Mistresses in Scotland

Mistress Akasha – Glasgow

akashaMy name is Mistress Akasha and I am a Polish dominatrix based in the city Centre of Glasgow. I am a serious dominatrix and do not like disobedient little boys, or worse…. disobedient little men.

I love playing with my toys in the dungeon on my willing clients!  Nipple clamps and electrics, to ropes and ball busting, its ALL makes me happy!

I have been working with many a different fetishist for many years now, and I understand the needs, wants and desires that germinates within you.

If you are seeking a female with an open mind, who understands what needs within the fetish world need to be fulfilled, then you have came to the right Dominatrix.

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Auntie Amanda – Glasgow

auntieamandaI am a sophisticated disciplinarian with traditional Scottish values relating to Discipline, Correction and Behaviour Modification.

I shall correct your wrongs by my rights, as it is my right to punish you for your wrongs…

Within my domestic based premises I have every implement conceivable to modify your naughty behaviour, to make you an obedient, well behaved and good little girl or boy.

With 18 years of experience in the use of all disciplinary implements to produce the most effective results in correcting the most ill disciplined of reprobates.

I am the ultimate image of perfect domesticity which you may have in your mind, wither it be Auntie, Mother, Babysitter/ Girl next door or Governess and within the confines of my domestic environment I make the rules and rule breaking shall be dealt with accordingly in the most severe manner since with all my implements I never miss the mark but leave my mark upon you every time.

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Mistress Angelena – Glasgow

angelenaI am a petite, fiesty and assertive Dominatrix of Caribbean origin.

I am not a lifestyle Mistress, but have many years experience in Domination and when I session, you had better not forget who is THE MISTRESS.

I dislike dishonesty and untidiness.

You will find that I am a wonderful communicator and will quickly engage you in meaningful conversation on the phone or when we first meet. However, some clients have referred to me as the female Jekyll and Hyde, I am able to switch instantly into “Domme” mode and woe betide those who displease the MISTRESS.

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Mistress Annabella – Glasgow

annabellaMistress Annabella an exquisite, powerful Mistress from Glasgow, boundless imagination and sadistic instincts.

I will entrance you into complete obedience with My feminine cruelty

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Mistress Argenta – Glasgow

argentaI am an exceptionally experienced and well established Domina offering one-to-one sessions at fully equipped premises in Glasgow City Centre.

No newcomer to BDSM, 2015 marking my 12th year in Professional Domination I have a unique talent of turning pain or pleasure or both into a menage-a-trois of erotica,perversion and domination!

Highly experienced and sadistically skilled in the art of consensual BDSM and fetishistic perversions.

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Goddess Athena – Glasgow

A sophisticated lady in her late 20’s.

Privately educated, and and well spoken.

Over 6ft tall, beautifully imposing…

It’s about time Scotland had a true Goddess!

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Miss Beltem’s Academy

Miss BeltemDo you remember the days when the belt ruled the class room?  Can you remember the words, “come out here boy” as you stood up and walked slowly to the front of the class The drawer of the desk opens, you steal a daring glance at the appearance of the belt in the teachers grasp, a shiver runs from head to toe, the best you can hope for is only one stroke.

Miss Beltem is an experienced role-player and will provide any type of school scene you desire.  You can choose the type of belt or cane you require, the cane being applied as you bend over Miss Beltems desk. Miss Beltem is an expert in matching the level of punishment with your specific requirements. An opportunity will be given before the beginning of your session to fully discuss your needs.

Should you wish an extra female pupil in class then this can be arranged.

The school is available to both boys and girls with the aim of Beltem-Academy being to provide the fun, pleasure and excitement connected with living your fantasy.

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Bondage Dom – Glasgow

bondagedomIf you wish to seek my services which comprise of a subtle note of tied and teased, combined with all manner of bondage and sensory deprivation, then you have come to the right Mistress.

I am a strong, firey, sexy Female who truly understands how to entangle herself in the depths of the perversion that you seek.

I am a very private person, and I do ask you to respect my privacy as I do yours.

Discretion at all times as well as a strict one to one experience.

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LadyDaeMoon – Aberdeen

ladydaemoonI am an Eastern European professional Domme based in Aberdeen.

I am strict and disciplined and expect the same from others. Lack of it will cause severe consequences, but if you are good, you’ll be rewarded.

