and North London.

I love making proud men confess their inferiority.

Come to me for power-play with a strict but imaginative domme.

I am interested in psychological humiliation, spanking and corporal punishment, anal play, strap-on and dildo use, sissy and gender play, cross-dressing and other fantasy roleplay.


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Mistress Annabel

mistressannabelLondon Mistress Annabel: Enter a world of decadence and domination in Mistress Annabel’s private rubber,medical and transformation studio.

Stunningly beautiful Mistress, intelligent and cruel with a passion for rubber, medical treatments, bondage and mental control.

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Mistress Azumi

London Mistress AzumiSlaves, welcome to My dark, mysterious world of London Japanese Domination. I am London Mistress Azumi, a Japanese Mistress born for the art of Female Domination.

I am an absolutely stunning Mistress, beneath My elegant feminine exterior lurks a Sadistic devil who will push your limits beyond your most humble but interestingly amusing expectations.

I understand your desire to be dominated by a powerful woman, to obey Her commands without being allowed to think, to be trained to please Her and to be tortured by Her with a great pleasure. I know you need it for balance from your stressful daily life, and desire to have high-quality experiences rather than meaningless torture.

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Aris Bent

erisbentI am Eris, an ecstatic mischievous force unleashed upon the unsuspecting universe.

A pirate wreaking havoc. Bringing the storm into to your safe haven, breaking, entering, pillaging, perverting. Then sailing out into the big blue sea in possession of your treasures. Leaving you forever transformed. If you are lucky, I will snatch you away on an expedition to uncharted territories.

I am a a life -style mistress and switch with an immaculately filthy mind..

When I play with you, we are bandits riding together into the wilderness. Danger and adventure pulsing through our veins.


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Miss Chevrolet

London Mistress ChevroletWhether you’re a seasoned devotee of submission or a curious explorer of kink, your cravings are not just valid but deserving of wholehearted exploration and acceptance. By reaching out, you’ll gain privileged access to an exclusive realm, engage in deep and meaningful conversations, and establish a genuine connection with a Domme who welcomes being addressed as “Mistress” or “Goddess.”

As a seasoned Domme, I offer a unique journey of self-improvement, forging a path towards a better and healthier version of yourself. I combine my expertise in wellbeing with my passion for domination. My attention is reserved for those who seek the enduring embrace of profoundly personal and satisfying long term D/s dynamic.

Would you like to belong to a powerful and very fit Domme?

Through the exquisite dance of power and desire, I masterfully craft your deepest fantasies into unforgettable kinky experiences.

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Cruel Adventuress

From the very heights of Her sophisticated lot in life The Cruel Adventuress will no doubt see you into the gutter; to the descent of your lowest and darkest desires; and see you there well. Starting out some 15 years ago on My Domme journey I’ve chosen to pro Domme & lifestyle – sometimes concurrent. All the more wise and experienced you will find Mistress as fresh as a daisy when I have a true submissive, slavish and/or masochist male in My midst.

With My own private studio, extensive wardrobe & quality tools of My trade, I am all so very well equipped.

From the novice to the experienced; cold, controlled medical sessions to beatdowns, or maybe good old traditional slave training, Mistress will have Her wicked way and in that help you find your place. And yes, I love role-play – channeling that dominant character will bring it into the real, of that I am sure.

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Mistress Lady Godiva

ladygodivaAn English Dominatrix who is sophisticated and intelligent. I have a vast range of experience that breathes life into each and every session. No stranger to the corporate world, I will tear you apart in the boardroom. Any cheek from you in the classroom and you won’t sit down for a week! I am extremely good with a cane and can cater for cautious beginners to seasoned masochists and everything in between.

I love role play, cherishing every sweet moment as though it were reality. I know that you will too; losing yourself in the fantasy. But be prepared for the chill of fear that will take over your very soul, when you begin to wonder if you have lost your mind.

You will grow and learn under My command, like you’ve never experienced before. You will be reborn.

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Madam Helle

London MistressI am Madam Helle.

Severe, strict and sensual taking your very deepest darkest sexual desires and twisting them into reality.

Studied and practiced in the romantic city of Venice.

