Chastity Control by Mistress Luci

Chastity control and orgasm denial is a huge favourite of mine. I keep one of my own personal slaves in long term chastity which I know has been challenging for him at times but I knew he was prepared to make such a huge sacrifice for Me, because he has always put my wants and desires ahead of his own. his only desire is of course to please Me and make Me happy. So I keep him locked, long term.

So why do I keep him chaste for long periods? Well it’s for a number of reasons, not least of which it makes me feel really amazing. Knowing I am keeping My slave denied, each day he is so frustrated and would love to cum but just the knowledge I’m stopping his most basic desire and locking him away is such a hot thought. It’s amazing.

But also because W/we both know that it makes sure he is focussed on serving Me and My happiness. Moreover it makes sure he knows his pleasure comes from My pleasure, not from his own sexual gratification. Of course this is something that has been built up to over time, you can’t just go into long term denial straight away, but it’s something built over years.

He also knows that when I next meet him I will beat his cock and balls hard, which I do regularly, to show him that I own him and I make sure he knows his cock and balls are there for my fun and pleasure, not his. That just compliments the Chastity I keep him in.

Chastity and keyholding are amongst the many amazing aspects of My life as a Mistress. I adore locking slaves up, keeping the keys and knowing the frustration I generate from denying slaves the orgasms they so adore. It ties my slaves to Me in a special bond, makes sure they are always thinking of Me, and they always feel My control. It also gives me such a great feeling seeing the keys I hold, knowing they are the keys locking My slaves away and that the only chance of their freedom is those keys, which I keep safely.

Of course it’s not just long term slaves I enjoy keeping in chastity, just locking a slave for a few days is amazing. A little while back one of My slaves who confessed to wanking every day was locked by Me for a week. I loved how challenging that week was for him, the many messages I got begging Me to release him, the constant agony of squashed erections as the steel bars around his cock restricted his attempts to relieve that frustration. A few days, a few weeks, the times are structured to each individual slave, dependent on their experience. But each slave will feel the joys and frustrations of being denied by Me, and knowing I hold the keys to their freedom

For that reason I’m now offering a unique opportunity for any slaves who want to experience being locked by me. I have a special programme lined up. We agree in advance how long you will be locked up for but be warned I will keep you locked for the whole time and there will be no escape (except in emergencies of course).

This is how it works for anyone interested. You book a session with Me and bring along your device, if you haven’t got one please purchase in advance. I will however purchase the padlock so that there is no possibility you will have a separate key. No escape for you ha ha. During that session I will lock you up then you can expect to be teased in a way you could never imagine. Teasing My locked slave is My speciality. You then are allowed to go, but with the device safely locked and the keys in My possession. You can book what ever length of session you like but it must be at least 1 hour.

You can expect to receive messages from Me remotely and be teased during your time in Chastity to me. We will set a release date and at that point you have an option either to come back for a second session to be released or if you prefer we can arrange for you to pay a small release fee without a session and I will send the keys to you.

I can also arrange other options if that is your preference but please contact Me to discuss.

I look forward to locking some more slaves in Chastity and the fabulous feeling for Me of knowing you are denied, whilst of course I’m free to orgasm as much as I want. I’m sure that thought will keep you feeling very comforted during your period of denial.

As for My long term chastity slave, well he knows I will choose when to allow him out of the denial, but it won’t be anytime soon. Oh no, that would be too kind wouldn’t it. Ha ha.
Mistress Luci xxx