As much as you’d like to please me, I have to punish you if fail!!!

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Domestic Goddess – Glasgow

Think Stepford Wives meets Torture Garden as an expert in role play I have a vast array of new, exciting scenarios to keep you on your toes.

As a perfectionist I expect nothing short of your best or you’ll be punished accordingly! Many fetishes catered for (see website for list) from a discreet setting boasting dungeon, domestic setting and school/office room

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Miss Fife – Fife

Miss Fife, Scottish Disciplinarian,with over 20 years experience.

fifeI offer Domestic Discipline, Corporal Punishment, judicial canings, strappings, birching, bastinado (foot torture) & face slapping.

Do you need to be punished? Well now you’ve found me, a no-nonsense disciplinarian, based in Fife, Scotland. I cater for novices to hardened players who seek discipline in different forms. From a mild otk spanking right up to judicial canings.

Maybe you enjoy being and adult school boy or girl, well come into my classroom and have an experience that is both enjoyable and painful. I am very experienced with the Lochgelly Tawse and cane. I have an array of implements for whichever scenario you have in mind. Based in a domestic setting with sitting room for domestic discipline, a schoolroom for school role play and a punishment room for the more serious player, all equipped with with appropriate items. Do not forget my hand is very hard and having you over my knee is always a pleasure :)

Don’t delay come and see me today, well as soon as you can anyway!

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Foot Fetish Dominatrix – Glasgow

I have been a Professional Dominatrix for over a decade now, and the most common session I get asked to cater to is Foot worship.

I adore having slaves grovel over my feet.  Kissing, massaging, licking my beautifully pedicured toes, a true foot fetishists delight.

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High Heels Mistress – Glasgow

highheelsmistressWith my collection of heels racing past the 50 pair mark this is one domme who can truly understand your fetish for high spikes in all shapes and sizes. Catering for high heel and boot lovers alike, come on inside and browse my collection, if you’re lucky I might even allow you to polish them in person.

I also cater for all fetishes, links can be found on my site

Based in Glasgow. Operating from discreet City Centre chambers

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Mistress Hitchcock – Dundee

mistresshitchcockI am Mistress Hitchcock. A CD/TV Domme who has her own dungeon/playroom. I am always updating with new photos of myself and my stable of slaves. I love to provide fantasy role-play, humiliation, domination, shoes and boots, CBT, spanking, cock worship, restraints, anal play, nipple torture, sissification …. and open to other suggestions on an agreed basis!

I am the Director of my dungeon/playroom. I am in control. I do not offer sex. I offer a fantasy.

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Mistress Ichi – Glasgow

I am Mistress Ichi, a tall, wicked professional dominatrix with a sense of humour! Unlike most dommes you have probably come across, I speak to you like a human being and know the difference between roleplay and real life.

My love and constant search for new and more boundary pushing fetish play has consumed me to the point of extreme enjoyment in session. I am an tall mistress at 5’11, I have an very feminine figure at a busty size 12. I embrace my femininity completely although I have an unwavering strength of character.

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Mistress Inka – Edinburgh


Role play

Sensory Deprivation



Foot Worship…

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Mistress Katinka – Glasgow

katinkaYou may be successful, living a full, happy life but inside there’s an aching, a yearning to serve a strong beautiful Mistress who will take control and lift you out of your world with an hour or two in her presence.

Well that would be me and I’m ready to take control of you in my world.

Witty, Strong, Beautful and Creative, the recipe for a Mistress you’ll be dying to serve time and time again!

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Mistress Katinka – Renfrewshire

Modern domme for the modern man. Operating from a domestic/dungeon setting.

Fully equipped to open your mind to the journey each new session could take you on.

Fire and brimstone and “alternative dommes” have their place…The past! It’s time to be dominated by beautiful, creative pro dommes who have you falling at their feet from that first meeting!

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Mistress Lilith – Glasgow

Glasgow UK MistressMistress Lilith has been a Professional Dominatrix  since 2000.

She has not only trained many a Domina, but has also excelled in the art of BDSM.  An entrepreneur in balancing perversion and domination, and a true Mistress that does it for the love and respect of the craft itself

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Mistress Luna – Glasgow

mistresslunaGlasgow’s newest hottest blonde domme.

Don’t be fooled by this sweet petite Mistress, sweet turns to wicked, smiles turn to sneers and you’re in trouble.

