North London Mistresses

Mistress Adara

London MistressA petite, pretty naturally Dominant Lady who offers discreet sensual domination and bondage in Her own private fully equipped Dungeon in Primrose Hill, NW1. Close to excellent transport links. 10 minutes by vehicle away from Euro Service at Kings Cross, St. Pancras, Baker Street and Euston main line train stations.

Her specialities include CBT – Unique Specialist Equipment, Corporal Punishment, Nipple Torture, Tie and Tease, Anal Play

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Goddess Amara

london-mistress-amaraI am Goddess Amara, a seductive and sexy Mistress based in London. My sweet disposition is balanced perfectly with a sadistic streak. I am a playful and fun Mistress, but I am always in charge. I am strong and beautiful and demand the utmost respect from my submissives.

I want you on your knees at me every command and worshipping me at all times.

I work from a multi roomed premises in North London called The Serpent Rooms where your fantasies become reality as soon as you enter my world.

I am trained in wrestling and martial arts and enjoy using my physical strength to control you in whatever way I please. I have a matted room for this style of session. Alternatively you can crawl into the dungeon where I would take great pleasure in toying with you for as long as you can handle.

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Amethyst Hammerfist

Amethyst is not your regular domme – she does not follow rules, she does not want you to call her “Mistress”, “Goddess” or “Lady”, she does not write “me”, “mine”, or “my” with a capital “M”, she does not think men are “scum” and women are superior… but she is alarmingly sadistic and always gets her way, and she always does what she wants; you are just her toy!

Amethyst has been on the London fetish scene for many years and she has experimented and explored that entire time, she lives BDSM and domination, 24/7. Amethyst describes herself as an up-front, caring, pansexual sadomasochist, to her, chemistry and attraction are genderless. Communication is key. Communication is vital and based upon respect, for one another. Most of all, she hasn’t done anything to anyone else that she hasn’t experienced herself.

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Mistress Clarissa

clarissaMistress Clarissa is a professional British dominatrix who has been formed by the benefits of an elite education and a deviant, creative and enquiring mind. She is beautiful, feminine, sophisticated, highly educated, well – spoken and articulate.

She welcomes gentlemen, ladies and couples of all descriptions, and offers experiences across the spectrum of play, introducing newcomers to a world of potentials and challenging the experienced.

Many dominatrices offer a full range of services, what distinguishes Mistress Clarissa specifically is her capacity for verbal play and her appreciation of writing and ritual.

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Deviant Duo

deviantduoS & N = The Deviant Duo – Welcome to our World!

We are Mistress Sapphire and Mistress Niah, both very experienced and formidable dominas in our own right.

We have been friends for many years and instinctively know what the other is thinking, thereby making your time with us even more exciting.  As you would expect of mature Mistresses, we subscribe to the old-fashioned values and ethics.

We will listen to your suggestions for a preferred scenario but you must allow us to do what we do so well – turn your fantasy into reality.

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Miss De’Vil

missdev-ilExperienced and fully equipped, London NW8 Safe and consensual

Call Now on 07779394955 for appointment 9AM – 8PM Monday to Friday



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Mistress Dionne

Black London MistressI am a very experienced London Mistress and I am well versed at most forms of Domination. Some of my specialities include:

OTK spanking, Caning, Tawsing, Strapping, Paddling, Cock and ball torture, Cock and ball bondage, Nipple torture, Face sitting, Dog training, Water sports, Brown showers (scat), Queening , Face sitting, Boot, foot and body worship, Clit adoration, Anal worship, Latex examination, Trampling (bare feet)

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Mistress Dominica de Sin

ddsI am Dominica de Sin, a London based Dominatrix .My family heritage has a long line of school teachers therefore I am the perfect Mistress to punish naughty boys like you,but I also know the perfect timing to reward. From early on in my life I have always been interested in the world of  BDSM, later on I became a practitioner. My one  year formal  training began, in London with a very well known Dominatrix. I enjoy most aspects of BDSM and I am  passionate about  exploring all different desires.

Contact hours between 11am-9pm.

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Mistress Esme

My name is Mistress Esme I am a Pro Domina based in London.  I am not like the stereotypical Professional Dominant. First and foremost being Dominant is not just a job to me, it’s a way of life.
A passion and something I fundamentally enjoy and believe in. Time spent with me is not about a shopping list of ideas, it’s about an ethos, a time when you can come and be under my control, and allow me to be the creative Dominant that you will soon realise I am. Using the skills and knowledge I’ve built over 10 years to ensure that we both find that joy and passion in a truly Dominant and submissive exchange.

I’m bubbly and outgoing and like nothing more than to laugh and have fun as we spend time together. Time spent in my presence will give me the chance to take your submission and use it in my own inimitable style, for a real and true D/s encounter.

