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Empress Akari – Bristol

I am Empress Akari. A professional and lifestyle Dominant based in Gloucestershire. I also regularly session in the South West, Midlands and Wales, including but not limited to Birmingham and Bristol.

I command respect from those around me with ease, after all, it is my natural disposition. A true Dominant does not need to shout or speak obscenities to unlock the submissive inside of you. A tug of your hair, pulling your ear close to my lips and a whisper is enough to make you fall weak to your knees.

The world of BDSM is vast and wide, with many avenues to explore. Finding what suits and exploring it safely in my capable hands is an experience like no other. Whether you wish to understand masochism further or explore the various kinks and fetishes, my knowledge and experience is extensive. If you are experiencing BDSM for the first time, I will calm your nerves and guide the way with a firm, yet gentle hand and understanding. If you have experience, I will take you further beyond what you had previously imagined. As I say to my submissives, it is journey before destination.

The exchange of power between two people can be the ultimate high, the pinnacle of mental and physical exertion and that moment of catharsis that you so long for. The key is given to those who truly wish to open that door. Tread with confidence yet trepidation and that door may open more to you than that in your wildest dreams.

Taking the first step is often the hardest and that is why there are guides on my website. Although I do not take everyone on board, I do give those who act in accordance with my guidelines the opportunity to show me their worth. Contact me via email or my website if you feel as though you have these qualities. Most of all, be yourself, bring your authenticity and honesty. I see straight through those who do not.

For more information about myself and the services I offer visit my website.

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Mistress Claire Delacroix – Bristol

Now based in Bristol I am an Italian Top Mistress with a deep and elegant charm.  My angelic beauty, due to its sinful nature will make you bow down to my divine feet, losing yourselves in adoration and submission, succubi of my domination of real and upper class, but also especially sadistic.

I am a great lover of many Fetish and BDSM practices, to which I will subject you with objective and extensive knowledge and awareness, albeit with unyielding and categorical determination.

I love to inflict suffering and pain, first with persuasive sweetness and then with great sadism and satisfaction, reaching the limits of the slave by means of several impact tools, among which I prefer my long whips, but also paddles, canes, floggers and much more. I really like to perform clinical sessions, I love needles and engravings, but I also enjoy role-playing games

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Mistress Damera – Wiltshire

I am a mature dominatrix, who excels in providing pain and torture to those crave it.

Your pain will always be my pleasure and I will always get perverse satisfaction in giving it to you. On the other hand I am also more than happy to give certain people a safe haven to explore their needs, whether it be pain and torture or dressing up in pretty or seductive dresses or lingerie and sitting with you for a chat and supporting with your femininity.

Come and be my slave, submissive, my little play thing, but I would advise you to be careful and aware with what you ask for because I will always give it and most definitely a lot more.

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Miss Erika Rayne – Bristol

Hello, I am Miss Erika Rayne, a sadistic American Domme with curves that will bring you to your knees. With a penchant for pain, degradation, and filth, you will find yourself leaving My domain intoxicated from the rush of submission with an insatiable taste for more.

The first thing submissives remark on is My immaculate hourglass figure and My seductive accent. As a mistress, I can be both strict and soft, as I believe this duality brings out the best in My subs and our dynamic together.

I am incredibly dedicated to My craft and nothing satisfies Me more than manipulating the human mind and pushing the limits of the physical body. I am based in Bristol and work out of My own clean, private, and well-equipped dungeon, however, I travel to London to session regularly as well.

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Mistress Heather – Bristol

heatherRenowned for her beauty and sensual sadism, Divine Mistress Heather has a wealth of experience and passion to deal with your desires. Her particular interests are Roleplay, Ball Busting, Humiliation, Mind Control and Nipple Torture. Her natural air of authority means that she does not need to raise her voice in order for you to obey. Her soft tones may be soothing, but make no mistake – she can be both physically and mentally cruel!

Formally London based, Mistress Heather now resides in Bristol for regular sessions. However, she still makes the occasional planned trip to London for appointments and can of course be booked by special request, both nationally and internationally.

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Mistress Hush – Bristol

My name is Mistress Hush and I am on a mission to help you discover your darkest desires. Although I most enjoy administering corporal punishment to disobedient males I am more than happy to indulge in other forms of torture. However, sensuality may come to those who deserve it.

A voluptuous Mistress, busty with a body to both worship and die for, I do enjoy seeing My creatures struggling in their bonds or in their place at My pretty and petite feet. Sounding is also a favourite of mine.

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Princess Ivy – Bristol

I enjoy slaves and subs which will love doing my bidding and being my plaything.

I get true entertainment out of seeing my every wish enacted on another whether that’s dressing someone up, sadistic play, humiliation, worship, cage confinement, cuckolding and many more.

