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Mistress Maree – Lincoln

A mature, curvy, voluptuous Lifestyle and Professional Domme.

I’m a true believer in and lifetime practitioner of Female Supremacy. BDSM is a big part of who I am.

Do you want a trip into the sadistic world at my mercy?

I have an inherent understanding of the powerful. maternal, matriarchal, sexual nature of Womanhood and of my own, rightful, feminine Dominance.

I am innately impassioned, forceful and autocratic, with a talent borne out of dedication and intrinsic sadism…

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Happy2Nappy – Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Welcome to my little world of being an Adult Baby Nanny, Carer, Mommy, Disciplinarian, Mistress and party organiser.

Yes! there are two sides to me and they both get along! – the mumsy fun nuturing caregiver with a little sprinkle of sadistic tendencies!

Adult Baby Nursery now open near Gt Yarmouth, Norfolk – I am joined by a super team. The AB nursery is fully equipped and set in its own private wing with separate kitchen and bathroom so visitors can fully relax in the knowledge that no one will interrupt their session.

As a fantasy role player I can be as strict or as gentle as your dreams require. Adults only.

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Goddess Annihilator – Winchester

Enter Goddess Annihilator’s world – a dark void where you’ll be stripped back to your primal instincts – putty in my hands…where all beings belong…at the mercy of my whims, wants and desires. Your mind and soul will be mine to toy tease and taunt.

I am based in Winchester for incalls, and the surrounding areas, including London for outcalls.

I specialise in the art of pegging with a wide range of dildos to satisfy your cravings for more! Humiliation is another passion of mine that I love to combine with CBT, WS and more!

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Worship Mistress – Huddersfield

Yorkshire Body Worship MistressI’m a highly experienced and well equipped Dominatrix based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

I have a large repertoire of BDSM interests ranging from mild to sadistic.

I have a penchant for full body worship. I enjoy it. In fact unless it is a hard limit of yours I may demand it from you. I am the only Mistress in Huddersfield who allows full body worship.

Body Worship with Me is not a given. I only allow Body Worship from slaves who are scrupulously clean, very submissive and highly respectful.

Some people in the world of BDSM say that Mistresses who allow Body Worship are not ‘proper’ Mistresses. Oh slave, believe Me, I am a Mistress of the highest echelon, but I am a Mistress who knows what She wants and who always gets what She wants.

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Mistress Ingrith – London

London Mistress IngrithI am matured, curvy and very strict Mistress with intoxicating smoking fetish.

You will serve me, cherish me, worship my body and I might allow you to be my human ashtray.

To make a booking message me your name, brief description of what you would like our session to look like and how much experience in BDSM you have.



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FemDom Huntress – Lincolnshire

The Home of the Lincolnshire Femdom Huntress Group.

A group for Dominant Women and Submissive men who wish to take part in Paintball based hunts and Army Style boot camp activities. Events take place in a secluded, private, wooded area in the heart of Lincolnshire. Both one day and weekend events take place over the course of the year with a variety of accommodation options.

Ladies, You’re the camp guards and your in-mates have escaped. Time to don your uniforms, issue the guns, get after your prey and hunt them down. Search the woods!

Slaves, think you can out-wit and out-run your Female guards and escape their retribution? I think not. You WILL be found, you will be rounded up, you will be dealt with.

If you think you can hack it, you best join up and find out just how superior these Women are, how relentless and brutal they can be. One way or another they will deal with you and give you an experience you will not quickly forget.

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Professional Disciplinarian – Birmingham

I am a strict, no-nonsense disciplinarian. And you do need discipline, don’t you?

I have a selection of whips, paddles and canes that I will use to discipline you effectively.

Discipline can be delivered from cold, or after a warm up, depending on what we have discussed in advance of the session.

Depending on your circumstances you can be heavily marked or hardly marked at all.

Your duty now is to contact me to book your discipline session

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Mistress Kara Krosse – Liverpool

I am a skilled and experienced lifestyle Liverpool Dominatrix & I love giving an erotic prostate massage with a very satisfying ending or JOI. I relish a first timer – let me take your virginity, you’ll never forget it.

I find facesitting particularly erotic. Mistress will take your breath away with her magnificent backside. Always clothed. I also do full weight facesitting.

Be my sissy slut – you can request to be dressed as a sissy or maid or simply just be treated like the slut you are! Maid training available once a week. Come and have some crossdressing fun with Mistress.

I enjoy orgasm control and tie & tease. Edging is a speciality of mine as well as controlled orgasms.

