South UK Mistresses

Medical Fetish Mistress – Hampshire / Berkshire / Surrey borders

medicalfetishmistressI have created The Medical Fetish Clinic for individuals who wish to explore medical themed fantasies….. I am a professional Fetish Practitioner with many years’ experience creating and delivering individual’s fantasies. I can be your Doctor, Nurse, Therapist, Matron, Dentist or other medical professional, and have an array of various outfits for you to choose for me to wear during your time with me.

I have a unique style in the art of control and I see myself as the catalyst that unlocks a door to an individual’s world of fantasy. I create a safe playground for them to explore and become their guide in the exciting journey of alternative play within the medical setting. The world I have created is a playground- a theatre – a sweet shop – an eclectic blend of hedonism, kink, fetish, dark sublime erotic journeys, and acceptance of everything that is different. I have a great passion, and fascination of the mind, people’s fantasies, experiences and desire to fulfil their search for the ultimate pleasure.

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Ms Amelia Birch – Hampshire

ameliabirchWhatever your expectations I take the time to listen and fully understand your requirements to enable the fulfilment of your fantasies.  You will not be left disappointed.  I have been told I have a natural talent for dominant role play and will leave you begging to be allowed to return.

I demand and will receive total obedience and servitude from you whether you are looking for an intense punishment session experiencing the pleasure of pain or simply wish to worship and adore me

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Mistress Ammonite – Basingstoke

I am a Lifestyle Dominatrix, returning to Pro Domming after a break. Over 10 years experience and a love for what I do.

I class myself as the “Domme Next Door” because I am very much into natural play. I don’t role-play or shout at you. I’m here to tie and tease you, spank and flog you, restrain you and titillate you.

I enjoy delivering a sensual experience with a range of equipment; hard and soft impact toys, bondage with cuffs, rope or plastic wrap, electrical play and needle play, CBT, nipple torture, strap-on play, plugging, and most other things you may be curious about. Please ask 🙂

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Madame Brodie – Brighton

madambrodieI am a tempestuous Scottish redhead, genuine fetishist and an enthusiastic pervert offering sessions in Brighton and London with select submissives, masochists and kinksters of all experience levels.

I revel in the trappings of vintage propriety; corsets, stockings and gloves, as well as warm leather and slick latex. I am an educated, sadistic and wickedly playful Mistress, specialising in Traditional Correction, Fetishism, Foot and Boot Worship, Trampling and TICKLING! but am a keen enthusiast of many other kinks, all detailed within my site.

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Madame C – Hampshire / Berkshire / Surrey borders

madamecWelcome to a world of sophisticated erotic domination, fantasy and fetish role play and exploration of the minds fantasies. The world I have created is a playground-a theatre-a sweet shop-an eclectic blend of hedonism, kink, fetish, dark sublime erotic journeys, and acceptance of everything that is different. With many years experience of professional Mistressing, fetish film and photographic production and teaching others the art of domination I now prefer to call myself a Fetish Practitioner.

I have a great passion, and fascination of the mind, people’s fantasies, experiences and desire to fulfil their search for the ultimate pleasure.

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Mistress Cat LeBeau – Brighton

Fully Independent, British in the extreme as even when I am barking orders I can’t help but be polite about it.

Very intelligent, cool & calm demeanour, I will lull you into false sense of security in no time at all. I am the nicest bitch you could ever meet.

My deliciously cruel smile is my trademark. It gives away how happy I am when we play, when I hurt you.

6ft in heels I am statuesque. Slim and curvaceous. Intimidating without even trying. I am very conscientious in my role, I am not happy until you are drained and obsessed with my flavour of filth.

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Mistress Chatterley – Oxford

Feminine, yet strong – in body and mind – I stand over 6″ tall in my 5″ heels, with long, slender legs, and a full generous bust.

I am confident in my role as dominatrix, with the experience to push all your buttons: subtley, delicately, deviously or brutally, as required. I am an excellent judge of character; I have a razor-sharp mind and I read a situation in an instant.

I can be wicked and cruel, or erotic and sensual. Sessions may range from the lighter end of domination, including ‘tie and tease’, role-play, transformation or foot worship, all the way to CBT, corporal punishment or strictly severe.

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Lady Dawn Cane – Berkshire

As you will see from my pictures I prefer the severe school mistress look to the all leather look and this is what my domination is about. I love the feel of old fashioned stockings and suspenders under my proper outer as I love to feel sexy whilst dealing out my style of punishment and humiliation.

My play area is my space and my passion is for domestic  servitude and humiliation. I love to use everyday objects to inflict pain and humiliation. It gets into your mind – you will be looking at everyday objects back in your ‘normal’ life in a different way, you may even have suggestions of your own.

Coupled with this I have a number of more traditional pieces of equipment to deal with you, floggers, canes, whips, cuffs, hoods, cbt devices….the list goes on.

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Mistress Deville – High Wycombe

devilleI am a very attractive, long legged, tall brunette who has always been able to command attention just by entering a room. I stand at 6″3 in my stilettos.

I have a dominant aura that comes naturally to me.

I am articulate, well read, very humorous and extremely quick witted! I have been thoroughly enjoying caning and spanking for a few years now and have an incredible talent for hitting the right spot time after time.

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Mistress Dynamo – Berkshire

Alternative Meetup shoot 28th March 2009I am Mistress Dynamo, I am fair and approachable but have a severe sadistic side as well. Nothing makes me smile more than a sub taking his or her punishment. However, its not all about pain, it is about a mixture of pleasure aswell, sensory and mentally. Being blindfolded and gagged, not knowing what is coming next, the tease, the denial, being locked away and left not knowing when you will be freed. The pleasure of serving me and massaging my aching feet whilst on your knees at my disposal. Every session is catered to your needs and desires.