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Mistress Hera

Strikingly beautiful, North East London Mistress Hera will tower elegantly over you.

She brings a creative imagination to her sessions and her enjoyment in humiliating men will quickly become apparent.

From Eastern Europe, Mistress Hera, is also very strong and assertive. As a professional wrestler she enjoys physical sessions, as well as torturing her slaves. You will leave feeling overwhelmed and gagging to come back for more.

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Mistress Kali

I am a sensual, ruthless and experienced Dominatrix born and bred in London. I will have you under my thumb in seconds. I will dominate you on all levels; physically, intellectually, creatively and of course through my wicked sense of humour. I adore almost all domination practices (see website). There is nothing that gives me more pleasure than dominating my subs, watching you squirm, and us both deriving pleasure from it. Because pleasure is my paradise. Our sessions will go as far as you are comfortable with: we can outline your desires from the outset, or you can let me push you as far as I want to take you. I am natural, playful, sensual, even tender when necessary. I enjoy getting to know my subs; what makes you tick and why. I am also cruel, sadistic and unforgiving. This is not an understatement.

I have been a Dominatrix for 9 years, and have sessioned with subs in London, New York, Athens, Berlin, Dubai and Paris. I am happy to travel anywhere in the world to sort you out. Keep an eye on my tweets for travel plans.

I specialise in Kidnaps with my partner in crime Mistress Pip. I also excel in Mixed Wrestling and Erotic Massage. I session mainly from The Serpent Rooms in Seven Sisters in North London, however I am happy to travel to different dungeons provided you book them and prove it to me. You can suggest anything, my limits go far. If I refuse you however, then understand NO is my final answer.

Come Play!

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Miss Kay O

There’s nothing I enjoy more than giving, be it Corporal Punishment, Spanking, Paddling, Flogging, Caning and all forms of Sensory Deprivation.

I’m a Domme of many talents, but when it comes to using my famous Strap-On, my hands, and other forms of Anal Play, I am second to none. Not to mention CBT and Nipple Torture. And just in case you were wondering, my beautiful feet are every foot fetishist’s Achilles Heel. Seriously.

In addition to classic BDSM, I also offer Mixed Wrestling Sessions (Fantasy, Semi-Competitive, and Competitive), as well as Face Sitting, Beatdowns and One-Sided Boxing/Kick Boxing/MMA.
I’m physically strong and I’ve been doing Martial Arts for years. With great power comes great responsibility. So I hope you’re ready. But we’ll start soft and slow. Before I push you to your limits.

Understate me at your peril.

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Mistress Komakino

komakinoI am not your average Professional Domme, I do not put on a fake persona to create this fantasy dreamworld that ticks every cliché in the book. I am your worst nightmare. I stay true to who I am and I am 100% dominant in my everyday life. I can make a man fall to his knees and submit to me fully in a blink of an eye. I genuinely love what I do and see every session as a learning opportunity.

Although I offer a wide range of services, I can guarantee every session is carefully thought out and tailored to each client to make the best of our time together. Discretion and privacy are of the utmost importance to me and I will never share any information about a slave nor will I ever do anything that could compromise that.

I am based in Camden (Chalk Farm/Primrose Hill) for in-calls but will travel anywhere in the UK and Europe with the appropriate notice.

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Mistress Liliana

What you need is My command and reign over you. I unlock your potential and lock in all resistance until your training has finished.

I’m a hard yet sensual Domina who gives harsh discipline and BDSM to those slaves and subs who need it dearly to progress to the highest degree of submission.

What I enjoy the most is the psychological and carnal connection established with my servants.

If you are an inspiring sub or slave I will bring you to a path up to the highest disciplinary level.

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Lady Locks

I am an experienced, mature, no nonsense lady of mixed race. I come from a traditional background where classic domestic discipline was used, and the rod was not spared in ensuring good manners and correct behaviour. In my view the lack of corporal punishment underlies much of today’s anti-social behaviour.

I enjoy inflicting pain when warranted and can meet the needs of the more experienced submissive. If you are a nervous beginner be assured I will not take you beyond what I feel is right for you but will introduce you to the control and discipline of your fantasies.

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Miss Mighty

London MistressWith more than 14 years of experience in the London Fetish scene I can cater for your every taste and fantasy, whether that be bondage and domination in my dungeon, suspension from my vast range range of equipment or a cruel and sensual session of controlling your mind and your body within heavy rubber enclosure in my rubber medical clinic in my Hampstead chambers.


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Mistress Olivia

I am an intelligent, creative Domina, medical fetishist and specialist, who also enjoys a vast array of BDSM play, fetish and fantasy in my spaceous, private chambers. As a lifestyle Mistress with many years of experience, and an active participant on the BDSM fetish scene, I am passionate about what I do. I take great pleasure in manipulating body and mind, watching you squirm, and commanding utmost obedience, adoration and devotion.

