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Mistress Abaddon – Huddersfield West Yorkshire

I am a multifaceted dominatrix who delights and excels in fulfilling fantasies while catalysing and energising the chemistry created and savoured by Mistress and slave coalescing into one. I embrace my bisexuality, so females and couples are welcome to book sessions, whether they are submissive or just kinky.

I will make use of subs/slaves and switches in very well equipped Huddersfield, West Yorkshire premises and as well as taking solo sessions I can also Double Domme with Mistress Tania. I also have a female sub who can join in sessions depending on your BDSM proclivities.

I am an expert in the psychology of submission and Female Domination, so your psychological and emotional needs are firmly encapsulated into the session. For newcomers, I can provide and enjoy a gentle introduction to BDSM and also deal harshly with the more experienced.

I have a very wide range of interests but I specialise in Strap-On play. Admit it: your ass is mine!

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Goddess Alexis – Bradford

goddessalexisMy main interests are with sissies and those alike, humiliation, cross dressing, chastity control, CEI, JOI, maid training, Femdom, forced-fem, foot/feet worship, heels, boots, strapon play, anal training, gags, hoods etc.

I have over 10 years experience and love what I do!




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Ms Amelia Birch – Halifax

ameliabirchWhatever your expectations I take the time to listen and fully understand your requirements to enable the fulfilment of your fantasies.  You will not be left disappointed.  I have been told I have a natural talent for dominant role play and will leave you begging to be allowed to return.

I demand and will receive total obedience and servitude from you whether you are looking for an intense punishment session experiencing the pleasure of pain or simply wish to worship and adore me


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Mistress Athena – West Yorkshire

athenaI am Mistress Athena, West Yorkshire’s Premier Mistress. I play from fully equipped dungeons in Huddersfield and Leeds. I am one of the most experienced dominatrixes playing in Yorkshire today,with over a decade of experience

I have my own chambers in Huddersfield and also the use of the Chambers of Depravation in Leeds

I excel in all aspects of domination,

If you would like to serve me in Huddersfield or Leeds then please enter and discover my unique style, but if you are a little nervous then why not read my blog and get to know me a little better.

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Miss Bailey – Cheshire, Wirral & North Wales

Welcome, I am Miss Bailey, an Elite, Experienced, Sensual Mistress & Roleplay Specialist, with my own fully equipped, private discreet premises.
I offer one to one power exchange/FemDom/CFNM/Feminisation sessions. I am selective about who I see but you will find Me very warm, friendly and approachable if you treat Me correctly.

A curvaceous Mistress in My early 40’s, I am very experienced with over 10 years of full time sessioning under my belt and a stable of loyal slaves. I am not a cold, shouty Mistress and prefer the seductive, nurturing, sensual but firm approach. One look into My hypnotic eyes and I will have you under My spell. I use a great deal of eye contact and love the psychological aspect of Domination, I believe sessions should always be fun and you will see Me smiling and laughing more often than scowling…..if not, you are doing something wrong ;). I have a calm and bewitching aura.

That being said I demand respect, I am very intelligent and believe in traditional gentlemanly values, I like being treated like a lady, and yes I am a Professional Dominatrix but remember being in My presence is an honour and if you do not approach Me in the correct way I will not agree to see you, I take great pride in what I do and I will never participate in sessions I don’t enjoy.

From Mild tie and tease to strict roleplay sessions, I enjoy all, I have a very Cruel sense of humour when needed and a sadistic streak when I can see you responding well to My torment, however sessions do not have to involve pain or humiliation.

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Merciless Bitch – West Yorkshire

I use My natural dominance, intelligence and stunning beauty to hold you in My seductive power. Your limits will be respected but s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d

My sessions are unhurried, and I obtain great pleasure from dominating and humiliating My stable of submissives. I believe that the male species exists to entertain Me, and if you wish to serve Me, you must believe that too.

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Miss Chi – Leeds

chiI am a beguiling Chinese Dominatrix, physically elegant and lithe, yet with a powerful mind.

I excel in creating bespoke scenarios intuitively and individually tailored to the needs and level of experience of those I deem worthy of entering my presence.



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Mistress CP – Lancashire

Lancashire Mistress CP is a mature, seductive, sensual Mistress with a sweet sadistic twist. She can be soft and sensual to sadistic and cruel. Your pain is definitely Her pleasure.

Mistress conducts sessions from Her beautiful chambers in Lancashire. Her interests are varied and She has a creative, open and intelligent mind designed to explore your deepest desires.

Mistress also hosts private parties, please visit Her website for more details.

