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Mistress Marlena – Essex and East London

Visiting Mistress Marlena will be the perfect place for you to come to experience all the naughtiest and nastiest desires you’ve been keeping to yourself and you wish to finally realize.

I’m a sensual domme who may be strict, but I also have a sweeter side and love to take good care of my slaves if they work hard to deliver my desires.

So you’d like to indulge in the finest, nastiest and unholiest things in life with me? I am a sensual domme who has a passion for humiliation and training up the perfect slave to fit my needs and desires..

I am the ultimate tease and love to have a laugh at my slaves expense whilst speaking to them sweetly and having them wrapped around my finger, doing anything I want them to!

I love to create the perfect environment for a D/S dynamic for both of us, where you feel comfortable enough to express what you need as this is important for us to both get the most out of it as we can.

I am always eager to take on new clients and hear the fantasies and desires potential slaves may have from me, as these can get my mind racing with new nasty ideas also and it’s always a lovely thing when two nasty minds are put together to create the ultimate play session.

My favourite things to do in a session are:
Foot/ Boot and shoe worshipping,
Human furniture
Human toilet
Anal play
Corporal punishment
CBT torture
Strapon worship
Strapon play
Whipping/ flogging
Light bondage
Maid/ sissy training
Face slapping
Body worship
Face sitting/ smothering/ crushing

If interested in any of these or you have a new idea you’d like to suggest to me please get in touch by sending me an email at or via whatsapp on 07397522827. I’m more than happy to hear from you and discuss bringing these ideas to life!.

Mistress Marlena x

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Mistress Sophie – Hertfordshire

I am a refined elegant dominant Hertfordshire Mistress.

I am intelligent, articulate and very experienced. I will combine my expertise and sensuality to give you the ultimate experience.

Whether you are a novice or a more experienced submissive, I will dominate your mind as well as your body.

I am a Fantasy and Role Play Specialist and will take your fantasy and turn it into the reality that you really want.

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Mistress Xena – Harrow-on-the-Hill

I am the original Mistress Xena with over 20 years experience and I am based 2 minutes walk from Harrow-on-the Hill (Met line) in my own Private, Discreet House, with a fully Equipped Dungeon and domestic setting.

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Birmingham Mistress Eliza

Birmingham Mistress ElizaMy instinctive need to control is inextricably linked to my natural predilection for dominance, cerebral agility and sensual seduction. I unleash my creative energy into my sessions.

You will simultaneously enjoy intensely cerebral bdsm humiliation and torment while in the most sublime subspace, incapable of resisting my rapacious craving for dominance.

How will you serve me?

Birmingham Mistress Eliza

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Mistress Violent Siren – Fallen Angel (Milton Keynes) and Oubliette (Bedfordshire)

Session elements:

Impact play, anal play, edging, bondage, sensory deprivation, sissyfication, slave training, encouraged bi, electric stimulation, needle play, body worship (at my discretion), humiliation, watersports.

I am an articulate, quirky and downright awesome ProDomme. I offer sessions infused with humour as I feel that it should be fun (as that is why we doing it, yes?).

I see you for who you really are, the whole you, kink and all. Come live your truth and revel in it with me!

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Mistress Carina DeMedici – Glasgow

Hello. I am a professional sadist, and I am told that I am very good at it.

I specialise in breathplay and intox scenes, although I do very much enjoy a variety of different kink. You may have seen me as the Scottish black widow in clips, and I have been described as 5’3″ of pure evil.
With several years of BDSM experience both personally and professionally, I enjoy meeting people who have always looked for the session that would get them cancelled on Twitter. I have a wickedly cruel and creative imagination, with an obsessive love for psychological cruelty. My voice has been described as hypnotic ASMR.

I session from my beautiful and discreet home in Glasgow West End and for those who look for sessions which require additional activities, I can be found at Abstrakt Me.

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Mistress Rouge – West Midlands

I am an authentic natural creative Domina and I welcome masochists and those that require strict training & discipline I operate with a no safeword policy for all My sessions this ensures My complete control of you. I have a penchant for all aspects of Domination Control Discipline slave training fantasies and fetishes I also enjoy using human ashtrays fully dressed head to toe in Leather.

I naturally demand obedience ultimate submission and servitude I enjoy engaging in intense liberating creative experiences I am a traditional Mistress and celebrate the Old School style of Domination.