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Mistress Helen Ryder – West Sussex

sussex-mistress-helen-ryderI’m a very independent woman who flirts and teases and can play the damsel in distress to have men fall at my feet but be assured I am playing!  Seeing you helpless, quivering in anticipation and exerting my power over you is what makes me excited and makes me feel very mischievous.

I regularly update my news page with new photographs, general news and on occasions the homework tasks I have set my regular slaves/submissive to write about their sessions (if they wish to share them with you the reader)

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Medical Mistress – Surrey

Surrey UK MistressI love the sense of control that comes from invading your most intimate personal
spaces: tubes inserted everywhere, or double penetration with sounds and dildos
thrusting simultaneously in and out of your orifices. Pinning you down
inexorably to my medical chair and taking complete control of your body.
Crushing your nipples with clamps and swelling and distending them with suction
cups, rendering them ultra-sensitive before I pierce them with needles

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Mistress Mephisto – Oxford

mephistoI am not a cliche. I’m not a fantasy. If you’re after leather, latex, pvc, whips and being shouted at…then…go find someone else.

If you ARE looking for intense, scary, edgy, BDSM play with a normal, ordinary, well-dressed mature woman. Then you’re in the right place.

This year is my 9th year as a professional Mistress and I’ve reached the point where I have no need to pander to anyone, for anything, anywhere, anytime.

I have my own fabulous little studio, enough toys and kit to sink a battleship, a wealth of personal and professional kinky experience, and 45 years of life to enable me to make the time you spend in my presence the most amazing few hours.


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Mistress Haven – Portsmouth

havenWelcome to Mistress Haven’s World A Beautiful, Smart, Fun & Sophisticated, Transvestite Mistress.

I am very Sadistic and Twisted Dominatrix, I will lower you into a false sense of Security and when you least expect it, I will make you Crumble to your knees. I have a very Dark Imagination and no two sessions would ever be the same with me. I have an infectious, yet dark sense of Humour. Whoever serves me will realise that I am very approachable and friendly. But be prepared I have a very dark side and can turn into an evil sadistic bitch.

I am Well Educated and DO NOT Suffer fools easily. I Detest Timewasters, so please do not waste your/my time.

I welcome all of you to Experience my Dark Side.

I am a 27 year Old Professional Transvestite Dominatrix from Hampshire, UK. I am based in Gosport (Portsmouth) but can travel throughout the UK and Internationally if expenses are covered.

I am a well educated young lady & I have been in the KINK industry for several years and have served as a Submissive for a while too. Having served as a submissive I think it gives me a unique ability to realise what the sub wants and what pushes their buttons. I take no prisoners, and although I am very friendly in Person. Don’t let that fool you as I will have you crumbling to your knees in 3 seconds flat.

I am 5ft 9 and have a lovely curved hourglass figure. I have bright blue eyes, which all of my subs seem to be mesmerised by, when they stare into them. I don’t hold back on my opinions as I am ALWAYS right! I will not tolerate bad etiquette when it comes to applying for a session, neither will I accept rudeness. You will address me as Mistress Haven at all times and you will kneel and kiss my hand when you greet me.

I am very accommodating from all walks of life, whether you are Brand New into the Scene and want to serve me or you are a very experienced sub. You will all kneel before me and you will all leave my session with a smile on your face and perhaps a sore bottom.

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Mistress Paris – Croydon

parisIn My world today as a London fetish Mistress, I am the Queen of all that I survey!

Once I sampled the heady delights of Female Domination, I knew I had found my natural profession.

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 Mistress Rose – Surrey / Hampshire

I am a professional mistress working for 7 years, based on the Surrey/Hampshire border in Farnborough. Please visit my website for contact details as well as information about what I do and my facilities.


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Mistress Sandy – Hertfordshire

I am located east of Stevenage in a discreet rural property.

Sessions are for beginners to advanced slaves, schoolboy/schoolgirls and sluts.

My services include Headmistress, Dominant Mistress and a full Cross Dressing Service

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Mistress Suzzie – Southampton

suzzieI am Mistress Suzzie. The ultimate in tease and denial. Once you have sessioned with me your world will become a blur and the only focus you will have is for your Mistress.

I am very Professional, but also approachable with cruel and kind personas.

I have many toys that I can bring into play in my discrete private play rooms.

I understand the need to submit to a beautiful Goddess and I am that Goddess that you have been dreaming of.

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Domina Tara – Bournemouth

taraI am a very creative Mistress. I offer BDSM, Fetishes and Role-play in private surroundings. Versatile in my approach I will coax you to explore your fantasies. I have skills to offer the novice and experienced alike. Once you worship at my feet I will hold you in awe.

I am here to own and control you. There is so much pleasure to be found in pleasing me, pain too, so much pain… let’s not forget about that.

I AM the Mistress that you have been waiting for. A fallen Angel who will give you wings to fly and soar with your desires.

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Mistress Toxic Vixen – Portsmouth

I’m a sensual but bratty Transgender Mistress specialising in Power Exchange, Humiliation and Intimate Body Worship.

My sessions are aimed at the submissive who would class themselves as straight but wishes to push boundaries just a little more.

Although ultimately sessions are totally about My selfish needs not yours I adhere to a strict code of safe, sane, sensual and consensual, think spoiled bratty tease that likes to get her own way and I do ALWAYS get My own way.

To find out more about Me – take a moment to study My website.

I will become your new addiction……

Mistress Toxic Vixen

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Miss Velour – Brighton

velourMy approach to a session is very personal and individual. Instead of offering an automated list of pleasures and services, I expect you to contact me via my website, so we can discuss your deepest, kinky desires. This will allow me to assess if you are compatible for a mutually enjoyable experience, which is imperative in my Domain.

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