Mistress Lola Von J – an appeal

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. you may not know this but my mum mum died in December on the 13th. this was the lady who taught me how to be a lady who was proud about what I did for a living and who I loved very very much. and asking for your help because my mother didn’t have life insurance and therefore or there is no money to give her a decent funeral. I’ll be putting out each day it post on my Twitter page asking for donations. Mistress Dita kindly you help me setup up two pages. one of them being ,Just Giving and the other Go fund. can you please share this on your pages to help me get some money so my mum can have a funeral. it would mean the world to my dad who would have been married to my mum for 58 years on the 15th of January. I would be ever so grateful ladies if you can help me I really need your help with this very difficult heartbreaking time. ❤