Toilet training sessions and watersports fun available. Watch Mistress quench your thirst or feed you caviar.

Whatever your kink or kinky leanings, Mistress will push your boundaries and you will enjoy every second of it.

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Madame Python – London

My name is Madame Python. I am a professional BDSM London mistress. Be careful what you wish for!

I am a strict dominatrix and frequently cruel. I’m a natural FemDomme with a true love for my craft. BDSM is my life and my submissives are my playthings.

I truly enjoy being worshipped. A blonde goddess awaiting your servitude. Do not step out of line!

It gives me pleasure to punish and torture my submissives who misbehave during my dominatrix sessions.

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Miss Courtney – Herefordshire

Professional, high class Mistress – Sweet and elegant with a sadistic twinkle in Her green eyes.

Dominating men and making them submit is something I thrive from. I love what I do. I create a safe place to explore your most intimate desires.

I find it a privilege to be invited into a person’s fantasies. Your deepest, darkest desires to be shared with Me. It’s a beautiful and amazing experience. One that I will try My best to build into a real time experience for Us.

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Mistress Raven Dominese – Hertfordshire

I am Mistress Raven Dominese of Hertfordshire, a highly experienced English dominatrix who excels in fulfilling the BDSM fantasies of slaves. I like to fully embrace the chemistry between Mistress and slave, to deliver mind blowing one to one domination sessions. I offer a range of BDSM and domination specialities including strap-on play, rubber, latex and leather, edging, bondage, CP, domination and sissy play in my fully equipped dungeon playrooms or domestic setting. When you are in my domain, I will have total and complete control of you. To book an appointment, please call me on 07845 107665.

I host slaves and subs at my very well equipped and discreetly located premises based in the outskirts of London, in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire. Less than 20 minutes from the M25 and A1M by car, or just 25 minutes from London by train.

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Miss K – Glasgow

The black widow. With over a decade in domination I’ve found my niche in the art of role play. A chameleon who can transform into any character and bring fantasy to reality. I’ve dominated men across the globe, it comes naturally, It’s in my blood.

All experience levels catered for from complete novices to the seasoned sub. I’m located in Glasgow with use of a beautiful City Centre premises fully equipped to set ant scene

I believe firmly in privacy and discretion as a professional so you will always be in safe hands. You can find me on Twitter where I encourage subs to make contact if they wish to form connection prior to booking

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Mistress Jezabel – London

When you are permitted to enter My world of sensual sadism there is one quality which you will require above all else – unquestioning obedience and devotion to Me.

But do not be under any illusions about what to expect, I am a lifestyle London Domme who has a passion for BDSM and stretching the limits (and bodies) of those lucky enough to become My slaves. Power over men runs through My veins and has been nurtured by the strong women who have surrounded Me throughout My life, it is as natural to Me as breathing.

When You enter My world you will surrender your body and soul to Me. W/we will discuss what you and I want from O/our meeting and then the fun will begin.

Nothing makes Me happier, though, than the sight of an enamoured submissive cowering at My feet. I love men who know their place and have interesting and imaginative ideas about how to serve Me, whose energy I can feed off as W/we uncover their deepest and most twisted desires.

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Mistress Ebonee – London

I am an alluring, striking and enticing London Mistress who can satisfy your cravings by putting you in your place and keeping you there. With over ten years’ experience as a professional London Mistress, my BDSM interests include a range of bondage, discipline and dominance.

In a “scene” within a professional dungeon, I expect you to be submissive to my dominance within mutually negotiated limits.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced, your desires will be teased, taunted and elevated until you are aching for release. Finally, you will be left gasping and fulfilled, shivering with satisfaction at the best adult fantasy you will ever experience with me.

Naturally gifted in the art of seduction, domination and control; your submission is my addiction. I will fulfil your wildest, darkest fantasies. And I love hardsports!

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Mistress Abaddon – Huddersfield West Yorkshire

I am a multifaceted dominatrix who delights and excels in fulfilling fantasies while catalysing and energising the chemistry created and savoured by Mistress and slave coalescing into one. I embrace my bisexuality, so females and couples are welcome to book sessions, whether they are submissive or just kinky.

I will make use of subs/slaves and switches in very well equipped Huddersfield, West Yorkshire premises and as well as taking solo sessions I can also Double Domme with Mistress Tania. I also have a female sub who can join in sessions depending on your BDSM proclivities.

I am an expert in the psychology of submission and Female Domination, so your psychological and emotional needs are firmly encapsulated into the session. For newcomers, I can provide and enjoy a gentle introduction to BDSM and also deal harshly with the more experienced.