I am an elegant, sophisticated Mistress and a natural sexual dominant. My flaming red hair, piercing blue eyes and hour glass figure will bring you to your knees. I am an expert in all areas of the art of BDSM and I seek perfection and demand strict obedience at all times. This will feel completely natural in my company as I unlock your real potential and exceed your expectations.


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Miss Kami Robertson

kamirobertsonI’m Miss Kami Robertson – experienced CP Specialist, Disciplinarian and professional Mistress.

I offer CP and discipline sessions, corrective therapy, BDSM and sensual play as well as roleplay and relaxation, spanking therapy.

I’m a lady with a cruel streak for those who need or deserve it and a gentle side for those wanting to relax.

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Lady Lola

The elegant, exclusive Goddess of classical domination. Kneel before the altar of refined cruelty and sensual suffering. Blonde, statuesque, graceful – relinquish control at the feet of The
definitive Dominatrix and discover yourself in My shadow. I am start and end of of your journey into submission.

Lady Lola London based Dominatrix. The elegant, exclusive Goddess of classical domination. Blonde, statuesque, graceful – relinquish control to The definitive Dominatrix.

I am start and end of of your journey into submission.

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The Goddess Mistress Lauren

I am a Professional Dominatrix based primarily in London hosting sessions with clients at a selection of well-appointed dungeons throughout Central London and The City.

My skills have been honed over the past ten years at London Retreat, that most iconic of fetish houses with a history spanning thirty years.

While My passions cover a wide range of fetishes I specialise in bringing to life, sensual fantasies and scenarios incorporating role play, worship and impact play.

In My presence beauty, passion and power come together extending My creativity that turns dreams into reality with impressions lasting well after their respective sessions have long concluded. Bookings are usually taken in advance with contact details are available via My website.

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Mistress Luna

lunaHigh Class Adult Entertainer – Mistress Luna Spanish Domme.

Specialized in Bondage * Medical Scenarios * Rubber * Leather * Adult Babies * Cross Dressing and much more, check my websites for info – pictures and free videos.

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Well hello. If you wish to serve a strong, dominant woman, welcome. Please read My website before contacting Me. I’m an Alpha Female, not a service top and selective who I session with.

I’m a sadistic, sensual and fun British Dominatrix with seventeen years professional and lifestyle experience in Blackpool, Vienna, now based in London. An Alpha Female and hard wired Domme, fiercely independent from a young age – during kiss chase I’d pin boys to the floor and sit on their chest until they whimpered in submission. This is part of who I am and prefer to establish a connection with you than a quick thrill.

My personal favourite scenarios include sissy/feminisation, anal/pegging/strap-on, sensation play, foot worship, role play, CBT and CP. I adore the twist of a nipple, swish of a flogger or thwack of a crop though lighter sessions are possible.

Be assured, very little shocks Me. If you are so far in the kink closet you’re in Narnia, I can coax you out in a friendly and controlled manner. Respectful newbies are welcome in My strong hands and offer starter sessions for those wishing to respectfully experiment with their submissive side.

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London Medical Mistress

Exacting medical Mistress with the finest white medical fetish clinic in London. Robustly equipped for all types of medical fetishes, enema play, anal exams, fisting and perverted medical procedures.

Dr Annabel is a breathplay and serious kit milking specialist with an exacting penchant for control of the male body and mind.

Outstanding white room/rubber fetish clinic with a slant on clinical restraint. A wide range of medical aromas to make you lose time and space, floating into a world of total submission and surrender.

Allow yourself to be used as the ultimate male toy/medical patient. Discreet medical clinic discreetly nestled in London’s uber chic Kensington. A wide range of therapies from the healing to the sadistic.

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Mistress Montana

montana11I am the ultimate new breed of dominatrix – no tacky theatrics, just simply pure imaginative cruelty that will leave you weak at the knees!

I have over 27 years of experience as a strict and demanding professional dominatrix.

I am by nature a sensually erotic, yet demanding Mistress. While I am well educated, articulate, and sophisticated, I’ve always possessed an erotic, perverse, and mischievous mind with a penchant for psychological torture. My understanding of the mental, physical, and most importantly, the psychological aspects of the Arts is world renowned. I believe that everyone is not created equally, and that each individual’s weaknesses must be exploited differently.