I welcome Leather fetishists. Leather is one of My most rewarding sessions.

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The Goddess Mistress Lauren – North & Central London

I am a Professional Dominatrix based primarily in London hosting sessions with clients at a selection of well-appointed dungeons throughout Central London and The City.

My skills have been honed over the past ten years at London Retreat, that most iconic of fetish houses with a history spanning thirty years.

While My passions cover a wide range of fetishes I specialise in bringing to life, sensual fantasies and scenarios incorporating role play, worship and impact play.

In My presence beauty, passion and power come together extending My creativity that turns dreams into reality with impressions lasting well after their respective sessions have long concluded. Bookings are usually taken in advance with contact details are available via My website.

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Miss Penny Royale – Ebbw Vale, Wales

Blessed with a demanding and headstrong manner. I have spent years honing it to become this strong willed Dominatrix.

I work both online and from my own chambers. Where I specialize in certain styles of Domination, including but not limited to:


Corporal Punishment/Impact play.


Chastity and Keyholding.

You will find me approachable but firm.Contact me via Email with a polite and respectful Email and I will respond opening the pathway to further communication.

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Mistress Gem – Bury

I’m Mistress Gem, a stunning, seductive, perceptive, clever, and skillful domination artist. I am attractive and well-groomed; I can use you however I choose.

For more than a decade, I have studied the art of suffering and denial. I have the right to take great pleasure in making you suffer in the most painful ways. All you want to do is worship and appease me!

My friendly nature will disarm you. You will be surprised by my sadistic ways. If you have neglected to give yourself the necessary punishment for far too long. Then now is the time to give yourself over to me. I’ll take care of your body while you free your mind.

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Miss Lillian Hex – Suffolk

Hailing from central Suffolk and regularly visiting London, Norwich and Southend I’m easily accessible for acts of devotion and submission. Latex, bondage, leather and nylon are some of My most beloved fetishes to work with…

I have a reserved yet intense personality and dark features. Perfect for torment. It’s in My interest to leave you feeling weak and bewitched after our time together, pining for another lash, another insult, another restraint. I want to work My way into your head and use it for My pleasure, almost parasitic in nature.

Let’s get you sorted out and put in place.

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MX Willow Neptune

I am Willow Neptune and I am a playful sadist who will make your dreams and nightmares come true simultaneously. I am queer, kink and fetish friendly as I am non binary myself and session with all genders.

I am based in East London.

My main interests include pet play, pegging, impact play and sensual fetishistic worship. I offer a full spectrum of experiences from gentle praise in a pet play orgasm control scene to cruel humiliation and discipline in a heavy caning scene.

I wish to practice shadow work with you in the form of BDSM to free you of the shame and conditioning you’ve probably been carrying your whole life. For this emotionally charged ritual style of play I feel it is only appropriate to session in a dungeon setting.

My dungeon of choice is Studio 7 in Hackney.

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Miss Erika Rayne – Bristol

Hello, I am Miss Erika Rayne, a sadistic American Domme with curves that will bring you to your knees. With a penchant for pain, degradation, and filth, you will find yourself leaving My domain intoxicated from the rush of submission with an insatiable taste for more.

The first thing submissives remark on is My immaculate hourglass figure and My seductive accent. As a mistress, I can be both strict and soft, as I believe this duality brings out the best in My subs and our dynamic together.

I am incredibly dedicated to My craft and nothing satisfies Me more than manipulating the human mind and pushing the limits of the physical body. I am based in Bristol and work out of My own clean, private, and well-equipped dungeon, however, I travel to London to session regularly as well.

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Mistress Berkeley – Derby

Derby UK MistressFor those who wish to session with the strict Mistress dressed in either leather, PVC or fetish clothing – my pleasure, or for the client who would like me to dress in jeans and a top for a more low key session that will also be fine, we are all different, and the harshness of fetish wear is not for everyone.

My playroom is discreet and located within a private residence with parking, it is well equipped with the perfect BDSM furniture. Needless to say, it is also filled with wonderful toys, be it ‘playful’ or ‘painful’. I thoroughly relish using them.

Although I do have a caring nature, I have a different approach towards domination, where I offer a safe and secure environment for fetish and BDSM lovers.

