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Princess Aurora – Manchester

auroraManchester’s Fully Fashioned Fetish Princess – Humiliatrix – Mean Girl – Domme.

If you’ve ever dreamed of being demeaned by a mean, demanding, bratty little girl then I’m what you’ve been searching for silly worms… I’ll take your dirty secrets and use them against you.

I’ve always been aware of losers checking me out while I’m shopping, eating or relaxing with my girlfriends, it makes me sick, and now it’s time for a little payback!

Don’t be fooled by my innocent exterior, I’m a lifestyle fetishist who frequently attends alternative events all over Europe. I’ve got a vivid imagination, a bratty mean streak and I take a lot of pleasure in cutting men down to size.

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 Mistress Bryce Jones – Manchester

Manchester MistressYour most intimate and wicked fetish fantasies are waiting to come true in the Private Chambers of Mistress Bryce-Jones in Manchester. Mistress Bryce-Jones holds court in a stunning dungeon location in manchester that offers the best of all elements of fetish and BDSM.

There is the Main dungeon fully equipped with custom made BDSM furniture, as well as Private Chambers, School room, Nurses station and lounge area.

The Manchester Mistress Bryce-Jones dungeon experience is discrete, immaculately clean, and designed with the sole purpose to excite your senses and ignite your imagination. It is Manchester’s and probably the UK’s premier BDSM venue in every possible way.

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Headmistress Cane – Manchester

The headmistress offers a one to one service and welcomes nervous and first time pupils. She can be very caring and maternal to the nervous pupils and has a no rush policy making your stay memorable. Her punishments range from very mild to the more severe for the very naughty pupil. She can be a very strict disciplinarian or the tender primary school teacher.

She will show you the error of your ways and She will punish you in her Traditional Edwardian study. An over the knee spanking is compulsory and you will be shown the error of your ways

The headmistress will cater for all schoolroom fatansies and scenarios. Please ask her and she will try to accommodate your fetish or fantasy


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Lady Cornelia – Manchester

Manchester MistressI am Lady Cornelia, a sophisticated, well-educated and elegant Mature Blonde Manchester Mistress based at the Manchester Dungeon.

As a Mistress I truly understand how you think and what you need. As a trained psychologist I understand your mind! Together this makes me a powerful and seductive Mature Mistress who will be worshiped and adored!

I adore role play and can become your very strict Sadistic Dominatrix, School Mistress or Policewoman for your detention and interrogation. I can be almost anything you desire but I will expect your devotion in return. You will be expected to follow my lead and do my bidding. Therefore, I suggest that you take a long hard look at my picture Galleries on my website.

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The Countessa

Manchester MistressI am a fully independent, 100% British, experienced professional Dominatrix catering to select submissive gentleman.

Whilst I am strict and sadistic I can also be decadently sensual too highlighting the duality of fetish play. My belief in the symbiotic nature of dominance and submission gives me a truly unique perspective that will enthrall and captivate you.

I may be demanding and harsh one moment then deliciously tempting the next but all the while you will desire me.

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Mistress Courtney – Stockport, Manchester

courtneyDomina, Sadist and Fetishist, You may call Me Mistress Courtney. My grace and timeless beauty will stop you in your tracks whilst My posh, well spoken voice will entice you into My world and not let you go.

I provide BDSM sessions for men at a Dungeon in Stockport. My favourite kind of sessions involve smoking, high heels, discipline, sploshing and spanking while getting a kick out of CBT, mummification, humiliation and adult baby minding. Whatever your kink, get in-touch today. I do NOT cater for ass/pussy worship (me), hard/watersports.

The Dungeon is fully equipped with three rooms, each accommodating different styles of sessions. We have a large cell in the back which can be used for over night stays. A vast collections of toys, devices, outfits & shoes (for men) and of-course, furniture to ensure that our needs are catered for.

Ever since I could appreciate My beauty, I have used it, along with My intelligence to use and abuse men, all for My advantage. I always get what I want, you will do as I say and submit to Me wholeheartedly.  I integrate sensuality with discipline and training as I enjoy blending the lines between pain and pleasure (Mine).

Worship, respect and gifts will earn you rewards but disobey Me and you will pay the price.  Double sessions available with My wonderful, sexy, Mistress friends 😉

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Mistress Eclipse – Manchester

eclipseI am a sophisticated, dominant, woman who deserves to be worshipped & loves training kinky subs to meet My standards.

At a mere 5ft 1inches you’ll soon discover that what I lack in height I make up for in authority. My size 4 feet will have no problem with putting you in your place while we carry out our kinks. On that note- trampling and foot worship are one of My many titillations.