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Miss Myers

An audience with Miss Myers is an encounter of a very special kind. Her diverse and honed skills; Her chilling attention to detail; Her wicked sense of humour; Her subtle cruelties; Her soft, cultured voice. All this and more combines to ensure that a visit to Miss Myers shall make an impact upon you in more ways than one…

With a wonderfully twisted imagination and a razor sharp wit, Miss Myers possesses an innate understanding of the dark, wonderful, erotic fantasies that drive so many to search for that most perfect of experiences. In Miss Myers’ expert and caring hands these fantasies are realized, adding essential spice to your life and lighting up the darkest depths of your psyche. She is most excellent charming company and She is your sweetest nightmare.

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Domina Octavia

octaviaDomina Octavia is like a breath of fresh air, cutting through the otherwise stale dominatrix scene. She is young, beautiful and very well educated, with a powerful and passionate personality and always has 100% control over any situation. She is a natural-born dominatrix and BDSM is her lifestyle.

Domina Octavia is passionate about orchestrating high-quality sessions for her slaves. She does not accept any authority and does not care what social level you are from. You will be put in your place and kept there during the magical hours you spend as her slave.

Her professional presentation is a serious matter. She takes great pride in her growing collection of fabulous latex, leather and PVC costumes. She seldom visits a fetish boutique without adding to her wardrobe and her vital statistics are probably known to every fetish designer in London.

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Governess Painless

painlessI am a petite caramel skinned Dominant with a passion for BDSM.

I particularly enjoy getting to know my submissives long term, fully exploring their fetish-laden minds and testing their outermost boundaries.

A highly creative Domina who specialises in CBT, CP, needle play and watersports.

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Mistress with Strap-On

straponMistress with strap-on, a new BDSM service offered by Mistress Tanya of London in her new Fetish Dungeon, visit Mistress Tanya if you dare and you can indulge in strap on training and for the more adventurous, Spit Roasting where Mistress Tanya of London uses her strap on while her male or female slave administers oral. If you are bi-curious and would like to live out a fantasy just contact Mistress Tanya of London and your dreams will come true under my strict control.

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Mistress Tanya

tanyaI am Mistress Tanya, a unique dominatrix from Finland, called by my realm of slaves a Nordic Goddess. Nature has endowed me with an hour-glass figure and natural wavy blond hair. My aim and purpose is to give sensuous pleasure and spiritual euphoria to my slaves through my knowledge and experience of BDSM and its related arts. My slaves crave for my expertise in administering Cock and Ball Torture (CBT), which they repeatedly tell me gives them the most extreme ecstasy through prolonged stimulation of the erectile tissues.

There are those who enjoy my Nipple Torture (NT) or the preliminary of a gentle caress to evoke their feminine side. Apart from catering for the connoisseur and serious players, I also love to play with the novice where a more sensual domination is popular.


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Mistress Scarlett Thorne

London MistressI love every aspect of who I am and what I do, and you too, will learn to adore Me.

Domination isn’t just work for Me. It’s what I live and breathe for. It’s what gets Me out of bed every morning and what makes Me go to bed at night with a sadistic smile on My face. I have a passion for men, and what I do makes Myself and others happy. Please look around My website to find out more about Me, and the phenomenon that is Scarlett Thorne, Miss Charlotte Jones and the woman that could soon be your one true Mistress.

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Mistress Volga

London MistressBeing open minded and wickedly playful I truly enjoy role play in which I play dominant roles like a demanding and powerful Amazon dressed in leather attire who will have you kneeling at my feet and begging to take you to unmanageable height of lust and ecstasy; or a strict Governess who will administer hard Corporal Punishment to the bare bottoms of naughty boys, who need a good old fashioned thrashing for misbehaving; or an imperious and capricious Nordic Goddess who has a commanding addictive presence and demands your devotion and adoration and sexual worship; or Seductive Siren who takes charge and advantage of you by making you my sissy maid, making you to wear feminine clothes including padded bras, stockings and suspender belts, stilettoes and wigs.

Well equipped and experienced in the art of domination. Naturally demanding and assertive, mixed with sensual side.

I stand at 6’4” in my sultry stilettoes, commanding total submission and worship from you.

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