I have a very wide range of interests but I specialise in Strap-On play. Admit it: your ass is mine!

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Mistress Mya – High Wycombe

I am a quiet sadist with a wicked sense of humour – the time spent with Me is not a quick fix, I plan My sessions with care and commitment.

I am into many things, from light spanking to wrestling and I’m always happy to take time and explore new fetishes.

If you’re not quite sure where to start, I can think of a thousand different ways to play.

Together we will step into the castle of your deepest, darkest desires and turn them into reality. Are you ready?

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Mistress Lady Fire – Southampton

MISTRESS Lady Fire is a mature, experienced Lifestyle Dominatrix located near the M27 motorway in the Southampton area of Hampshire. MISTRESS excels in creating bespoke scenarios intuitively and uniquely tailored to the needs and level of experience of those Mistress deems worthy of entering HER presence.

Domination is an art and Mistress is a passionate artist of talent, diversity and precision.

Her wide range of interests and over twenty years of experience, coupled with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of human psychology, translate into a highly dynamic capacity and desire to dominate and control

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Mistress Femme Fatale – Portsmouth

I am Mistress Femme Fatale, a Pro mature sexy yet Sadistic Dominatrix.


I have been a Mistress for many years and have many slaves under my feet. Some have been disobedient but all got punished.

I am harsh but kind, I am demanding but generous I am your Goddess, you will become addicted to me. I expect obedience, loyalty and tributes. I do not do sessions without a tribute so bear that in mind puppies.

My sessions are held in Portsmouth either in a playroom or if you feel adventurous lets have an outdoor sessions perfect for public humiliation. I’m happy to come to yours if you can accommodate & cover my travel expenses too.

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Lady Voluptia – Glasgow & Chatham, Kent

I’m a supersize BBW Domme based in Glasgow and Kent. I offer real time sessions from Abstrakt Studios in the heart of the city of Glasgow, and special, extended heavy bondage and prison based sessions from Chatcham in Kent.

I enjoy many fetishes such as: impact play, CBT, chastity, humiliation, degradation, pegging, anal play, face-sitting, watersports, heavy bondage, extended incarceration, and many more.

My soft Scottish accent will lull you into a false sense of security. My fabulous curves are perfect for adoring and for squishing you like a bug should your behaviour (or desires) warrant it.

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Mistress Adira – Manchester

Manchester MistressI am a naturally devious and mischevious mistress with a penchant for teasing and tormenting my subs. Pushing the limits of your kinks, fetishes and perversions is where I get to have my fun.

In a professional domination session with me you’re guaranteed a unique and engaging experience with a playful yet sadistic dominatrix who really gets a kick out of exposing and exploiting your naughtiest fantasies.

I’ve long been fascinated by the darker aspects of human psychology and I love to use my knowledge of this in my sessions.

I’m a multifaceted mistress who enjoys a wide range of kinks, from the more sensual end of the spectrum to the harsher and more cruel end of the spectrum. The variety of BDM is something I embrace as you can see in my interests.

So then slave, when are you coming to play with Me?

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Tranny Parlour – Huddersfield

Crossdressing & Sissification by a professional Mistress.

I am Mistress V, the depraved and sensual Dominatrix in charge of the decadent and carnal Tranny Parlour, a crossdressing, tranny and sissy utopia in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. The Tranny Parlour is perfect for kinky and bizarre trannies, sissies and TV maids who like to be dressed, made up and dominated by an Elite Yorkshire Mistress.

Does the thought of serving Me as My sissy maid excite you? Dressed in maid uniform, sexy panties, stockings and heels? Knowing that failure to adhere to My lessons in deportment and curtseying, or any other misdemeanour will result in severe punishment. I will train you to become the quintessential sissy maid.

You’ll be on your knees sucking my strapon, knowing that in a few moments it will be deep inside you. Would you like to be trained to suck real cock? That can be arranged, and you’ll be trained to do it and do it well.

I can make you dress in feminine attire and full make-up; make you walk up and down My chambers in heels. Can you imagine what it feels like to also have another forced feminisation submissive with us too? Imagine the possibilities!

You want to be made to suck cock and be (safely) taken by a real man while I watch, don’t you? This can be with a TV or a non TV male, who will be under My control. I have several male and TV slaves available for forced bi sessions.

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Mistress Sadie – Derby

I’m Mistress Sadie. I’m the devilishly demanding, wonderfully wicked professional Dominatrix you’ve been searching for your entire life who is based in Derby, East Midlands.