The extreme, profound, the sadistic and sensual, tantalising and taboo, the art of perverse kinky control is skillfully handled. Whether you are experienced or are just beginning your journey into my world, you are equally welcome.

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Mistress Pip

If you are genuinely interested in exploring the world of BDSM then I am the person for you. My background is in wrestling so I am strong and toned, and being in control comes naturally and easily.

I love to clamp my slaves helplessly between my powerful thighs as I torture and tease them. I will have you grovelling at my beautiful feet and worshiping whatever I demand. I enjoy a vast range of BDSM activities from exploring your limits of pain, to tying you up, depriving you of your senses and taking your mind on a journey.

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Mistress Sakura Strike

As your Mistress, I can be soft and sensual, or cruel and sadistic – this all depends on you. Are you a novice who requires a strict but gentle Mistress… or a well seasoned pervert who delights in misbehaving, just to feel the stroke of my cane on your skin? Maybe even a little slut, who would like some training so you may one day graduate into a full service whore?

From the moment I start the design process of your session, choose an outfit and prepare our play-space, to the way we finish our time together, I like ensuring each encounter you have with me feels special. For this, each time is carefully planned and tailored to fit your favourite fetishes and kinky needs, taking into account all that you’ve told me about yourself. Let’s explore your fantasies together and remember, I’m not called Sakura STRIKE for nothing!

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Mistress Sapphire

London MistressI am a mature, skilled London Mistress with many years experience. My manner is naturally dominant and controlling without ever being cold  or harsh. I do not make idle threats. I rarely raise my voice. But on  the rare occasions when I have to do so, this is always followed by the raising of my strong right arm!

As a dominatrix of the old school, I understand and enjoy not only the physical but also the psychological aspects of BDSM. I love the             traditional methods of strict control and correction. My main passion is and has always been CP, at all levels from very mild to extremely severe. To me, there is nothing more stimulating and satisfying than an upturned bottom awaiting the kiss of the cane………..

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Lady Scarlett

London MistressStrong. Confident. Self Assured. Educated and well spoken with a fantastic sense of humour. Looks that suggest butter wouldn’t melt, but granny always said I was a wrong un.

I was born to dominate and have men submit to my will. From a very early age I took every opportunity possible to show the boys who was boss. As I grew older I learned that to have a person hand over control to me is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

My dominance is not a game or something just for the bedroom. There is no on or off switch, it is an inherent personality trait which drives my approach to all aspects of my life.

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Mistress Sonia

mistress-soniaI am an experienced Indian Dominatrix based in North London. I have been participating in the Fetish and BDSM scene for many years now. Your desire to be controlled, bound and stimulated by the many means at my disposal will be completely fulfilled.

My sessions are unhurried, and can include Erotic Domination, Body Worship, Whipping & Flogging, Bondage, Strap-on and Anal play, Verbal Humiliation, and much more. See my website for more details.

The bottom line is that I like genuine submissives to submit to me

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Mistress V

I enjoy varying degrees of correction, which means I am perfect for the “total novice” to visit, but I also cater for the more experienced too. My interests include, but are not limited to, caning, needle play, body worship, breath play and very much more. I am probably the most versatile Mistress in London, and one of the most skilled.

Are you prepared to surrender to your submissive dreams and desires, kneeling in a place where your fantasy is my reality?

Begin the journey. Follow the dream. Live the reality.

Come to London Mistress V

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Lady Valeska

London MistressLady Valeska is the epitome of Alpha Female. Dominance is an integral part of Her every fiber. She is refined, educated, independent, and ambitious. Her 6′ statuesque presence will inspire you to be taken to your edge.

Whether it is tickle torture, ashtray play, high protocol, humiliation, sissification or latex worship; She has a passion for it all! She derives pure exhilaration from your suffering.

Your mind, body and ego will be for Her amusement. you will be on your knees begging for more. Dare to jump down the rabbit hole?

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Domina Visuki

dominavisukiDomina Visuki is a very strict, experienced, severe, naturally sadistic Italian Dominatrix; I am a musician and an artist as well as a Lifestyle/Pro-Domme.

The Alternative World is MY World, and with My dark piercing eyes, firm hand and extremely charismatic presence, I can show you how to truly obey and respect. I particularly enjoy and specialize in Corporal Punishment, Bondage, Degradation and Humiliation, Needle Play, Ball Busting and Role Play/Scenarios involving Torture and Interrogation. If you are ready to surrender and take a walk on the wild side, visit Me in My fully equipped Private Play Space…provided I deem you worthy of it.

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