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Mistress  Alice – Dudley

I am a teasing, sensual Mistress with a slightly sadistic, darker side. I never abuse your trust but ensure that every session tests and pushes your limits, drawing you in closer and making you want to please me more. We can explore your curiosities and fears within the world of BDSM, safe in my capable hands and equipment.

I love to mix the soft with the harsh, keeping you guessing and on your toes, to put you into a mind fucking head spin, just for fun, of course!  I enjoy role play, CP, slave punishment, boot/foot worship and so much more…My favourite toy is my Violet Wand.

I am slim, blonde, stand 6ft tall in my heels and am considered attractive. I organise events as well as doing one to one’s and sessions with my submissive girl assisting me.

I have the use of 5 dungeon/playrooms, with some of the latest and most sophisticated equipment available in the Midlands area, so come, kneel and serve me soon.

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Miss Anna Elite – Telford

I am an established, sensually sadistic, professional Dominatrix and lifestyle Mistress.

I am highly educated and cultured. Born with a natural talent for domination, My sexuality extends much further than the walls of my fully-equipped, private fetish play room. It is simply who I am. Once you are in My presence, you will find Me one of the most dominant Women you have ever served.

My favourite indulgences are Pegging, CP, CBT, Foot Worship and Toilet Servitude. Should you prove yourself worthy, I am also an expert in Orgasm Play, Tease & Denial. This list is not exhaustive, however, as I have a true passion for deep exploration of many fetishes. You will not find me easily shockable.

Satisfy your craving to submit to Me today. Do you dare to disobey…?

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Mistress Beth Bedlam – Walsall

My name is Mistress Beth Bedlam. I am tattooed, pierced, with blue green eyes and have many different hair colours.

I love to look alternative, edgy, rebellious. I have always been a rebel throughout my life, and this will benefit my domination. I like to push boundaries, and like things that are outside of the ‘norm’.

My working relationship with you will be an approach that I find empowering. By forming close bonds, it will increase pleasure in the sessions. We will have a mutual understanding, trust and will play safely. My contact with you wont cease when you go home.

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Mistress Eliza – Birmingham

My resourceful, creative personality will guide you into the divergent, dichotomous domain of sensual, strict, enthralling, inspirational and at times sadistic.

My commanding voice, deviating from warm and amiable to dictatorial and caustic, will expedite your enthralment. Then I will not need to demand your obedience and submission. I will foment it and you will give yourself to me freely.

You will simultaneously enjoy intensely cerebral BDSM, humiliation and torment while in the most sublime subspace, incapable of resisting my rapacious craving for dominance.

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Mistress Kirsty – Dudley

Welcome, I am Mistress Kirsty, Petite but Dominant Sexual Goddess – Dudley, West Midlands. I am an intense, articulate, dominatrix that will have you under my spell and on your knees within in no time at all.

My sessions are strict, yet fun and mutually satisfying, so if you are looking to be dominated by a well-practised and beautiful Dominatrix with a body worthy of your undiluted adoration, then you are invited to delve further into my dark world of Domination and devote yourself entirely to Me.

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Mistress Scarlett Black – Leicester

scarlettblackMistress Scarlett Black of Leicester Bdsm artisan, of over 20 years of Exceptional Experience in all aspects of BDSM erotic play.

Specialist in Strapon and Facesitting.

Same day appointments available .

Newbies and seasoned players welcomed.

Leicester Mistress Scarlett Black

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Lady Sara Borgia – Birmingham

lsbWelcome dear servants, (submissive, deviant, worshiper). Are you searching for a Mistress who can unlock your ultimate submissive desires?

I can lead you down the rabbit hole into pure deviant land, if you’re brave enough to follow!

To throw caution to the wind will make you worthy of such gifts of pain and depravity that will fulfil your aching heart and sting your broken skin.

Session with me in Birmingham/London/Edinburgh

Email your enquiries to My website. Discretion is assured.

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Lady Dark Angel – Sheffield

I am Lady Dark Angel, Queen of Punishment and Pain. As a Professional Dominatrix, I offer domination services from my new, luxurious and well-appointed chambers in Sheffield.

I seek submissives who have a desire to serve an exquisitely beautiful, sensational and demanding Goddess. Total obedience when serving Me is expected.

Operating a safe, sane consensual approach, you may rely on complete confidentiality when submitting to me as I open new horizons in this playful side of your life.

Once in my clutches, you will not want to escape.

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Mistress Katerina – West Bromwich

katerina6I am a Russian born, Birmingham based young, tall and slender Mistress.