Mistress does not like to rush. She will take Her time to explore your mind and body, looking for your weaknesses and once found, you are Hers to torment.

Mistress looks forward to your visit.

Please visit Her website for more information.

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Miss Curvy – Batley, West Yorkshire

I have a warm relaxed presence and am skilled in easing you into our session together, any nerves will soon be abated as I draw you into a space of excitement, experimentation,pain and pleasure.

Fun loving, inquisitive and mischievously wicked I love to explore your kinks and fantasies. Teasing and tormenting subs gives me a genuine buzz. Watching you crumble in my presence before I build you back up and send you on your way with a spring in your step, a smile on your face and a cherished memory is what it is all about for me.

I practice safe, sane, consensual play, you will get the chance to discuss the session with me thoroughly before hand to ensure prior consent from both parties to any activities you wish to explore.

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Mistress Eliza-Lou – Yorkshire

I’m a curvaceous Temptress who doesn’t need to scream and shout to get what I want from my slaves. My sessions have a natural propensity for sensual, strict and seductive prowess.

I have fully embraced and relished in my desire to Dominate within my personal life as well as professional for many years, so you can rest assured you are in very capable hands. Our desire for BDSM & alternative kink never goes away so embrace yours, let it grow and let us embark on your journey together.

My sessions are centred around the first rule of BDSM SSC safe, sane & consensual. Every session is tailored to each clients individual requirements.

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Mistress Ella – Huddersfield

Many people think BDSM is all about pain. It doesn’t have to be. It’s all about giving over control and trust to Me. Let Me show you the difference between pain and pleasurable pain, as well as the most exquisite humiliation and degradation.

I turn fantasies into reality. I will manipulate, tease and use you for my own pleasure.

In my fully equipped Chambers, I have an excellent selection of paddles, whips, floggers, anal toys including strap on, electrics, etc.

I have a large selection of latex, pvc and leather wear with thigh length boots and very high heels.

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Mistress Empathy – Wirral

I’m Mistress Empathy, medical Mistress and fetish therapist. An experienced, mature, very kinky and sexy, sassy lady.

I bring the skills from my broad career span as a qualified therapist and hypnotherapist. I understand your darkest needs and fetish desires. I am an experienced practitioner of breath control, hypnosis, corrective therapies and mind games, urethral sounding and catheterisation, suturing, scalpel and needle play, enemas and anal stretching, and electro torture.

In Empathy clinic, no one can hear you scream.

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Mistress Elizabeth Payne – Liverpool

epMy dominance and your subservience to me are all that is required of you. Always remember your place is beneath me at all times.

I am a well established Professional Mistress with a fully equipped underground dungeon, which has safe parking facilities.


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Miss Hastings – Wakefield

With over 25 years experience on the spanking and BDSM scene, you can be confident that you’re in good firm hands.

Previously I have worked under the name of Lady Libertine during my years on the BDSM scene and Miss Hastings-Gore in the Spanking/School CP scene.

I now continue to specialise in old fashioned school CP at the UK’s largest adult school premises which has taken years to develop.

I am available for 1-1 sessions, doubles with a quality sub girl and you are welcome to attend one of my full mixed school days or detention days at my Wakefield premises.

I respect limits whilst pushing you at the same time. I’m a stern and naturally dominant woman so you can expect to be put in your place as soon as we engage in play.

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Mistress Helena – Leeds

leedsmistresshelenaI am Leeds Mistress Helena, I have life experience in the BDSM scene and professional experience as one of the best North West Mistresses whom also tours regularly to London and on trips abroad or in the UK with my well established slaves / submissives & fetish players.

I enjoy my role as a Dominatrix and will use my skills as a qualified nurse and Psychotherapist to ensure you enjoy your journey into your deepest fantasies.

Everything Mistress does is respectful and within boundaries set. I like to use a safe word rather than No! But once our relationship develops and so the trust then I will push your limits as far as I see suitable.

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Mistress Jay – Huddersfield

jayI enjoy sensual Domination. I love humiliation, degradation, water sports, etc. I will cover absolutely every single aspect of domination except for adult baby and scat.

I have a very wide range of BDSM interests and a particular penchant for the humiliation and degradation of my slaves.

I hold dinner parties for the slaves with my Mistress friends and interaction parties.

I love my lifestyle of being a spoilt sadistic woman and controlling my own life destiny and those of my slaves.

I am based in Huddersfield and session in a very well equipped dungeon.