I welcome both the novice and experienced into my playroom, where I see submission as a strength and not a weakness, your biggest fears maybe unfounded, but you will only know this when you serve the correct Mistress, the one that you feel you can relate with, and no judgement will be made!

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Double Domme Huddersfield

Do you fantasize about the honour of serving two sensual and sadistic mistresses? Then enter if you dare, the Huddersfield dungeon – the exclusive realm of Double Domme desire sessions. Here you can escape the demands of everyday life and come find solace in submission and surrender.

Experts in dual domination, Mistress Helena and Goddess Cat will fulfill your duo mistress fantasies. Our partnership is a powerful combination.

Mistress Helena is 5ft 7 in her fully fashioned nylons whilst Mistress Cat 5ft 8 in her seamed stockings.

Together we are both a domineering 6ft 1 in our peep toe heels and thigh high boots.

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Mistress Ember Rose – Merseyside

I am a 34-year-old English rose standing more than 6 foot tall in heels and will tower above most of you little men.

You will be dazzled by my two best attributes – my flame red auburn hair and my perfect peach behind. My piercing blue eyes and my mischievous smile will immediately have you captivated.

I have for many years been and still am I’m a bit of a gymoholic which means my 10/12 fit body is in an exquisite shape because keeping fit is very important for your mistress as it enables her to be able to maintain control of my subs.

I also wear size 6 boots for you foot lovers.

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Miss Chevrolet

London Mistress ChevroletWhether you’re a seasoned devotee of submission or a curious explorer of kink, your cravings are not just valid but deserving of wholehearted exploration and acceptance. By reaching out, you’ll gain privileged access to an exclusive realm, engage in deep and meaningful conversations, and establish a genuine connection with a Domme who welcomes being addressed as “Mistress” or “Goddess.”

As a seasoned Domme, I offer a unique journey of self-improvement, forging a path towards a better and healthier version of yourself. I combine my expertise in wellbeing with my passion for domination. My attention is reserved for those who seek the enduring embrace of profoundly personal and satisfying long term D/s dynamic.

Would you like to belong to a powerful and very fit Domme?

Through the exquisite dance of power and desire, I masterfully craft your deepest fantasies into unforgettable kinky experiences.

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Mistress Zara Fox – Walsall & Manchester

UK Mistress Zara FoxI am a tall, slender natural redheaded mistress.

At only 27 years young, don’t let age fool you.

An avid gym-goer, meaning I can crush heads like watermelons between my succulent legs.

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Mistress Pantera – West Midlands

I am a professional lifestyle Diva and Mistress.

I seek out all those whose longing desire is to experience and enjoy pain and pleasure through the hands of a voluptuous, beautiful and powerful ebony Goddess.

I have a preference for experienced slaves who know what they want but I sometimes accept innocent newcomers. Depending on my mood.

I will guide you, just as you will need it during your journey with me.

Ultimately, however, you will definitely be my little slut who is only too willing to do my bidding.

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Madame Lucinda – Lancashire

Lancashire UK MistressI look all sweetness and light with a very naughty and infectious giggle. However! Do not let that fool you as it will be the first mistake you make.

I delight in administering corporal punishment to those who are naughty.

Sessions are done on a 1 to 1 basis only, in a facility which is well equipped and discreet.

Sessions can be done to leave no marks, limited marks or very visible marking. This will of course be clarified before a session.

I promote a Kink-aware environment to facilitate psychosexual well-being.

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MS Vixxen – Lincoln

A super sexy, open minded Mistress with a great imagination and a growing list of skills and passions. Always fair, always firm.

I have always felt, deep down, an inclination towards this world. The dark side, the taboo, the things none of us talk about in the light but we all think about….. in the dark.

This is who I am in the most authentic way and my passion comes across, it oozes out of me as you will see!!

From domination, to power exchange, to impact play! There are so many levels of service and areas of play that I have always been super curious about and once I edged the door open a little bit, I have been able to smash it down completely. And I have never ever looked back.

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Mistress Ember Rose – Merseyside

Merseyside MistressI am a 34-year-old English rose standing more than 6 foot tall in heels and will tower above most of you little men. You will be dazzled by my two best attributes – my flame red auburn hair and my perfect peach behind. My piercing blue eyes and my mischievous smile will immediately have you captivated.

Mistress is friendly, intelligent, very spontaneous, fun passionate, independent, i.e., perfect to discuss you wishes and enable me to tailor the correct content for an intense exciting session that will fully satisfy you.

