My upcoming Birthday, May 8th- By Mistress Luci White

Hello kinksters!!


Just a little blog to tell you all it is coming up to My favourite time of the year………………………….yes My birthday!!!


It is so exciting when the postman comes a knocking, with ominous brown boxes of varying sizes, branded with that infamous Amazon logo. Which item off My list is it going to be? Is it perfume? Is it jewellery? Maybe a new outfit?!


When I first started out, I was told I must create an Amazon wishlist! Having never really used Amazon that much, I created an account and browsed through various items. I didn’t really know what to put on. I must admit, My list started a little half hearted as I didn’t really think anyone was just going to randomly send Me gifts, just to treat Me. I decided outfits were a good place to start as having just one PVC dress, I figured it would be productive towards My work. After around 10 items being added I put the link on My Twitter bio and didn’t really think much of it.


A week later a knock on the door. I opened it and there was the postie with a brown box addressed to Luci White. I took it and thanked him, still wondering and slightly worried how someone knew where I lived. The Amazon logo should have been a hint but remember, I was brand new. I opened it and there was this gorgeous lace outfit, the same one I had put on My list. The penny dropped. No way had someone sent Me this, I had a flutter of happiness. Inside was a little note simply saying ‘I hope this makes you smile’. Yes, yes it did! I tried it on and it looked so sexy, I was beaming. A few days later I logged onto Amazon and started browsing, looking for things I wanted, things I liked and slowly built up a nice range of potential gifts for gents to spoil Me with. They ranged and still do range in varying prices. From a £10 pair of panties up to £700 Louboutin heels. I must say the excitement when I receive a parcel off My wishlist has not changed in the 3 years I have been a Dominatrix, I don’t think any Lady can ever tire of being spoilt, it really does give you a nice feeling.


Last year I decided to split My wishlists. 1 being a Fetish wishlist, the other a Treat Me wishlist. As I have such varied tastes from flowers, perfume and sparkly things to Latex, PVC and whips it seemed a good thing to do. I always try to thank the gifter, and encourage you to add a message so I can name you personally on My Twitter post.


Well here are the links Fetish Wishlist and Treat Me Wishlist  Have a browse and see what gift you think will make Me smile the most. Don’t be dismayed if I don’t acknowledge or post anything on Twitter until My birthday on the 8th of May, I like to wait and surprise Myself.



Mistress Luci xxx