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Huddersfield Mistresses – Huddersfield

Come see your Elite UK British Mistress at a discreet private beautiful residence, of my own creation which hosts a prison cell and 3 amazing playrooms. It is within a domestic setting. I have an array of attire for sissification, and cross dressing. I am both sensual and seductive with a refined English accent you will not be able to resist submission. I welcome both short and long term servitude. With 11 years experience I will guide you expertly into submission.

Experienced in medical play, CP, bondage, sissification, cross dressing services, hypnosis – qualified, humilation, hardsports, role-play, breathe play, sensory deprivation, strapon play and so many
more. Strict but approachable, I am an ex psychiatric nurse who understands psychology of mind play and taboo subjects. I do have vacancies for collared slaves, of course once you meet my high
standards in submission and trust.

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Miss Kami Robertson – Newcastle

I’m Miss Kami Robertson – experienced CP Specialist and Therapist, Disciplinarian and professional Mistress. I’m a 24-year-old lady with a cruel streak for those who need or deserve it and a gentle side for those wanting to relax. I’m intelligent, experienced and genuinely interested in fetish and CP. I offer CP and discipline session, corrective therapy, roleplay and relaxation therapy.

Now in Newcastle and London.

Both experienced and novice welcome!

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Mistress Leila – Warrington, Cheshire

Elegant, sophisticated High Class Mistress based in Cheshire. Miss Leila is a naturally dominant, beautiful bombshell, who uses sex appeal, feminine charm and wit. Mistress Leila specialises in sensual BDSM, Feminisation, Fetish and Forced BI sessions. Mistress Leila offers exceptional Rubber Fetish sessions as well as Forced BI sessions (together with her Sissy or Rubber Slave).

Mistress loves fashion and makeup and she fully enjoys her cross-dressing sessions. Mistress Leila offers incall sessions as well as outcalls. She can dominate you in your home, office or hotel.
All the sessions are tailored to individual needs and preferences. Be careful! Mistress is highly-addictive and you will be coming back for more pain and pleasure 🙂

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Mistress Linda – West Yorkshire

mistresslindaI am Mistress Linda of West Yorkshire, an elegant, sophisticated and mature Mistress with a wicked, yet sensual demeanour.

I have a wealth of experience as a Dominatrix and offer a safe and secure environment for BDSM enthusiasts.

Whether you are looking for exquisite CP, sensual T&T, severe CBT,  classic OTK or a mind-blowing strap-on session you will find that I excel in most forms of Domination – I am your ultimate Domina!

I have the skill, expertise and a powerful Dominant nature – You will do as I choose!

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Mistress Lola Von J – Sheffield

I am a mature lady from Yorkshire, who has been in the business of domination for over 22 years, 12 years of that I have been a professional domme. Now though I am going down the path of discipline.

I offer Disciplinarian, strict boss, prison punishment officer. I am fully trained in using canes, paddle, tawses. I can leave you with or without marks!

Don’t let my smile deceive you, because under that smile and charm there is sadistic lady lurking under my perfectly perfumed skin.

Don’t think that all punishment or torture is pain because it’s not!

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Mistress Maggie – Preston

Preston UK MistressI am a mature and dominant woman catering for men in my own tasteful premises in Lancashire. My chambers are fully equipped with devices devoted to bondage, S&M and correction. As a well practised femdom Mistress I can address your submissive fantasies with ease and I happily embrace most BDSM and fetish interests.

If you’ve never visited a Mistress and are unsure where to start I can help you gain confidence while showing you the ropes. You can rely on my expertise and guidance as I train you to meet my personal expectations.

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Madame Margi – Preston & Manchester

Preston & Manchester UK MistressThe following are my most popular scenarios enacted with appropriate outfits. I welcome requests for new scenarios:

Realistic kidnap,  Schoolroom, Office, Shoe shop, Sissy maid service, Horsewoman, Judicial, Leather/Rubber, Strict military interrogation, Medical Treatment, Strict Aunt, Sensual lady in red

I am an expert at bondage and use rope, silk scarves and leather straps.

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Mistress Minxy – Yorkshire

yorkshiremistressminxyWelcome to my dungeon of divine pleasure and pain. I am Mistress Minxy and I enjoy the feelings and experiences come from making your deepest, darkest fantasies come alive. I will push you far beyond anything that you ever thought that you could ever endure.

I am a dominatrix who knows what I want and I will have it. Your focus will soon be centred on worshipping my feet as I relax in a chair, or focusing on the sound of my voice echoing of all four walls, or maybe just a simple glance from my blue eyes will have you encapsulated in my essence and powerless to disobey any of my commands.

I am an expert in the art of domination and have experience in catering for numerous fetishes.

