South East UK Mistresses

Alpha Divine – Milton Keynes

I am an articulate, well-educated dominatrix based in a fully equipped dungeon in Milton Keynes.

A 6ft brunette with blue eyes, my dominance and sensuality are intoxicating. You may have been born wanting to please the superior sex, feelings which are only amplified by being in my presence.

I love boys who want to please me, who know their place and give thanks for the opportunity to do so. What better way for us both to express ourselves than to play. You are the canvas for my pleasure and desire.

I am a natural fetishist, the greatest being latex, boots and heels, preferably Louboutin.

When it comes to play, I want our interests to align. You do not need to do everything on my list, however I will not accept a session for anything which I don’t enjoy.

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Mistress Amber St Clare – Eastbourne, E. Sussex

amberstclareA cultured, intelligent Mistress, I offer professional domination in East Sussex. Experienced, elegant, I am a true Alfa Female. Sophisticated, sensual, and superlative, my world is where fantasy becomes reality.

Your pleasure will be to submit to Me, as I take you places you have only fantasised about. You will suffer for my amusement, as I toy with you. My speciality is CP, incorporating anything from a sensual hand spanking to a judicial punishment, and anything in between. A natural dominant, you will feel my power when you meet Me. I offer private sessions in Eastbourne for those whom I deem worthy.

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Mistress Angel – Aldershot and Sheffield

Aldershot MistressI am proud of who I am and have become in our community. I live and breath the lifestyle with a passion. I need my kink, I need to be able to train and teach my submissives and they are my number one priority. Their health and well being is my utmost priority and I like to get to know them as a friend and not just as a sub. They need to know they can talk to me about anything in their vanilla lives and not just as me being their Mistress.

I hope that this open and honest insight into my life has piqued your interest and after reviewing my website, you would like to enjoy a session with me please follow my contact information when we will be able to discuss your interests, limitations and tribute fully.

I’m ready for you. You do want to serve me don’t you? It’s just a matter of time.

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Goddess Amore – Maidstone, Kent

Kent & London’s Finest Femme Fatale , Goddess Amore Professional Domme/lifestyle dominatrix. Power and control excites me – I am the physical portal to kink for your deviant soul. Enter my mental and physical playground of pleasure and pain and submit yourself to your true superior where you will naturally feel at ease but in the same sense you will also feel vulnerable… Excited much?

Just envision kneeling before your goddess who stands directly in front of you holding a fiber glass cane dressed in tasteful yet sexy skin tight shiny latex with killer heels to match oozing sex appeal and charisma – GA looks you directly in the eye – You can feel that connection your desperate to unravel your kinks you may have been unable to fulfill or you seek your next fix, You feel the power within this woman but within a blink of an eye you could displease her.

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Mistress Elaina – Portsmouth and Milton Keynes

Purveyor of Perversion, facilitator of Fetish, kreator of kinkiness.

Strap extraordinaire, equestrian specialist.

Sissification and feminisation of particular fondness.

CBT BB, CP a great passion.

Some say a sadist….I say its work satisfaction. Come worship at my delectable feet…..

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Baroness Essex – Essex

baronessessexThe Baroness Essex. Female supremacist, Dominatrix and lifestyle purveyor of all things Fetish.

She is a living paradox. A lady of serenity and benevolence, yet capable of indescribable acts of abject sadism depending on her mood.

The Baroness is located in Rural Essex, however she regularly visits London and can frequently be found in New York.

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Face Sitting Mistress – Hertfordshire

facesittingmistressI have been a dominatrix for many years now and am interested in many things but have grown to particularly love facesitting. Using a man as my seat or sofa is a favourite pastime of mine. I love to feel them suffocating under my bottom and gasp for air for the few moments when I let them, before smothering them again. My bottom is apparently made for the job. I do 1-2-1 private sessions where I love to sit and smother you. Take a look at my site where you can read some session reviews if you’re interested in a private session. You can also view photos of me in action as well. I also have a facesitting video clip members site which you can join. Or buy individual facesitting clips4sale at my stores. Not only are there solo clips, but I also get my friends to help me sit and smother for some great double domme videos. Based in Watford (fulltime) and Glasgow (visit regularly).

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Mistress Lady Godiva – Kent & London

ladygodivaAn English Dominatrix who is sophisticated and intelligent. I have a vast range of experience that breathes life into each and every session. No stranger to the corporate world, I will tear you apart in the boardroom. Any cheek from you in the classroom and you won’t sit down for a week! I am extremely good with a cane and can cater for cautious beginners to seasoned masochists and everything in between.

I love role play, cherishing every sweet moment as though it were reality. I know that you will too; losing yourself in the fantasy. But be prepared for the chill of fear that will take over your very soul, when you begin to wonder if you have lost your mind.

You will grow and learn under My command, like you’ve never experienced before. You will be reborn.

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Mistress Maria – Kent & London

I am a Professional Dominatrix working across Kent, Surrey, Sussex, South/Central London. I offer authentic sessions in a fully equipped private dungeon in North Kent & Central London.

I offer both a domination and humiliation service to experienced subs or those just starting out on their sub journey. I cater for a wide range of tastes and can tailor sessions to suit individuals.

There is not much I haven’t heard of so if you have something in particular in mind please feel free to contact me to discuss.

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Miss Kimberley – Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes MistressI am a friendly, but strict Domme, working from a very discrete and exceptionally well stocked dungeon located near Milton Keynes.