I adore all things naughty and kinky, from being a teasing little minx to inflicting a whole plethora of pain and everything in-between. I derive my satisfaction from your complete submission.

‘What’s going to happen to me when I submit to you, Mistress Sadie?’ Well my darling, that depends on how I feel. I can be a ruthless, cold-hearted sadist who laughs whilst you squirm beneath me or a soft, sensual seductress, making you weak at the knees.

But nevertheless, you’ll be pleading with me to stay longer.

Whether you are a seasoned sub or new to the exciting world of BDSM, everyone is welcome and I will make our time together unforgettable.

All of my sessions are individually tailored, there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ type of session.

You can also rest in the knowledge that I only indulge in play that I revel in. Meaning we will have the most incredible experiences with each other.

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Miss Bailey – Cheshire, Wirral & North Wales

Welcome, I am Miss Bailey, an Elite, Experienced, Sensual Mistress & Roleplay Specialist, with my own fully equipped, private discreet premises.
I offer one to one power exchange/FemDom/CFNM/Feminisation sessions. I am selective about who I see but you will find Me very warm, friendly and approachable if you treat Me correctly.

A curvaceous Mistress in My early 40’s, I am very experienced with over 10 years of full time sessioning under my belt and a stable of loyal slaves. I am not a cold, shouty Mistress and prefer the seductive, nurturing, sensual but firm approach. One look into My hypnotic eyes and I will have you under My spell. I use a great deal of eye contact and love the psychological aspect of Domination, I believe sessions should always be fun and you will see Me smiling and laughing more often than scowling…..if not, you are doing something wrong ;). I have a calm and bewitching aura.

That being said I demand respect, I am very intelligent and believe in traditional gentlemanly values, I like being treated like a lady, and yes I am a Professional Dominatrix but remember being in My presence is an honour and if you do not approach Me in the correct way I will not agree to see you, I take great pride in what I do and I will never participate in sessions I don’t enjoy.

From Mild tie and tease to strict roleplay sessions, I enjoy all, I have a very Cruel sense of humour when needed and a sadistic streak when I can see you responding well to My torment, however sessions do not have to involve pain or humiliation.

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Mistress Charlyn – Edinburgh

My name is Mistress Charlyn

I am a Lifestyle domme residing in Edinburgh, Scotland. My nationality is Polynesian/Asian, Spanish, and Black. In my profession, I have been a practicing pro in the Asian BDSM scene for 13 years. In those, I dominate and wish to serve Me I have no preference with male or female – straight/bi as well as gays/TS/sissies and couples. I am a domme of exquisite taste, fashion, and lifestyle. The financial diva that you will only desire, the image you won’t be able to forget, the voice that will only hear, and the woman you will beg to be enslaved. I am the Goddess who will make you into My sissy/My slut that will only want to be lovely, sexy, and slutty as I desire. Used as I wish, degraded, humiliated, molded, crushed under My boot, and sucking the heel as I command. I am a nanny who is the strictest kind who will show you how it feels to be one of My nappied bitches as you sit in your diaper and beg for My attention, and I am the dominatrix who is the cruel Mistress that will take you into My world of pain, seduction, enslavement, and pleasure. you have come before Me for one reason because you are dying to be enslaved. No matter if it is online or real-time. No matter if it is once a week, once a month, once a session, or every day of your life you want to be enslaved.

I am the Goddess, the Mistress, and the Empress of your existence. Please Me always, know the honor it is, know it every day, feel it every moment and if you do and you obey, and sacrifice, and follow the path that I walk… you will gain so much more than you ever thought possible………. and you will be…………….. ……………….MINE ………………….

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Mistress Eliza – Birmingham

My resourceful, creative personality will guide you into the divergent, dichotomous domain of sensual, strict, enthralling, inspirational and at times sadistic.

My commanding voice, deviating from warm and amiable to dictatorial and caustic, will expedite your enthralment. Then I will not need to demand your obedience and submission. I will foment it and you will give yourself to me freely.

You will simultaneously enjoy intensely cerebral BDSM, humiliation and torment while in the most sublime subspace, incapable of resisting my rapacious craving for dominance.

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Mistress Elaina – Portsmouth and Milton Keynes

Purveyor of Perversion, facilitator of Fetish, kreator of kinkiness.

Strap extraordinaire, equestrian specialist.

Sissification and feminisation of particular fondness.

CBT BB, CP a great passion.

Some say a sadist….I say its work satisfaction. Come worship at my delectable feet…..

