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When submitting your listing, please remember that Elite UK Mistresses is fully searchable. Your prospective clients can search for you by name, location, your interests and services, etc. Please therefore give us as much information as you can about your location and your BDSM related services. About 120 – 150 words is about right.

We list elite, professional UK Mistresses who provide high quality in-person domination sessions and who are based permanently in the UK. We do not list anyone who provides escort services or who provides exclusively or mainly distance domination services.

Before submitting your listing request, please place the banner below in a prominent position on your website, not buried among loads of other links. We are providing a very high quality service to you on the only fully searchable directory of UK Mistresses, so please reciprocate by giving us a quality listing on your website.


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Please state your location (town or city, not your exact address). if you are in London, please say if you are in Central, North, South, East or West London.

Please include your website address and the address of your Twitter feed if you have one.


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You can also post details of all your services and your BDSM interests to our News Section. The News section is fully searchable, so it will be to your advantage to post details about your location and all the services you provide, as well as your visits to fetish events, details about your sessions etc. You can post as many news messages as you wish and news postings can be much longer than the normal listing text. Contact Us for News section posting details or email a photo and your news posting to Please note that all news postings must be accompanied by at least one photo. The email address you use to contact us must be the same email address you use on your website.