South East UK Mistresses

Mistress Amber St Clare – Eastbourne, E. Sussex

amberstclareA cultured, intelligent Mistress, I offer professional domination in East Sussex. Experienced, elegant, I am a true Alfa Female. Sophisticated, sensual, and superlative, my world is where fantasy becomes reality.

Your pleasure will be to submit to Me, as I take you places you have only fantasised about. You will suffer for my amusement, as I toy with you. My speciality is CP, incorporating anything from a sensual hand spanking to a judicial punishment, and anything in between. A natural dominant, you will feel my power when you meet Me. I offer private sessions in Eastbourne for those whom I deem worthy.

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Mistress Atrum Dea – Kent

atrumdeaI am Mistress Atrum Dea, a BBW Dominant Sadistic Mistress with a caring attitude. Confused by that? GOOD! Feel free to chat to Me for an explanation as to why I think being a Dominatrix is a role that should be both caring and cruel.

I do not discriminate, I like all colours and creeds, ages and sizes, male and Female, Dom/Domme and sub, Top and bottom. All I ask is for respectful politeness (goes a long way). I do not have sex or perform personal sexual acts.

I have a bubbly personality, I am witty and intelligent and often play ‘devils advocate’ on many topics. I am unafraid to discuss anything and am very open-minded. When in the mood I can be terribly wicked and evil! Feel free to contact Me..

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Mistress Carmen Black – Haywards Heath

carmenblackThis is the profile fo the most beautiful, professional and strictest Mistress in Mid Sussex.

I perform:

Goddess Worship, Corporal Punishment, Sissy and slut training, humiliation, degradation, Tease and Denial, role play, foot fetish, etc…

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Mistress Chloe Whippington – Camberley

chloewhippingtonSo you have decided to enter my world, there is no turning back now!

But be warned my world is not for the faint hearted. You are slave to my will. ​I OWN YOU – mind, body and soul, ​YOU ARE MINE.

Until now you have been asleep and I plan to awaken you…

…awaken you to what you have been missing for far too long.

You will follow my rules and commands, if you defy me there will be consequences for your actions.

I will use you in whichever way I please.

So if you have not yet been scared away, contact me to see if you are suitable prey.​

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Mistress Demonic – Kent

Kent UK MistressI am not your average Dominatrix. I have a wicked sense of humour, a caring approach and a lust for life. I genuinely enjoy what I do – and I am told by many that you can tell.  I am imaginative and do not work from a script,  but to you, the individual. I will respect your limits and provide you with a safe word that will unquestionably be respected, but I will of course encourage you to go that little bit further. At times I may want you to endure things that prove your loyalty to me. You are welcome to bring any outfit you wish to wear, or any toy you wish me to use on you as long as I am informed beforehand.

Don’t be afraid to talk to me, I am a very good listener and very broadminded, I will let you know if what you are saying is unsuitable.

I specialize in medical play, CTB (cock & ball torture), nipple torture, CP, humiliation,  degradation, role play and slave training, and alot more besides!, it is not only the act itself that provides me with pleasure, but also the satisfaction of watching someone being moulded at the mercy of my hands or enjoying the satisfaction that comes from the glint in your eye as they live out a fantasy.

Do not worry if you have never been to see a Mistress before, but are considering doing so,  although I have many years experience and enjoy playing with those who know exactly what they desire , I will always enjoy what may  come from being with someone  from the very start of their journey. Your desires, safety and mental well being are of the utmost importance.

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Baroness Essex – Essex

baronessessexThe Baroness Essex. Female supremacist, Dominatrix and lifestyle purveyor of all things Fetish.

She is a living paradox. A lady of serenity and benevolence, yet capable of indescribable acts of abject sadism depending on her mood.

The Baroness is located in Rural Essex, however she regularly visits London and can frequently be found in New York.

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Face Sitting Mistress – Hertfordshire

facesittingmistressI have been a dominatrix for many years now and am interested in many things but have grown to particularly love facesitting. Using a man as my seat or sofa is a favourite pastime of mine. I love to feel them suffocating under my bottom and gasp for air for the few moments when I let them, before smothering them again. My bottom is apparently made for the job. I do 1-2-1 private sessions where I love to sit and smother you. Take a look at my site where you can read some session reviews if you’re interested in a private session. You can also view photos of me in action as well. I also have a facesitting video clip members site which you can join. Or buy individual facesitting clips4sale at my stores. Not only are there solo clips, but I also get my friends to help me sit and smother for some great double domme videos. Based in Watford (fulltime) and Glasgow (visit regularly).

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Mistress Lady Godiva – Kent & London

ladygodivaAn English Dominatrix who is sophisticated and intelligent. I have a vast range of experience that breathes life into each and every session. No stranger to the corporate world, I will tear you apart in the boardroom. Any cheek from you in the classroom and you won’t sit down for a week! I am extremely good with a cane and can cater for cautious beginners to seasoned masochists and everything in between.

I love role play, cherishing every sweet moment as though it were reality. I know that you will too; losing yourself in the fantasy. But be prepared for the chill of fear that will take over your very soul, when you begin to wonder if you have lost your mind.

You will grow and learn under My command, like you’ve never experienced before. You will be reborn.

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Mistress Jane – Berkshire

Newcomers to the world of BDSM are most welcome; after all we all had to start somewhere. So don’t be shy, dip your toe!

A beautiful discreet equipped mirrored dungeon set in a semi rural location near Reading, Berkshire with access to a domestic environment for additional scenarios.

Give up all aspirations of the Alpha Male: in my domain I am in charge and you will obey and submit to my fantasies of domination and my love of total male control.

