West London Mistresses

Lady Bellatrix

I am Lady Bellatrix – London’s Queen of Mean. I am elegant, discerning and strict but don’t be intimidated by my beauty. I am adept at mind control and use interrogation techniques to manipulate and subjugate my unsuspecting victims to conform to my will.

I seek to reform the deviant ways of my slaves as my ultimate goal is to correct unruly behaviour. Although I am extremely adept at humiliation, ballbusting, and corporal punishment I also enjoy more sensual activities such as tease & denial, ruined orgasms and cuckolding.

Take a step into My realm and all your worldly woes will melt away. Are you prepared to surrender yourself to this wicked temptress with a stinging whip?

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Kali Inferno

West London Mistress Kali InfernoWelcome to the world of Kali Inferno.

Kali Inferno has long dark locks, captivating green eyes to look into your soul, long legs, UK size 10 figure and natural C cup breasts. Holding a commanding stance one glance from her and you will be on your knees ready serve.

As a pro domme I am fully willing to take in both new and experienced players, as you book an appointment do give me details of the fetishes you wish to indulge in and what you truly desire (note no sex is offered nor should be asked for including oral). From there onwards new players are made to feel comfortable, I invest about 15 minutes before the first appointment with new clients to break the ice and ensure them that whilst this maybe new to them they can be comfortable in for filling their fantasies in a non judgemental and safe environment.

Lots of fetishes are offered including Shibari, Wax play, spanking, Role play, sensory deprivation, chastity do view the rest on my website.

Services are offered in London from one of the best dungeons fully equipped to ensure the atmosphere is just perfect for our sessions.

I also operate on tours, including Southampton, Edinburgh and various European destinations including the Czech Republic, Denmark and the Netherlands. Do enquire if you are from here or somewhere else.

To apply to serve me please follow the booking guidance on my website.

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Medical Mistress

Medical play is my particular speciality. I have a fully equippedwhite room with a motorised, multi-positional chair. Procedures include sounds, catheters, enemas, needle and scalpel play, saline inflation, electrical stimulation, breath play, anaesthetic role play, anal play and lots of rubber: inflatable body bags, vacbed, hoods and much more.

I also have 2 dungeons, a school room and a TV boudoir. See www.mistressclaudia.co.uk for details of general BDSM sessions.

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Madame Python

My name is Madame Python. A professional BDSM London mistress. I am a strict dominatrix and frequently cruel. A natural FemDomme with a true love for my craft. BDSM is my life and my submissives are my playthings.

I truly enjoy being worshipped. A blonde goddess awaiting your servitude. Do not step out of line. It gives me pleasure to punish and torture my submissives who misbehave during my dominatrix sessions.

I am proudly perverted and decadently deprived. I revel in sessions which are erotically charged where both myself and my submissive become immersed in the BDSM experience.

Tantalizing and tormenting my submissive’s is a real turn-on. I have you exactly where I want you! Having complete control over another human being and being in total control provides me with a wealth of satisfaction.

Knowing that this undeserved human being is in the presence of a true goddess of whom deserves to be worshipped and adored.

I am respectful of everyone, Providing they are respectful of me. When you first arrive at my chambers you and I will sit down and talk about the type of session you expect and what you and I can achieve together.

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