Testimonial from a newbie- Princess Lucina

I visited Princess Lucina as a new sub, who had no experience in being at the feet of a Mistress before. I had all the anxieties and worries that we all feel before we step through that door into the unknown.
And when I stood on that threshold, a beautiful Goddess smiled and reached out, taking my hand and leading me safely into the darkness.

It is a testament to Her skill and experience that She made me feel like a valuable trained sub, when I could only have been a clumsy novice.

Princess Lucina is a true Domme; it is who and what She is, not a job She does or a role She plays. She inspires a sub to want to serve Her, to do his or her best to please Her. She does not need to shout or threaten. The only punishment it would be truly impossible to take would be to disappoint Her.
If we are truly lucky, we find the right Domme for us. I feel blessed that I have found my perfect Goddess.