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Mistress May Thorn – Bristol and Swindon

Presently I am holding sessions at the well equipped establishments of House Du Croix in Bristol, and The Velvet Rope in Swindon. Here is where I explore my whims in inescapeable restraint and predicament bondage, breath play, medical play, objectification and body modification, strap-on, judicial and corporal punishment, extreme tied and teased and any of the other myriad of activities that I find relaxing and enjoyable.

Special Interests? I have only one – your submission.

Favourite activities are, in no particular order:

  • Using rope to disable and restrain you, so I can enjoy ‘stimulating’ various innovative ways. I like to see you sweat.
  • Applying nasty gags and watching you chew and dribble.
  • Using my whips, to create interesting artwork on your skin, and hear the delicious sounds you make as I work.
  • Keeping you in chastity for months at a time. And only I have the keys. (Yes really)
  • Stuffing you into my sling and acquainting you with My large assortment of tumescent strapons…Oh DO stop squealing!
  • And of course the MOST important – training you… to be the best you can be… for Me.

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Mistress ZuZan – Derby

Available Visiting Times –
Mondays to Friday 10am til 10pm
Weekends 10am – 11pm
Overnights Available

I am a pretty, 29yrs old, slim, white, English Mistress with 5 years experience and I am the Head of the House of Z.

We also have a novice Domme taking session, She is an English Black Lady, 28yrs old, size 10, 5ft 3, with size 6 feet who loves to rest them on visiting boys.

During sessions We enjoy many aspects of BDSM and show here a small selection: shoe/foot worship, CBT, CP (with a range of toys and clamps) on feet, legs, arse, nipples and back. Blindfold, gag, hood and ropes can be used. Magic Wands and Violet Wands are amongst my favourite toys. I have also discovered I really like ball busting with bare feet, shoes and boots, and if I am on a good mood I do enjoy face sitting

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Mistress Cornelia – Manchester

Mistress Cornelia stands over 6′ in stiletto heels and is one of Manchester’s most cultured and experienced fetish Dominatrix in the Northwest. When you meet her, you’ll be quivering at the sight of a mature, indomitable-spirited woman who’ll control your every want and desire as your Mistress.

When meeting her for the first time, you will then truly understand what anticipation and excitement are all about, especially when kneeling in front of this formidable Goddess.

So, look no further… You’ll not regret it!

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Mistress Mina – Brighton

A sinfully delectable mistress with the looks of a goddess and an evil mind.

I am a true naturally dominant woman with a penchant for all things filthy and mean.

Wickedly devious, devilishly creative; cruel but compassionate.

My authoritative demeanour and devilish charm will quickly have you enamoured and if you want Me to, I will push you to your limits and guide you to places you never thought you could reach through kink.

Some of My favourite kinds of play involve latex, long heavy bondage scenes, humiliation, degradation and punishment. However, I can cater to much more.

I welcome subs of all experience levels, genders, body types and ages (over 21 only) and although I can be cruel and commanding I am simultaneously light-hearted and fun, I love good conversation and connections as much as I love the nasty stuff which makes Me the ideal mistress for both newbie and veteran kinksters alike.

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Mistress Melia – Brighton

As a bisexual Professional Dominatrix and Mistress, I take great pleasure in disciplining and correcting naughty boys and girls with various methods. I am extremely fond of Corporal Punishment, Foot fetish, Cross Dressing, CBT with a side helping of humiliation where suitable.

​As a Mistress, you will find me to be strict, uncompromising and demanding, yet; I will always ensure that I indulge my passion for inflicting both pain and ecstasy in equal measure…..simply for my amusement and sadistic satisfaction.

Your reward will be the sound of my infectious laughter and my notorious smile.

You’re my plaything, my toy, and you’re here for my entertainment. Whether you are looking for the opportunity to foot worship, in need of discipline or wish to indulge in roleplay, I’m original, spontaneous and unpredictable, so that every session will be a hedonistic exploration of dark and secret aspects of your deepest desires and fantasies.

I am the author, the master and the commander of your journey. Do not ask, do not script and do not presume… are simply an object of pleasure and experimentation for me.

Looking for originality…..look no further!

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Madame Python – London

My name is Madame Python. A professional BDSM London mistress. I am a strict dominatrix and frequently cruel. A natural FemDomme with a true love for my craft. BDSM is my life and my submissives are my playthings.

I truly enjoy being worshipped. A blonde goddess awaiting your servitude. Do not step out of line. It gives me pleasure to punish and torture my submissives who misbehave during my dominatrix sessions.