But remember as soon as you enter my domain I am totally in charge and demand absolute obedience to all my instructions without argument.

My dungeon is located in the northwest between Liverpool and Manchester. However, if it is more convenient I can session with slaves in their home, hotel or online using Skype.

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Mistress Angel – Aldershot and Sheffield

Aldershot MistressI am proud of who I am and have become in our community. I live and breath the lifestyle with a passion. I need my kink, I need to be able to train and teach my submissives and they are my number one priority. Their health and well being is my utmost priority and I like to get to know them as a friend and not just as a sub. They need to know they can talk to me about anything in their vanilla lives and not just as me being their Mistress.

I hope that this open and honest insight into my life has piqued your interest and after reviewing my website, you would like to enjoy a session with me please follow my contact information when we will be able to discuss your interests, limitations and tribute fully.

I’m ready for you. You do want to serve me don’t you? It’s just a matter of time.

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Worship Mistress – Huddersfield

Yorkshire Body Worship MistressI’m a highly experienced and well equipped Dominatrix based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

I have a large repertoire of BDSM interests ranging from mild to sadistic.

I have a penchant for full body worship. I enjoy it. In fact unless it is a hard limit of yours I may demand it from you. I am the only Mistress in Huddersfield who allows full body worship.

Body Worship with Me is not a given. I only allow Body Worship from slaves who are scrupulously clean, very submissive and highly respectful.

Some people in the world of BDSM say that Mistresses who allow Body Worship are not ‘proper’ Mistresses. Oh slave, believe Me, I am a Mistress of the highest echelon, but I am a Mistress who knows what She wants and who always gets what She wants.

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Professional Disciplinarian – Birmingham

I am a strict, no-nonsense disciplinarian. And you do need discipline, don’t you?

I have a selection of whips, paddles and canes that I will use to discipline you effectively.

Discipline can be delivered from cold, or after a warm up, depending on what we have discussed in advance of the session.

Depending on your circumstances you can be heavily marked or hardly marked at all.

Your duty now is to contact me to book your discipline session

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Mistress Kara Krosse – Liverpool

I am a skilled and experienced lifestyle Liverpool Dominatrix & I love giving an erotic prostate massage with a very satisfying ending or JOI. I relish a first timer – let me take your virginity, you’ll never forget it.

I find facesitting particularly erotic. Mistress will take your breath away with her magnificent backside. Always clothed. I also do full weight facesitting.

Be my sissy slut – you can request to be dressed as a sissy or maid or simply just be treated like the slut you are! Maid training available once a week. Come and have some crossdressing fun with Mistress.

I enjoy orgasm control and tie & tease. Edging is a speciality of mine as well as controlled orgasms.

Toilet training sessions and watersports fun available. Watch Mistress quench your thirst or feed you caviar.

Whatever your kink or kinky leanings, Mistress will push your boundaries and you will enjoy every second of it.

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Mistress Abaddon – Huddersfield West Yorkshire

I am a multifaceted dominatrix who delights and excels in fulfilling fantasies while catalysing and energising the chemistry created and savoured by Mistress and slave coalescing into one. I embrace my bisexuality, so females and couples are welcome to book sessions, whether they are submissive or just kinky.

I will make use of subs/slaves and switches in very well equipped Huddersfield, West Yorkshire premises and as well as taking solo sessions I can also Double Domme with Mistress Tania. I also have a female sub who can join in sessions depending on your BDSM proclivities.

I am an expert in the psychology of submission and Female Domination, so your psychological and emotional needs are firmly encapsulated into the session. For newcomers, I can provide and enjoy a gentle introduction to BDSM and also deal harshly with the more experienced.

I have a very wide range of interests but I specialise in Strap-On play. Admit it: your ass is mine!

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Mistress Penny Leathers – Spalding, Lincs

You never know how far you can go if you refuse to get outside of your comfort zone. You will also never learn how to enjoy yourself to the fullest if you don’t indulge in the pleasures of BDSM every now and then. If you’re new to the world of BDSM practices, then let me mentor you and show you the way. You’ll get introduced to everything related to bondage and discipline, as well as role play.

I thoroughly enjoy bringing naughty boys, bratty subs, and disrespectful slaves to their bony knees and will make sure they learn their lessons.


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