No matter what your requirements, I will probably be able to accommodate them.

My main interest lies in foot fetish and I get a huge amount of pleasure from boot boys and foot worship. However, I love all aspects of BDSM and I adore the lifestyle.

If you’re looking for a firm hand to guide you through this wonderful life of Bondage and submission, then get in touch

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Mistress Marlena – Essex and East London

Visiting Mistress Marlena will be the perfect place for you to come to experience all the naughtiest and nastiest desires you’ve been keeping to yourself and you wish to finally realize.

I’m a sensual domme who may be strict, but I also have a sweeter side and love to take good care of my slaves if they work hard to deliver my desires.

So you’d like to indulge in the finest, nastiest and unholiest things in life with me? I am a sensual domme who has a passion for humiliation and training up the perfect slave to fit my needs and desires..

I am the ultimate tease and love to have a laugh at my slaves expense whilst speaking to them sweetly and having them wrapped around my finger, doing anything I want them to!

I love to create the perfect environment for a D/S dynamic for both of us, where you feel comfortable enough to express what you need as this is important for us to both get the most out of it as we can.

I am always eager to take on new clients and hear the fantasies and desires potential slaves may have from me, as these can get my mind racing with new nasty ideas also and it’s always a lovely thing when two nasty minds are put together to create the ultimate play session.

My favourite things to do in a session are:
Foot/ Boot and shoe worshipping,
Human furniture
Human toilet
Anal play
Corporal punishment
CBT torture
Strapon worship
Strapon play
Whipping/ flogging
Light bondage
Maid/ sissy training
Face slapping
Body worship
Face sitting/ smothering/ crushing

If interested in any of these or you have a new idea you’d like to suggest to me please get in touch by sending me an email at or via whatsapp on 07397522827. I’m more than happy to hear from you and discuss bringing these ideas to life!.

Mistress Marlena x

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Mistress Mya – High Wycombe

I am a quiet sadist with a wicked sense of humour – the time spent with Me is not a quick fix, I plan My sessions with care and commitment.

I am into many things, from light spanking to wrestling and I’m always happy to take time and explore new fetishes.

If you’re not quite sure where to start, I can think of a thousand different ways to play.

Together we will step into the castle of your deepest, darkest desires and turn them into reality. Are you ready?

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Ruby Slaps, Sussex, Surrey, South East UK

Ruby Slaps is a spanking and CP specialist / therapist. I do from over the knee (OTK) spanking to caning of naughty men, TV’s and sissies.

Please note I’m not a complete sadist and cater for the novice and those that find the whole spanking arena as fun. See my website for a full menu of my services.

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Ms Slide – Hastings

Ms Slide is a Hypno-Domme and creative sadist.

She has been a professional and lifestyle dominatrix for over 15 years and recently relocated to Hastings, East Sussex where she has her own, fully-equipped dungeon premises. Clients of all genders welcome.

Preferences include:

hypnosis, including hypnotic bondage and hypnotic manipulation of emotions and physical sensations, caning, spanking and corporal punishment, pain and sensation play, women and couples, humiliation, waterboarding, pegging, feminisation


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Mistress Sophie – Hertfordshire

I am a refined elegant dominant Hertfordshire Mistress.

I am intelligent, articulate and very experienced. I will combine my expertise and sensuality to give you the ultimate experience.

Whether you are a novice or a more experienced submissive, I will dominate your mind as well as your body.

I am a Fantasy and Role Play Specialist and will take your fantasy and turn it into the reality that you really want.

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Domina Tamzin – Hertfordshire

Let me introduce Myself…

I am Domina Tamzin, a seductive, sophisticated Mistress who loves nothing better than bringing you lesser beings to your knees for me. I have a natural flare for Dominating submissive individuals and have a genuine passion for watching you whimper and grovel whilst being broken by my expertly cruel hand.

Exploring your deepest desires is my aim and I will not stop until I have you laid totally bare at my feet. Your mind, body and soul will become mine and you will give yourself to me whilst observing complete servitude.

If you feel brave enough to endure my wrath, then step forward and make yourself known. I will have you gagging for mercy.

Crawl to Domina Tamzin.

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Mistress Tiffany Naylor – Milton Keynes

My name is Tiffany Naylor and I am a Domme based in Milton Keynes, UK.

I work out of an extremely well equipped dungeon which contains plenty of bondage equipment, suspension rig, Serious Kit Milking Machine, Fetters bondage wheel and MUCH more.

I am available by appointment only. My particular favourite activities include, but are not limited to: ballbusting, CBT, bondage, chastity, humiliation, foot worship and tie and tease. I enjoy sessions where we are relaxed, communicative, and having fun. I enjoy being sadistic and mean, but I am also affable and approachable. I look forward to sessioning with you.

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Mistress Violent Siren – Fallen Angel (Milton Keynes) and Oubliette (Bedfordshire)

Session elements:

Impact play, anal play, edging, bondage, sensory deprivation, sissyfication, slave training, encouraged bi, electric stimulation, needle play, body worship (at my discretion), humiliation, watersports.

I am an articulate, quirky and downright awesome ProDomme. I offer sessions infused with humour as I feel that it should be fun (as that is why we doing it, yes?).

I see you for who you really are, the whole you, kink and all. Come live your truth and revel in it with me!

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