Financial Domination, My views- by Mistress Luci

I just want to state that this blog is about Me. It’s about what I offer, My thoughts and My views on Financial Domination (FD). It is not a dig at anyone who offers FD/FinDom either Professionally or Amateur based.

So the way I start of most research is to find the definition of a chosen subject. This hasn’t been as easy to find on many BDSM definition sites. That’s what fuelled Me even more to look into FD. It is almost like a forbidden subject in polite BDSM society. As always though, you can rely on Wiki.

So the Wiki definition is:

‘Financial Domination or Money slavery is a fetish lifestyle, in particular a practice of D/S where usually a male submissive or ‘money slave’ ‘pay pig’ ‘human ATM’ or ‘cash piggie’ will give gifts and money to a financial female (or male) dominant also known as Money Mistress, Findomme, Money Domme, Cash Master or FinDom.

I found an article on Financial Domination from an American newspaper written in 2015. It’s opening sentence ‘The financial dominatrix humiliates, manipulates, seduces or even blackmails her willing, and usually wealthy ‘fiscal slaves.’ No sex required’. It is based on an American Financial Dominatrix who stated she earned between $50-$70k a year doing what she did, on top of her ‘day job’. To her she classed it as a second job, not her main income source; It also had quotes from other apparant Financial Dom’s. Now I am not disbuting any of the info I read but did look into the said Dominatrix and found a few around the world relating to that name therefore couldn’t state her as real or not. The article was mainly focused on the $’s element, it did touch on a couple of interesting things throughout though, whether it be one sided or slightly un-educated.

It stated ‘Unlike traditional BDSM relationships, financial domination rarely involves physical pain, ocassionally clients may pleasure themselves in the Mistress’s presence if she grants them that. Instead of whips and chains the Findom brandishes are more forceful instrument, her voice. She might humiliate, manipulate, seduce or even blackmail her fiscal slave.’

To argue with that statement, ‘Traditional’ Mistresses do not just use whips and chains, even though they are a fun part. We use our voices, eye contact, bodies and minds. We don’t just need to use physical force to overpower our clients/slaves. This article is trying to show a juxtopostion between a Financial Dominatrix and Professional Dominatrix with the later using just physical power yet if they knew anything of the BDSM world they would realise how much psychology is involved in ALL aspects of the BDSM world, whether it be a Professional relationship or a Lifestyle one, Real time or Cyber.

The article continues with various ways the Mistress earned/demanded their money, gifts, etc and others shared their experiences. Talked about their wealthy ‘pay-pigs’ and how they abused and belittled them to get what was rightly theirs. I don’t argue that speaking to some men like this is a turn on to them. It will get them money, gifts, bills paid, but it must be done properly. Touching on how sexual element isn’t a drive for some, but the power and wanting to be belittled by the women. Some enjoy them talking of their ‘Bulls’, which touches on Cuckholding. A blog to come in the future.

It then speaks about the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon. Now I am not a fan of this trilogy. It goes against the safe practice of BDSM, playing of the neivity of a girl who knows nothing of this world. He tries to buy her with gifts and money. For some is exactly what they want but Mr Grey does not educate her. He controls her and goes way beyond her boundaries in an abusive not dominating way, it glorifies rape. The only positive for Me of this saga is that it has brought the topic of BDSM out into ‘normal society’ in whatever way. People find talking of this sort of thing now a little more acceptable even if they don’t totally understand it. I got bored reading the rest of the article. They just talked about more gifts, supposed thousands of $’s they get, yadda yadda, so I will move on.

The rise of FinDom has really hit off since Twitter became more and more popular, especially as a way to promote businesses. The unfortunate downside to that is because it is free and available to all it attracted young ‘pretty’ girls. It gave and gives Teens and college students to chance to create their own personna’s as Goddesses, Cash Queens, Spoiled Princesses, Queen Mistre$$, Money Mistresses, etc. A way to get a present that maybe their parents wouldn’t buy them, money for a holiday, or just a gift so they can show off to their friends. The dangerous side to Twitter allowing these profiles on so freely are there doesn’t seem to be any regulation’s on providing your age! How do men know that they aren’t talking to and sending gifts to underage girls? Caution should always be taken.

The popularity of FinDom’s have spread to women of all ages, colour, creed, shapes and sizes now. With no experience or real knowledge of the BDSM world they demand money and gifts because they are female. It is empowering, and I am not taking that away from them, but it is not meant to be a game, or is it??? Actually some guys love this form of Domination whether it be amateur or not. They like to be spoken to like that and be belittled in such a public way. Due to this though it has brought a real negative view of Financial Domination to Professional Dominatrix world.. A practice that has been around for many years as a big part of some people’s BDSM lifestyle.

I came across a Professional FD on Twitter. She had posted a few Tweets to the scores of girls who kept asking how they could be as successful as she was in the FinDom world. She basically stated her main drive was the Domination, the money being the second. This is the HUGE difference, and can be said to all of the potential Professional Mistresses coming along. Yes money is important, as for Me it is My career. But I LOVE what I do. I love how empowered I feel and That is My main drive. The Domination.

Just as there are Mistresses/Domination Directories used to promote Mistressess, there are also FD Directories such as and FinDom’s also have Directories such as and I think you can tell the difference between the Pro FD’s and the more amateur. Though taking the step off Twitter and onto a Directory is taking it a bit more seriously.