I am proudly perverted and decadently deprived. I revel in sessions which are erotically charged where both myself and my submissive become immersed in the BDSM experience.

Tantalizing and tormenting my submissive’s is a real turn-on. I have you exactly where I want you! Having complete control over another human being and being in total control provides me with a wealth of satisfaction.

Knowing that this undeserved human being is in the presence of a true goddess of whom deserves to be worshipped and adored.

I am respectful of everyone, Providing they are respectful of me. When you first arrive at my chambers you and I will sit down and talk about the type of session you expect and what you and I can achieve together.

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Alpha Divine – Milton Keynes

I am an articulate, well-educated dominatrix based in a fully equipped dungeon in Milton Keynes.

A 6ft brunette with blue eyes, my dominance and sensuality are intoxicating. You may have been born wanting to please the superior sex, feelings which are only amplified by being in my presence.

I love boys who want to please me, who know their place and give thanks for the opportunity to do so. What better way for us both to express ourselves than to play. You are the canvas for my pleasure and desire.

I am a natural fetishist, the greatest being latex, boots and heels, preferably Louboutin.

When it comes to play, I want our interests to align. You do not need to do everything on my list, however I will not accept a session for anything which I don’t enjoy.

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Mistress Femme Fatale – Portsmouth

I am Mistress Femme Fatale, a mature sexy yet Sadistic Dominatrix. I have been a Mistress for many years and have many slaves under my feet. Some have been disobedient but all got punished.

I am harsh but kind, I am demanding but generous I am your Goddess, you will become addicted to me. I expect obedience, loyalty and tributes, I do not do sessions without a tribute so bear that in mind puppies.

My sessions are held in Portsmouth either in a playroom or if you feel adventurous lets have an outdoor sessions perfect for public humiliation.

I also travel mainly to the UK, France, USA and many other countries only if my slaves take care of my travel expenses.

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Mistress Leyla – Reading, Berkshire

I am an alpha. Confident with a natural desire to dominate. An experienced Dominatrix of many years. I take pleasure in the fine art of domination; the play, the psychology, pushing of boundaries, sensual yet sadistic, demand faultless obedience, submission and dedication.

I accommodate from novice to the more experienced extreme players, those who wish to explore, experiment and discover BDSM, kink and fetish. I offer sessions from 30 minutes to extended and overnight.

My Chambers was purpose built as an adult play space. It is air conditioned and fully equipped with shower room and kitchen. Set in a secluded, relaxed and private garden, it offers privacy, an indoor / outdoor play area and opportunity to explore, experiment and have wicked fun. I am based in Reading, Berkshire, minutes away from M4, train links, public transport and free parking.

Through a shared mental, spiritual, emotional and physical experience there is pleasure.

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Mistress Pixie Princess

I am Mistress Pixie Princess, Surrey’s most glamorous Inked Barbie Dominatrix.

Prepare to grovel at my feet whilst I tower over you in my 6inch heels, showing off my long toned legs and slim frame. You will be mesmerized by my big green eyes and luscious long blonde
hair, and lets not forget to mention I know how to dress to accentuate my large enhanced bust.  From the moment you see me you will wish you had submitted to me sooner.

I have always been sharp tongued, direct and a natural born leader, making me the perfect BDSM Mistress to explore your every fantasy with. Whether it be tame or extreme I am able to give you the space and direction required to make your fantasy a reality.

I would consider myself a sensual but strict mistress who enjoys sessions with beginners and the more experienced subs.

Being a Princess at heart I enjoy nothing more than to be admired, worshipped and adored by every man that comes to see me. I thoroughly enjoy the power and control I have over my subs but I also genuinely care for my long term subs/slaves well being.

My Favorite Sessions Include:
– Strap On
– Corporal Punishment
– Creating an Army of Sissy Barbie Bitches
– Humiliation/ SPH
– Sounding

I offer much much more, these are just my favorite sessions.

I have my own fully equipped dungeon/play space in Worcester Park Surrey.

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Mistress Azumi

Slaves, welcome to My dark, mysterious world of London Japanese Domination. I am London Mistress Azumi, a Japanese Mistress born for the art of Female Domination.

I am an absolutely stunning Mistress, beneath My elegant feminine exterior lurks a Sadistic devil who will push your limits beyond your most humble but interestingly amusing expectations.

I understand your desire to be dominated by a powerful woman, to obey Her commands without being allowed to think, to be trained to please Her and to be tortured by Her with a great pleasure. I know you need it for balance from your stressful daily life, and desire to have high-quality experiences rather than meaningless torture.