I have a particular fondness for canes, I love the whooshing noise they make before the satisfying thwack and the darkening of the skin.

I’m quite a deft hand with the rope as well and I adore knowing that someone is helpless to escape me.

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Lady K – Gloucester

Setting: I offer a domestic setting and specialist BDSM room.This contains a variety of fun toys , floggers, whips and restraints a multifunctional strap in bench with stock’s and large Cage, Spanking Bench ( pictures in my free gallery )

About me: Model Mistress, Ice Queen & Certified Mental Manipulation Goddess, I always get what I want!!!

I love dominating sissy pathetic men. I am a natural performer size 8 32DD . I LOVE REDUCING MEN TO NOTHING With my toys, words, and presence. My other side is nurturing I care deeply for my subs. I want us to have as much fun as possible in a safe and hygienic environment.

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Domina Jemma – Bristol

Lifestyle and Professional Mistress with 15 years international experience in fetish and BDSM. Fetish Model and Performer, Bondager, Sex Coach and Educator.

Luxury equipped dungeon opening soon in my new location in Kingswood – East Bristol – accessible from Bath, Newport & Swindon in 30-40 mins & Cardiff, Gloucester & Cheltenham in around an hour.

Sessions still possible in a domestic setting until the dungeon is complete.

Available for sessions most days, and for Double Domme sessions with Nikky French.

Same day bookings, to be confirmed in the morning between 10am – midday. MUST CALL DIRECTLY TO BOOK.

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Mistress May Thorn – Bristol and Swindon

Presently I am holding sessions at the well equipped establishments of House Du Croix in Bristol, and The Velvet Rope in Swindon. Here is where I explore my whims in inescapeable restraint and predicament bondage, breath play, medical play, objectification and body modification, strap-on, judicial and corporal punishment, extreme tied and teased and any of the other myriad of activities that I find relaxing and enjoyable.

Special Interests? I have only one – your submission.

Favourite activities are, in no particular order:

  • Using rope to disable and restrain you, so I can enjoy ‘stimulating’ various innovative ways. I like to see you sweat.
  • Applying nasty gags and watching you chew and dribble.
  • Using my whips, to create interesting artwork on your skin, and hear the delicious sounds you make as I work.
  • Keeping you in chastity for months at a time. And only I have the keys. (Yes really)
  • Stuffing you into my sling and acquainting you with My large assortment of tumescent strapons…Oh DO stop squealing!
  • And of course the MOST important – training you… to be the best you can be… for Me.

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Mistress Meena – Bristol

mistressmeenaYour PAIN is My PLEASURE.

I will tease you and torment you. I will demand your obedience and discipline you. I will cherish you as My most valued possession and indulge My every whim on you. I will take you to a place where pain and pleasure become one.

Your very own small piece of heaven awaits.

Whether you are a first timer or a more experienced player, I just know that you will enjoy a thrilling time with me and want to return again and again.

I want you…..

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Mistress Nina – Bristol

ninaI’m a young stunning looking Mistress based between Bristol and Bath.

If you wish to serve and appreciate the company of an experienced and very well equipped TS Mistress, you may apply to serve me. I love to see submissives who wish to please and pleasure me.


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Mistress Sofia – Swindon

sofiaI am Mistress Sofia, a mature sensual yet Sadistic Dominatrix. I have been a Mistress for many years and have many slaves under my feet. Some have been unwilling to submit to me but none have been successful.

I can be a cold heartless bitch in fact your worse nightmare, but it wont stop you becoming devoted to me. I don’t suffer fools gladly and all men are fools.

I am at my happiest with a cane in my hand or a slave’s balls under my boots.

If you are new to the scene I am not a total ogre, you may find my maturity and appealing concept when understanding your limits, but in saying that I do expect my slaves to be pushed to their limits.

Do I have a softer side? I defy you to find it.

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The Fetish Ward

A uniquely spacious purpose built haven for any Medical Fetish enthusiast.

Here at The Fetish Ward we understand that every person has their own unique kink. That’s why we listen carefully to your chosen scenario or fantasy, because we want to get it right.

I am friendly, approachable and like to get to know my patients. The more we play, the deeper we delve, the more we evolve together. I also understand that not all patients feel the need for intensive or invasive treatment and that’s also fine. For me its about the person and their enjoyment of the sessions activities whatever they might be.

If I see you’re enjoying yourself, then you can guarantee I’m certainly having fun.

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Lady Vendetta – Bristol

I am a tall, dark-haired, and pale skinned gothic goddess who loves to be served and worshipped.

I value all my little subs and slaves especially when I have them at my mercy.

I love to get deep into your kinks and use them to entrap you in pain and pleasure so much so that you won’t be able to resist sinking deeper under my control.


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