Come visit me in my private discreet City Centre chambers

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Mistress Margaron – Edinburgh

Edinburgh UK MistressMistress Margaron is a  mature, elegant and seriously strict English Mistress. From a private secluded basement in the centre of Edinburgh, English  Mistress Margaron  provides personal one to one sessions in domination  within a relaxed domestic setting.

Mistress is highly proficient  when using her cane, tawse and whip for controlling unruly submissives. Perhaps she will become your Strict Aunt, your  Stern Governess or Leather, Rubber or PVC Goddess to worship and obey. Standing at over 6ft tall in her highest stiletto heeled shoes and  boots, Edinburgh Mistress Margaron is a very powerful sadistic and perceptive  Dominatrix.

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Mistress Pandora – Glasgow

mistresspandoraIf you wish to seek my services which comprise of a subtle note of tied and teased, combined with all manner of bondage and sensory deprivation, then you have came to the right Mistress. I am a strong, fiery, sexy Female who truly understands how to entangle herself in the depths of the perversion that you seek.

I am a very private person, and I do ask you to respect my privacy as I do yours. Discretion at all times as well as a strict one to one experience.

I stand at just under 5’10 tall with long blonde hair, size 5 shoe, and stunning figure. I have starred in a number of fetish photo shoots but as I mentioned, for discretion reasons I wish not to share these.


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Mistress Savannah – Glasgow

I am Glasgow Mistress Savannah and I have been a Professional Mistress since 2006. I enjoy and revel in many aspects of BDSM play, but I am very selective with whom I engage in them with.

My sessions are expertly designed for each individual from the seasoned submissive to the first time novice. As a Professional Dominatrix, I enjoy a wide variety of BDSM activities and fetishes, but I will only participate in sessions which involve interests/activities that I enjoy

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Mistress Sultry Belle – Glasgow

mistress-sultry-belleI am Glasgow’s newest Pro Domme. Don’t be fooled by My sweet smile  and exotic looks, because I have a dark side and enjoy hearing you  whimper in pain. I can reduce grown men to tears. I also have a sensual  side and love nothing more than having My feet worshipped by loyal  slaves. There is no pretence in My pleasure.

I am Glasgow Mistress Sultry Belle. Do you have what it takes to serve at My feet?

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Mistress Tegan – Glasgow

teganMistress Tegan A glamorous Glasgow Based Goddess who operates from a fully equipped ,clean,discreet,secure Premises located in The Heart Of Glasgow.

Mistress Tegan has been involved in the lifestyle for several years and enjoys it very much. Mistress Tegan is a superior, elite Glasgow Dominatrix who is sensual and sadistic in equal measures.

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Wrestling Dominatrix – Glasgow

Glasgow UK MistressThis is for men who are submissive and who like the fact a powerful woman has complete control over them. We are not here to hurt you in any way, and a thorough consultation is needed beforehand.

The main type of wrestling session that happens here is the client being put in various holds, comfortably or pressure applied until you tap out. You can be put in your favourite hold and then be given a time limit to escape from it. You may also try the Mistress tag team….. can you handle wrestling with two women?

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Mistress Vanity – Glasgow

mistress-vanityI am Mistress Vanity, a mature professional dominatrix based in the city centre of Glasgow.

I have over 10 years experience within BDSM, and I am an expert in the art of corporal punishment, enforced feminisation and torture. My style of sessions vary from strict school teacher, office bitch, stern aunty or cruel dominatrix. I cater to the nervous novice through to the most experienced submissive, timewasters shall not be tolerated however!

I am Veracious and Vicious, but most of all, I am Vanity!

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Mistress Sylvia Wolf – Glasgow

sylviawolfI am a Bisexual Post Operative TS Mistress. Although I am a Professional Dominatrix, I am also a lifestyle Mistress. I adore and am immersed in the BDSM lifestyle and I regularly take part in BDSM clubs and fetish events.

At 6′ 1″ high in heels, with dark hair and piercing green eyes, I am an imposing Mistress, whether I am wearing leather, PVC, uniforms or power dressing in suits and heels.

Because I am a Post-Op TS Mistress, you must always remember that I was once in a similar position to where you are now (though always as a Dominant, not a submissive). I therefore fully understand your submissive cravings and your hunger to serve. I will make full use of your eagerness to bend to My will. And bend you will, for when you enter My lair, you become Mine.

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