I love tying and teasing, all the classic aspects of femdom including cuckholding, chastity play, strapon play, humiliation, caning, spanking, flogging, whipping.

My favourites however remain humiliation and pain.

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Mistress Kirsty – Dudley

Welcome, I am Mistress Kirsty, Petite but Dominant Sexual Goddess – Dudley, West Midlands. I am an intense, articulate, dominatrix that will have you under my spell and on your knees within in no time at all.

My sessions are strict, yet fun and mutually satisfying, so if you are looking to be dominated by a well-practised and beautiful Dominatrix with a body worthy of your undiluted adoration, then you are invited to delve further into my dark world of Domination and devote yourself entirely to Me.

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Mistress Lagertha – Walsall

Look no further you’ve found a truly Dominant woman, who lives and breathes aspects of BDSM with every fibre of her being, in all areas of her everyday life, which is not just a persona! Now all you need to do now is earn favour with me, by proving your worthiness if you want to be allowed the privilege of being in my presence.

I’ve been enjoying BDSM in my personal life since 2009. I’ve learnt from some of the best specialists and experts over the years. And now offer these skills and knowledge to those who seek to
experience them with me during a privately booked session. I truly love what I do, getting what I want from peoples reactions, especially to put men in their place, as is the way of female domination. I learned my craft tormenting female and male subs/slaves, ranging in ages between 18 and well into their 90’s, both new and experienced.

I will laugh at the creative predicaments and situations I put you into. I enjoy realism in my role play sessions, so much so I’ll have you believing every moment of it. I have high expectations with
protocol and the more serious side too; being strict, domineering, stern, cruel and mean to those who deserve it. The mastery of the skill and expertise, it takes to maintain total control, is very
important to me. While at all times being aware and safe within the boundaries of anticipated risk.

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Lady Louisa – Birmingham

I will twist and control your weak, pathetic soul. You will have to get down on your knees to beg for mercy and submit to my overwhelming perfection while your body will be my plaything and your pain will be my pleasure.

I have a very sensual but sadistic and sweet approach to my sessions meaning I am very diverse and creative enough to cater to most kinks from naughty role plays to heavy beat downs and kidnap scenarios mistress can guide and train you to her desires.

Please read through my sessions interests and ensure you are not wasting either of our time before you approach me.

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Mistress Ronelle – Walsall

I am Mistress Ronelle, a tall, dominant brunette practising as a professional dominatrix. For several years I have been in the fetish scene, providing services in my own superior premises in the West Midlands and participating with others in organised public events. If you seek a professional dominatrix, dedicated to the art of BDSM and female domination, then you have found her.

Discipline is my stock in trade! It can take many forms, depending on your needs, including spanking, paddling, caning and flogging. I formulate and adapt my procedures according to your desires and limits, and provide you with a suitable regime of punishment (and possibly reward) to help correct your behaviour. As well as discipline, I also offer sessions in bondage, humiliation, strap-on play, slave training and many other aspects of BDSM. Whatever your\ kink fantasies, confess them to me, I have the power to make them come true!

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Mistress Rousson – Birmingham

My name is Mistress Rousson. I’m a highly skilled Sadistic Domme, with a passionate interest in everything perverse.

I will get into your head, and explore depths of your mind you never knew existed. I’ll open you up to a world of desire – experienced or new, I’ll lead you down a path you’ll never forget.


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Mistress Lucy – Northants

Northants UK MistressMy experience is of great importance to me as 10 years has passed by very quickly.

I love taking charge of the situation and holding onto it with both hands. Guiding you through the different emotions that a sub/slave would be experiencing.

From new clients to very experienced clients my range of skills can surprise the most unsurprised sub/slave as I do exactly what you request on your first email.

My skills of passionately teasing your erogenous zones to calm your nervous body down is one of many talents that bring some clients to climax even before starting what they came for.

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Lady Pandora – Birmingham

ladypandoraThere is little else that pleases me more than seeing a fully grown man at the end of my leash grovel at my high heels begging me to use him like the slut we both know he was born to be!

I am an experienced, dominant and professional dominatrix possessing a variety of skills necessary to train the genuinely subservient male. This is who I am, not something I pretend to be for a few hours a day

If you are sincerely seeking a new reality where your true fetishistic desires and fantasies will be consensually explored, enjoyed and exploited, you just found it.

I will be delighted to take full advantage of your submissive tendencies and needs and use them to fuel the pure pleasure I receive training men as my playthings.