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Mistress Narnia – County Durham

I am a Dominatrix in a new dungeon in County Durham. I stand over 6 foot tall in my goth boots and love to dominate slaves in my new dungeon. I have done weight lifting as a hobby for years so I can handle a cane and a whip. I love dressing up and I love my role plays.

I love my adult babies too!

Foot worship is a particular favourite of mine and I love having my six inch spiky heels worshipped by slaves.

Welcome to my world! Come and join me in my adventures!

The Dungeon itself is equipped with a St Andrew’s Cross / flogging bench / medical bench / tall slave cage. There will be changes over time with different pieces of equipment from the old Fetish Club – Dungeon Narnia in the North East of England.

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Mistress Pamela Isley – Wigan

I am Mistress Pamela Isley, a Pro Dom who likes to inflict sensual erotic pain and dominate subs who desire it… I have a private dungeon.. I require the utmost respect from all who are allowed to visit me..

If this is your first time I will need to sit with you to discuss your preferences and health.

It is helpful, if possible, to email me when considering a session. I will always respect your wishes and limits as I expect you to respect mine.

I will only play scenes that I enjoy but am open to your suggestions however please remember that I do not follow orders – you follow mine.

I would like you to come clean and washed otherwise you will be instantly dismissed.

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Mistress Raven – Rotherham

Hello I am Mistress Raven, a mature, experienced Mistress with a wide variety of satisfying kinks. I will take you to the edge and all the way back again. Whether you are new to the exciting world of BDSM, just taking the first steps of your journey, or a lifelong experienced player, your sessions with me will cater to your needs.

Dialogue is essential to ensure that we both prepare for what you are about to embark upon, so tell me your deep, dark secrets and I will make your dreams…..and your nightmares……come true.

I am a creative Mistress with a sense of humour. I specialise in Corporal Punishment, Caning, Judicial Punishment, BDSM, Medical Play & Breath Play. As my alter ego Auntie Cassandra I am the strict Auntie and specialise in OTK Spanking, Spanking and Sissyfication.

If there is something that you particularly want to discuss regarding a session then just get in touch. I am waiting. Mistress Raven!

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Mistress Scarlett – Blackpool

scarlettI am Mistress Scarlett welcome to my world of pure feminine nylon, indulgence, pleasure and domination.

I am firstly a lady and I mean lady, not just someone of the female persuasion. I am sultry, sensual, erotic and very much in control of my domain.

I have a massive nylon fetish and I love what I do. I believe that the brain is the biggest sexual organ so why not let me into yours to play and toy with it until I find my way through to your deepest hidden desires and perversions then let me really fulfil your fantasies.

I am a very easy going friendly mistress who is very approachable and unshockable. This is not only a profession for me but also a lifestyle so please do bear this in mind when you book a session.

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Sissy Retreat – North Yorkshire

A safe, professional and fun environment that caters for:

  • crossdressing
  • feminisation
  • maid-training
  • sissification
  • sissyslut-training and fetish

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Smoking Fetish Mistress – Cheshire

smokingfetishmistressCigarette and smoke play have many facets and you are welcome to explore them with me to experience the best you can from this particular fetish.

I might use you as an ashtray, or a footstool as I sit back to enjoy a cigarette, or perhaps gently blow smoke over your entire body as you lie helpless.

Maybe I will make you inhale the fumes as part of breath play, or include some role play. I might even burn you to remind you of the time you have spent with me.

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Strapon Domme Mistress Ella – West Yorkshire

I offer a safe, sensual introduction to strapon play for beginners and the ultimate in safe strapon Domination for seasoned sluts. Spread those cheeks. Your ass is Mine.

Imaginative and highly perceptive, your deference and subservience will be examined and scrutinised by Me. I will probe your submissive psyche. Prostrate yourself at My feet. My authoritative voice, deviating from affectionate and gracious to domineering and acerbic, will hasten your subjugation. I do not need to demand your acquiescence. I provoke it. You will simultaneously experience profoundly cerebral play, degradation and torture while in the ethereal state of subspace, unable to resist My insatiable lust for power and control.

Newcomers to Strapon and anal play will flourish under My guidance. We will explore your deepest desires together, thereby introducing new experiences for you. Imagine the possibilities and bring your cravings to fruition. Be extraordinary. Become Mine.

Spread those cheeks. Your ass is Mine.

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Mistress T – Durham

I am a blonde Tgirl Dominatrix with big brown eyes and an athletic figure.

I’m five foot seven but much taller in my high heels.

I will explore your submissive psyche and turn your fantasies into reality.

I can be sensual or strict depending on my mood.