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Mistress Kira

I am a kinky trans dominatrix working in London. I enjoy helping others explore their kinks and fantasies and offer paid sessions to those seeking to indulge their submissive side.

I particularly enjoy feminisation and sissification, humiliation and degradation, foot and body worship, bondage, impact play, breath play, chastity and orgasm control, roleplay, and anal training.

I accept tributes of £100 per hour with a one hour minimum length for sessions. I am able to do afternoon and evening calls, on weekdays and weekends.

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Mistress Aria – Manchester

Mistress Aria embodies what it means to be a powerful feminine figure.

Unrelenting femininity, confidence and power, self adorned with hundreds of hours of excruciating art – she knows what it means to suffer and so is the perfect patron of pain and care.

A traditional style Dominatrix offering unique and high level kink experiences to the novice through to the most experienced players.

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Mistress Lola Von J – Sheffield

I am a mature lady from Yorkshire, who has been in the business of domination for over 22 years, 12 years of that I have been a professional domme. Now though I am going down the path of discipline.

I offer Disciplinarian, strict boss, prison punishment officer. I am fully trained in using canes, paddle, tawses. I can leave you with or without marks!

Don’t let my smile deceive you, because under that smile and charm there is sadistic lady lurking under my perfectly perfumed skin.

Don’t think that all punishment or torture is pain because it’s not!

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Lady Louisa – Birmingham

I will twist and control your weak, pathetic soul. You will have to get down on your knees to beg for mercy and submit to my overwhelming perfection while your body will be my plaything and your pain will be my pleasure.

I have a very sensual but sadistic and sweet approach to my sessions meaning I am very diverse and creative enough to cater to most kinks from naughty role plays to heavy beat downs and kidnap scenarios mistress can guide and train you to her desires.

Please read through my sessions interests and ensure you are not wasting either of our time before you approach me.

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Miss Curvy – Leeds

I have a warm relaxed presence and am skilled in easing you into our session together, any nerves will soon be abated as I draw you into a space of excitement, experimentation,pain and pleasure.

Fun loving, inquisitive and mischievously wicked I love to explore your kinks and fantasies. Teasing and tormenting subs gives me a genuine buzz. Watching you crumble in my presence before I build you back up and send you on your way with a spring in your step, a smile on your face and a cherished memory is what it is all about for me.

I practice safe, sane, consensual play, you will get the chance to discuss the session with me thoroughly before hand to ensure prior consent from both parties to any activities you wish to explore.

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Goddess Salvia – Brighton

Welcome to the sight & spiritual intoxication that is Goddess Salvia. Join goddess as she penetrates your mind with those hypnotic eyes. She will deliver your naughty fantasies with her mind bending spirit that will cause you to become sub a servant waiting to be elevated from your true lowly position on your knees.

Her intoxicating spirit will lift you from your lowly position to the sensual curves that will entice & captivate you. The seductive tones of her voice will send a tingle through you.

This Goddess is guaranteed to deliver your every “dark” fantasy via her spiritual mind bending powers …

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Mistress Scarlett Black – Leicester

Mistress Scarlett Black of Leicester BDSM artisan, of over 20 years of Exceptional Experience in all aspects of BDSM erotic play.

Specialist in Strapon and Facesitting.

Same day appointments available .

Newbies and seasoned players welcomed.

Leicester Mistress Scarlett Black

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Strapon Domme Mistress Ella – West Yorkshire

I offer a safe, sensual introduction to strapon play for beginners and the ultimate in safe strapon Domination for seasoned sluts. Spread those cheeks. Your ass is Mine.

Imaginative and highly perceptive, your deference and subservience will be examined and scrutinised by Me. I will probe your submissive psyche. Prostrate yourself at My feet. My authoritative voice, deviating from affectionate and gracious to domineering and acerbic, will hasten your subjugation. I do not need to demand your acquiescence. I provoke it. You will simultaneously experience profoundly cerebral play, degradation and torture while in the ethereal state of subspace, unable to resist My insatiable lust for power and control.

Newcomers to Strapon and anal play will flourish under My guidance. We will explore your deepest desires together, thereby introducing new experiences for you. Imagine the possibilities and bring your cravings to fruition. Be extraordinary. Become Mine.

Spread those cheeks. Your ass is Mine.