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Mistress Paula – Coventry

paulaI have been a practicing Dominatrix for a number of years, I am 5ft 6inches tall shoe size 7, dress size 14 with a wonderful hourglass figure, I am sophisticated, elegant and classy, I am intelligent worldly wise and have an infectious laugh and wicked sense of humour.

I love everything about our great scene.

My privately owned chambers, large house and gardens are situated 2 minutes away from M6 junction 3 and have lots of free off road parking.

I have two fully and lavishly equipped chambers, a TV dressing room and adult baby play area.

I also have a private and secure garden for outdoor play.

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Mistress Sadie – Derby

I’m Mistress Sadie. I’m the devilishly demanding, wonderfully wicked professional Dominatrix you’ve been searching for your entire life who is based in Derby, East Midlands.

I adore all things naughty and kinky, from being a teasing little minx to inflicting a whole plethora of pain and everything in-between. I derive my satisfaction from your complete submission.

‘What’s going to happen to me when I submit to you, Mistress Sadie?’ Well my darling, that depends on how I feel. I can be a ruthless, cold-hearted sadist who laughs whilst you squirm beneath me or a soft, sensual seductress, making you weak at the knees.

But nevertheless, you’ll be pleading with me to stay longer.

Whether you are a seasoned sub or new to the exciting world of BDSM, everyone is welcome and I will make our time together unforgettable.

All of my sessions are individually tailored, there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ type of session.

You can also rest in the knowledge that I only indulge in play that I revel in. Meaning we will have the most incredible experiences with each other.

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Mistress Veronica BitchFromMars – Birmingham

veronicaI am a strong sensual woman, 5’ 2” in stocking feet, vivaciously full figured with long red hair.

Experienced and dedicated dominatrix with dark and infinite imagination, who loves to be worshiped. Well versed in the art of sadistic therapy. I work from private chambers in Birmingham, with plenty of parking. I specialise in CBT, CP, Foot worship, Medical play, Pet play.

I also enjoy all other forms of BDSM play including sensual play and I cater for all levels from the new experiencing this for the first time to the more dedicated.

My services and your personal details will remain discreet and confidential with regards to any booking you make with me.

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Lady Veronica Bonavich – Northamptonshire

northants-mistress-2238I am an English Mistress,  interested in attracting gentlemen who feel privileged to worship a refined, elegant and sophisticated lady with a dark side to her.

I enjoy most fetishes and role play scenarios, together I want us to make them reality.

I want to meet intelligent, interesting men. I am a fun person too, I enjoy  someone I can resonate with. When the time comes to be wicked I can be very mean. Think of me like the habit you want to give up but just can’t… the more you resist the stronger the urge.  I am a powerful strong woman.  Men are enchanted by my beauty. I have been told I have a very captivating and enticing aura, once entered you will feel trapped.

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Goddess Vivienne L’Amour – Derby

I am Goddess Vivienne, a Dominant dreamer, high achiever and sadist. I am a session Mistress; I prefer to be served in person as opposed to online. My hands are ever thirsty for effective occupation; I exist to make you a better servant to all who are worthy. My sessions are always provocative and of the highest calibre.

I have experienced much success in bettering My boys and girls through incentivisation, punishment and reward. I feel that nurture, cruelty and temperance must be equally present within the Top for a session to be optimally stimulating.

I session from My kinky palace, Celestial Studios, in Derby, East Midlands, UK. The facility is a comprehensive fetish hideaway for the dark, depraved and delicious in the Midlands, where you can become whomever I decide.

My Specialisms include: Anal/Strap-On Training, CP, Discipline & accurate Whipping, Extended sessions & confinement, Extravagant Roleplay, Leather and Rope Bondage, Medical Scenarios, Pony Play, Tease & Denial/Edging, Worship, …and I enjoy seeing where My mood takes us…

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Mistress ZuZan – Derby

Available Visiting Times –
Mondays to Friday 10am til 10pm
Weekends 10am – 11pm
Overnights Available

I am a pretty, 29yrs old, slim, white, English Mistress with 5 years experience and I am the Head of the House of Z.

We also have a novice Domme taking session, She is an English Black Lady, 28yrs old, size 10, 5ft 3, with size 6 feet who loves to rest them on visiting boys.

During sessions We enjoy many aspects of BDSM and show here a small selection: shoe/foot worship, CBT, CP (with a range of toys and clamps) on feet, legs, arse, nipples and back. Blindfold, gag, hood and ropes can be used. Magic Wands and Violet Wands are amongst my favourite toys. I have also discovered I really like ball busting with bare feet, shoes and boots, and if I am on a good mood I do enjoy face sitting

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