If you are looking for CP, Humiliation, CBT, Nylon/Leg worship, Anal play or any other BDSM related kink come and book a session with me.

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Mistress Tania – Huddersfield

mistresstaniaBeautiful Mistress Tania should be your first choice to fulfil your fantasy.

My mirrored dungeon is very well equipped with all manner of items ranging from the large St Andrew’s cross, iron cages, stocks, suspension equipment, spanking stools and bondage chair. In addition I have lots of the smaller items tailored to your body, gags, cuffs, nipple clamps, strap-ons, parachute ball stretchers, hot wax and many many more.

Mistress Tania is one of the most skilled in the North of England. She has a wide variety of implements and toys, can be kind and understanding or punish you until you beg her to stop.

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Mistress Torment – Wigan

My speciality is sensual sadism – one minute you will be in raptures of lust and the next minute you will be in tortured agony. I have a sense for a slave’s limits, and will push them but also respect them.

Before your session, we will discuss your likes and dislikes, and you will need to make me aware of any medical conditions and hard limits. I have very few taboos and have pretty much seen it all, so do not be embarrassed to ask for what you want.

I have an extensive wardrobe, I particularly love the look and feel of latex against my skin. If you have a preference for a particular clothing style then you should make me aware when you book. I work from my own private chambers, or have use of a fully equipped professional dungeon on Merseyside if you prefer.

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Mistress V – Huddersfield

Yorkshire Mistress VI am an attractive Mistress, curvaceous, sexy, seductive, elegant and sensuous, with a good sense of humour.

I have enjoyed this lifestyle for some time and have derived pleasure from the control and domination of men.

I can be sensual or severe as the occasion demands and my interests include bondage, restraint, body worship and tie and tease, plus more severe treatments for those who deserve it.

I will test but respect your limits at all times in a controlled and safe environment.

The majority of BDSM and Fetish activities are catered for. See my website for details.

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Mistress Vanessa – Leeds

vanessaI am Mistress Vanessa of Leeds, classy and elegant, yet with an evil imagination and a wealth of experience as a Mistress.

I conduct my sessions from discreet, detached premises that are clean and atmospheric, situated just to the south of Leeds close to Junction 41 of the M1.

I cover most aspects of the BDSM scene, and excel in everything that I do.

You will not just feel obliged to submit to me – you will want to!

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Mistress Victoria – Cheshire

I am a naturally dominant business woman in my personal life who takes delight in being sadistic in a controlled manner as a Mistress. My pleasure, always, is your pain.

I have long been fascinated by a Slave’s psyche, delving into his innermost depths and discovering his heights of longing, whilst he readily submits to my will and surrenders to my bidding …..

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Tranny Parlour – Huddersfield

Crossdressing & Sissification by a professional Mistress.

I am Mistress V, the depraved and sensual Dominatrix in charge of the decadent and carnal Tranny Parlour, a crossdressing, tranny and sissy utopia in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. The Tranny Parlour is perfect for kinky and bizarre trannies, sissies and TV maids who like to be dressed, made up and dominated by an Elite Yorkshire Mistress.

Does the thought of serving Me as My sissy maid excite you? Dressed in maid uniform, sexy panties, stockings and heels? Knowing that failure to adhere to My lessons in deportment and curtseying, or any other misdemeanour will result in severe punishment. I will train you to become the quintessential sissy maid.

You’ll be on your knees sucking my strapon, knowing that in a few moments it will be deep inside you. Would you like to be trained to suck real cock? That can be arranged, and you’ll be trained to do it and do it well.

I can make you dress in feminine attire and full make-up; make you walk up and down My chambers in heels. Can you imagine what it feels like to also have another forced feminisation submissive with us too? Imagine the possibilities!

You want to be made to suck cock and be (safely) taken by a real man while I watch, don’t you? This can be with a TV or a non TV male, who will be under My control. I have several male and TV slaves available for forced bi sessions.

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Yorkshire Fetish Studio – Doncaster

I am a mature, professional lifestyle dominatrix with a passion for wearing tight, shiny latex.

I have blonde hair, blue eyes, slim figure and 32E bust.

I am a naturally dominant lady with a creative and vivid imagination which is manifest in my sessions. I very much think this is a two-way street and therefore aim for both of us to enjoy and get the most from a session, it matters to me that your expectations are fulfilled.

During a session I don’t pretend to be acting a part, it will be real, with real feelings and real energy.

I enjoy BDSM and I cater for all levels from those experiencing this for the first time to the more dedicated.

My bespoke chambers are custom built, are both spacious and atmospheric and designed with the more discerning client in mind.

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