Looking through Twitter at some of the hashtags from what I call ‘Forceful FinDom’s’ consist of #paypig, #paypiggie, #moneypig, #losers, #piggiebank, #walletrinse, #walletrape, #cashcows, #rinsing, and many, many more. One hashtag I really do not like is the #hotterthanyourwife one. Putting down other females is not Female Superiority in any way shape or form. I understand how these throw such a negative spin on FD. So do some of the Tweets I see daily, they’re really cringe worthy. In fact I can not stand any of these and related hashtags, I feel they are unnecessary and unlady-like.

When men visit either a Professional or Online Mistress they do so to explore their kink/submissiveness. A kink or paraphilia is a sexual drive/sexual fetishism to an object, situation or fantasy. Men from all ages, careers and relationship status sometimes just want to relinquish their power, even just for a little while. Giving over to a female to take control. For some just the interaction of discussing this via Twitter, email, over the phone can be a turn on.

So what is the rush of FD for the sub/slave? Buying affection? Erotic humiliation? Total power exchange? Do some love the interaction of more than one female fighting over his money, making him feel popular? The turn on of being abused publicly either in person or online? Do some enjoy the game of playing FinDom’s against each other?

Just as the rise of FinDom’s, has been the rise of FinSub’s. Some are genuinely into FD and genuinely want to part with their money to the FD or FinDom of their choice. Some claim they love to be financially dominated talking about their money, pay cheque, wealth, and who they are going to give it to. But do they really have the money they say they do? Some yes, some no. Some just love to see FinDom’s pounce on them. What a powerful/sexual rush to those FinSub’s to have all these pretty girls/women fighting over them. Some like to play FinDom’s some genuinely get a rush from giving to these women.

A client I used to see actually confessed to Me last year how he had set up a fake #paypig Twitter account. The profile pic was a pig, the blurb stated he was high up in a company, looking to escape his stressful job by having his money wilfully taken by special ladies. Intrigued I asked to see some of the messages that were sent to him. Not surprised in little over 2 months of his profile being set up he had over 500 followers and more than that for messages. I must have looked at about 20 messages and not one was polite! All demanded he pay either a bill, a tribute just to be allowed to reply, send a gift, etc. There was a lot of swearing in the demanding messages. He copy and pasted his reply saying he had had a really expensive month and that he could once he got paid on a certain date. On that date he got loads of messages again saying he now needed to pay up. With some girls he kept them hanging over a few weeks, many told him to F off, but it was a total power buzz for him and really opened My eyes. I will give it to many of these FinDom’s though, they are bloody persistent!!!

Something I haven’t touched on yet are Sugar Daddies and Sugar Baby’s. I am not going to talk about this too much but couldn’t write a blog like this and not mention it. The term is said to have derived from a story in 1923 of a Sugar tycoon and the murder of his mistress. Though this isn’t the proven origin I will go with it. Now I myself don’t class this as a BDSM practice though many aspects do relate to FD. The main focus is it being a sexual relationship where the male and sometimes female (Sugar Momma’s) look after the younger partner in a financial way. Some relationships don’t involve sex or even emotions of a loving nature but to the outside world they are partners. There have been many Sugar Daddy internet sites out there for years. Some are free, some where the ‘Daddies’ and the ‘Babys’ pay a monthly fee. As with any ‘dating sites’ there are probably less fakes on the paid sites than the free ones. The Daddy spoils their princess with gifts, dinners, holidays, cars, apartments, whatever their money can buy. The Sugar Daddies range from small time to the big time such as public tycoon Hugh Heffner and his ‘bunnies’. Moving on.

A number of Professional Mistresses (Pro Dommes) shy away from offering FD, as they do not want to attract the stigma. But done right it is just as justified a practice as Tie&Tease, Foot Worship, CBT, etc. Some Pro Domme’s are even really negative and belittling towards the so called FinDom’s publically, which again instill’s how negative FD is.

But there are many posts from Professional Mistresses of pics of their new nails, hair, latest shopping trip or Dinners out and more where they are asking who wants to reemburse them? That IS Financial Domination. Looking on most Professional Mistresses sites you will find an Amazon wishlist. It is pretty much a given to have one. Usually promoted around birthday’s and Christmas or just sporadically throughout the year. It gives followers a chance to treat a Mistress.

With things ranging from £5, £50, £500 or more it is simply a list of items a Mistress wishes to have. It allows men of all budgets to treat a Mistress of their choice. This IS Financial Domination. FD can be just as powerful as any other practice of BDSM and it can be subtle, without taking any Dominance away.

Summing it all up Financial Domination has gotten a bad rep lately. There is a fine line, I know, between asking and demanding without breaching into the FinDom territory. But I wouldn’t want it to disappear from the mainstream BDSM A-Z list just because Amateurs have gone overboard with enthusiasm or greed. There is room for us all Ladies!!

I am a Professional Mistress and I do offer Financial Domination as a speciality. I am not ashamed of it. I use more of an ask rather than demand policy and always thank those who tribute, unless asked not to. Politeness is not a weakness. I offer FD in either a tribute based way where men can offer to pay a bill once or multiple times. They may want to buy Me a gift and ask Me what I would like. Shopping trips, Grocery shopping, paying to do chores are all ways you can interact with Me within a Financially Dominant way.  Or I can use more a forceful approach once a discussion has been had on affluence and extremity of the FD they are after. I can, once a relationship has been built up, be extremely demanding within said boundaries.

Well for now that is all I have to talk about on this matter. For those interested in FD please contact Me via My email

Mistress Luci White x