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Mistress Sophia Sahara – London

London Mistress Sophia SaharaMistress Sophia Sahara…. British born, Arab Mistress of your dreams. A well educated, well spoken and incredibly cruel Domme with a penchant for the more humiliating and degrading fetishes. I am well versed in full toilet training; using My slave to consume everything that comes out of My body.

I am a master manipulator and you will find you’re quickly at My feet doing everything I wish and desire. You want to please Me otherwise you will face harsh punishment – swift caning will sort you out.

I adore sissyfication, corporal punishment, roleplay, breath play, servitude, all forms of degradation. I am a latex fetishist and nothing turns Me on more than being adorned in beautiful latex and leather. If you are looking for an intelligent, exotic and beautiful Domme then you are looking at her.

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Francesca Wentworth

Disciplinarian. Discreet and Dominant. Have tended to the naughtiest of bottoms.

Canadian-born and London raised; my background is very eclectic and far from conventional. Bidding farewell to Vancouver at the age of eight, life became adventurous and limitless in the United Kingdom

I take great pleasure in assisting Gentlemen in alleviating their stress and tension with the likes of corporal punishment/old-fashioned tactics of spanking -to- BDSM -to- latex/foot fetishes. My interests are diverse; as is my palate for dominance.

With an educational background, I naturally lean towards whipping unruly, disobedient toads into shape. I’m perceived as sensual, nurturing and authoritative.

Please familiarise yourself with my website, quirks and demands.

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Mistress Dahlia Délétère – Manchester

Manchester Mistress DahliaAs well as being skilled in the art of Female Domination, Mistress Dahlia has researched psycho-sexuality and is also trained in Tantric Therapy.

Though be warned, She loves nothing more than to taunt and tease her toys, revels in playing a variety of roles and is creative in the way she coerces and controls.

Her ability to execute authority, experience in the art of eroticism and intrigue of her subject’s sexuality transcends those who submit to Her beyond their formerly vastest of fantasies.


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Mistress Volga – London

London MistressBeing open minded and wickedly playful I truly enjoy role play in which I play dominant roles like a demanding and powerful Amazon dressed in leather attire who will have you kneeling at my feet and begging to take you to unmanageable height of lust and ecstasy; or a strict Governess who will administer hard Corporal Punishment to the bare bottoms of naughty boys, who need a good old fashioned thrashing for misbehaving; or an imperious and capricious Nordic Goddess who has a commanding addictive presence and demands your devotion and adoration and sexual worship; or Seductive Siren who takes charge and advantage of you by making you my sissy maid, making you to wear feminine clothes including padded bras, stockings and suspender belts, stilettoes and wigs.

Well equipped and experienced in the art of domination. Naturally demanding and assertive, mixed with sensual side.

I stand at 6’4” in my sultry stilettoes, commanding total submission and worship from you.

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Huddersfield Mistresses – Huddersfield

Come see your Elite UK British Mistress at a discreet private beautiful residence, of my own creation which hosts a prison cell and 3 amazing playrooms. It is within a domestic setting. I have an array of attire for sissification, and cross dressing. I am both sensual and seductive with a refined English accent you will not be able to resist submission. I welcome both short and long term servitude. With 11 years experience I will guide you expertly into submission.

Experienced in medical play, CP, bondage, sissification, cross dressing services, hypnosis – qualified, humilation, hardsports, role-play, breathe play, sensory deprivation, strapon play and so many
more. Strict but approachable, I am an ex psychiatric nurse who understands psychology of mind play and taboo subjects. I do have vacancies for collared slaves, of course once you meet my high
standards in submission and trust.

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Mistress Beth Bedlam – Walsall

My name is Mistress Beth Bedlam. I am tattooed, pierced, with blue green eyes and have many different hair colours.

I love to look alternative, edgy, rebellious. I have always been a rebel throughout my life, and this will benefit my domination. I like to push boundaries, and like things that are outside of the ‘norm’.

My working relationship with you will be an approach that I find empowering. By forming close bonds, it will increase pleasure in the sessions. We will have a mutual understanding, trust and will play safely. My contact with you wont cease when you go home.

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Mistress Penny Leathers – Spalding, Lincs

You never know how far you can go if you refuse to get outside of your comfort zone. You will also never learn how to enjoy yourself to the fullest if you don’t indulge in the pleasures of BDSM every now and then. If you’re new to the world of BDSM practices, then let me mentor you and show you the way. You’ll get introduced to everything related to bondage and discipline, as well as role play.

I thoroughly enjoy bringing naughty boys, bratty subs, and disrespectful slaves to their bony knees and will make sure they learn their lessons.


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