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Mistress Krush – Milton Keynes

Starting My journey as a submissive more than eight years ago, I have experienced first hand from a highly skilled Mistress levels of submission and adversity that I want My slaves to endure. I have a very good understanding of the deep dark places I want to take your mind and body to. After enticing you to serve Me with My womanly prowess and charm I will affect you in ways you have not experienced.

My beautiful brown eyes and dark brown tresses will be the last thing on your mind when you go to sleep and the first thing on your mind when you wake in the morning. Once you are lucky enough to present yourself to Me you will gift Me with true submission when you hand over total control of your body, boundaries and limits.

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Oriental Mistress Lee – Kent

I am your special, rare ‘Chinese/Oriental’ Mistress. Extremely beautiful with curves that demand worshipping. Born in the UK I speak fluent English so communication will pose no problems. To me communication is key. I spend time to find out exactly what you desire in a session. I am blessed with the Oriental trait of switching from either very good to very bad. If you want a sexual tease, you got it. If you prefer a strict dom you have it. I can therefore easily accomodate for all types of clients, complete novices to bondage professionals.

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Miss Prim – Margate, Kent

missprimHave you ever regretted not seeing the Mistress of your dreams, have you always craved the loving touch of the tip of her crop as she has made you a better boy?

I am a strict but fair lady, I am maybe a little old fashioned but I believe when boys have been disrespectful or rude, then it is best for a short sharp shock.

Sessions are conducted in my own home. I offer a range of services all based around the domestic environment. On occasion I may be available in a dungeon type environment, however my main stay and passion is for domestic servitude and domestic punishment scenarios.

I find that trousers, followed by pants should be pulled down and a good hard spanking applied to make a bottom nice and rosy is the best solution.

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Mistress Lady Leyla – Reading

I am an alpha Female. Strong and confident with a desire to dominate and control. I am powerful yet playful. I am sinful, wicked and sadistic yet sensual, sophisticated and highly intelligent. I take pleasure in being in control. I will manipulate people or demand. Human psychology, kinkiness, fetishes and sissy maids intrigue me. I take pride in what I do. I enjoy what I do. I am not a cold or cruel Mistress, I enjoy getting to know my slaves. I particularly enjoy role play sessions and hearing about my slaves fantasies.

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Lady Rochester – Kent

ladyrochesterI am a compellingly beautiful Mistress, skilled in the erotic arts of BDSM and fetish. As a lifestyle dominant of eight years, I pride myself on my ability to fulfil the desires, fantasies and needs of the most experienced and novice of slaves.

I possess a natural air of authority and glamour from my background in Law and professional modelling and I take genuine delight in the intoxicating energy from a mutually exhilarating exchange of power. I offer my slaves an extensive repertoire of sensual and sadistic pleasures.

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Mistress Ruby Red – Hertfordshire

Dominance is all about eroticism and training; once you have found your Mistress and visited her on a regular basis she will take over your mind and control you without you even realising it and take great pleasure in pushing your limits each time you visit. Taking control over your mind, which is why I personally really enjoy the humiliation and the psychological sessions as well as the CP and Bondage sessions I do. I don’t need to shout to take control over your mind, which makes me a classy Mistress and very erotic with lots of teasing, who has a very wicked sense of humour. I will give you commands and the help of my little finger will make you obey willingly the power of Mistress – it’s all in the look of my eyes – look closely at my photos.

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Lady Sophia Black

I am Lady Sophia Black, an elegant and seductive London Dominatrix, an expert and passionate practitioner of the arts of Female dominance. My superior beauty and femininity are the sources of power over you, and just as it is My birthright to exercise absolute dominion over you, your submission and devotion to Me is required by your nature, which I alone understand and control.   It is these truths which have bought you here, to Me.

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Subtrainia – Witham, Essex

subtrainiaWelcome to my world of domination……

A world of sophistication and pleasure, a world that by you reading this tells me that you would love to be a part of it. My name is Madison, but once inside my world you will address me as Mistress Madison. I am based in Witham, Essex and have a fully equipped dungeon. I have been a Pro Dominatrix for many years offering training for both novice to experienced subs

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Mistress Tamika – Essex

tamikaDo you crave utter devotion and domination with a deeply erotic, yet playful side? If so, you may be considered favourably.

I am a Beautiful Black Mistress based in Essex who is quiet and firm on the outside, but strict on the inside. I also have a sense of fun and I am not afraid to laugh & smile. If you please me you may get to know my deep rooted sadistic side or you may be lucky enough to be shown my playful side. Either way you will be grateful for it. I enjoy sensual domination, sensation play, electrical play, nipple play, tease & denial and sploshing to name but a few activities & I welcome both the novice and the more experienced. Visit & read my website fully for further details.

Visit me and you will discover that I am a naturally dominant woman who genuinely enjoys what she does. Be warned though, I am a mature intelligent woman and as such, I feel no need to pander to the whims of slaves. I have very high standards and you will need to be an exceptional slave to catch my eye and my interest.

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Mistress Verity – Herts & London

verityWelcome, fortunate slave, to my kinky world.  You will find me a truly exceptional,  exquisite, captivating  and intelligent English Mistress.

I  work from a discreet, relaxed and comfortable  N. London/ S. Herts-based residence within a 10m drive of J24 of the M25 and with ample nearby parking.

I’m  a 5ft 10” striking green eyed brunette, 38DD, with a toned, athletic and sporty figure, 37 yrs.

As an experienced and wilful dominatrix, I’m passionate and perfectionist in what I do – teasing and tormenting  my slaves is second nature to me.

Be warned; I will captivate you and within minutes assess how I would enjoy dominating you. I will vary your punishment from mild to severe, according to your desire and my whim.

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