When you’re with Me, in the enclosed space of a dungeon/ strapped to a medical chair/ tucked into a cot, there’s no doubt that your boundaries will be respected yet pushed and your fantasies played out to euphoria.

You’ll find yourself begging for things you never knew you desired and our invisible bond will grasp you so hard that you’ll struggle to leave.

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Mistress Electra – Manchester

electraI was first drawn into the Manchester Mistress role in my private life many years ago with a particularly wimpy boyfriend that very easily obeyed me.

This soon brought me to the conclusion that the more unreasonable and bitchy I am the more I get done from the pathetic males that inhabit this world.

So, many years of experiences later I’m here, your Goddess. Waiting for you to finally be brave enough and grow a set of balls and appear in my dungeon on your knees. Ready to obey my every word without question!

I can’t wait to see how much pain I can inflict on those set of balls that you grew and if your not kneeling within minutes of entering my presence then I’m sure a swift kick in the balls will address that moment of madness and lack of respect.

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The Fetish Emporium – Manchester

manchester-dungeon-7689The Fetish Emporium, a comprehensive multi-roomed BDSM themed premises in Greater Manchester with resident Mistresses.

This is one of the best BDSM premises in Manchester and the North West.

The Fetish Emporium boasts of  five individually designed, atmospheric chambers which are extensively equipped with the finest BDSM furniture and equipment.

The Fetish Emporium is a place where your fantasies become a reality with the skill of our highly experienced Dominas.

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Domina Gina – Manchester

I am a passionate professional purveyor of pain based in Manchester.

From my easily-accessible, discreet and luxurious punishment rooms I exercise control over my subs both male and female, dispensing pain with pleasure and at my leisure.

Those who meet the requirements of my selection criteria will be tr eated to a unique experience at the handsof a naturally-gifted dominatrix.

Feel free to enjoy my website and then submit to me for a journey from which you will want no escape.

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Miss Jasmine – Manchester

I will walk along side you as your respected and trusted Mistress. Together we will explore and penetrate the dark corners of your mind. We will bring your deepest desires to the surface and I will begin to tease and manipulate each dark fantasy.

Your submission will feed my unquenchable thirst for control. your wish to please me, as your mistress will begin to ache inside you eventually pulling and pushing your limits.

I will play with each of your senses, twisting and distorting them so that eventually when in my presence you will be nothing more than a devoted puppet on my string. A devoted puppet that craves the freedom I am able to offer you. of having your most lurid thoughts heard and accepted.


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Miss Bryce-Jones – Manchester

brycejonesWhether you are a beginner or an experienced player, your fetish and BDSM desires will be teased, taunted and elevated until you are aching for release. Finally, you are left gasping and fulfilled, shivering with satisfaction at the best adult fantasy you will ever experience.

All scenarios at the Mistress Bryce – Jones dungeon is based on the three overriding principles of BDSM: Safe, Sane and Consensual. Rest assured… your fantasies are in the best of hands. We guarantee that your visit to Mistress Bryce – Jones will be unforgettable and will turn your wildest dreams into reality.

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Kidnap Mistress – Manchester

mistress-kidnap_0466Super-realistic consensual kidnap sessions in Manchester. in my opinion, kidnap is the ultimate fetish. A really good abduction, carried out professionally, carries the full range of Fetish/BDSM emotions.

A kidnap session normally lasts from 2 to 8 hours, depending on the kind of kidnap session requested, and is carried out by two Mistresses unless you prefer one Mistress.

You can involve your own partner / Mistress if you wish, and you can plan your own kidnap session or we can plan it for you.

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Mistress Helena – Manchester

manchestermistresshelena16I am a Beautiful, Sensual but cruel Dominant Mistress who has many skills learned from some great names in the Mistress World.

I am also a Lifestyle Mistress with many years life experience.

As an independent British well spoken Mistress, refined in life I will train you to be the ultimate slave.

You will submit to My Will following a consultation at the start of our session. I will push you in session increasing your slave training and your need to please Mistress.

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Mistress Jenna – Manchester

I am a Sadistic, Strict yet Sensual Mistress. I do not march around shouting, I don’t need to raise My voice to have you under My control. I have a calm, powerful & strong presence which will make you crave to please Me. Do not be fooled by My beauty. I am extremely intuitive and intelligent.

I strongly believe a Domme/sub relationship is about mutual trust and respect, I will always respect your interests, and only operate along safe, sane and consensual lines, although trust Me I will read you and push your limits.

I am not a cold hearted scowling Domme, I have been told on many occasions My form of Domination is refreshing and unique. One look into My hypnotic eyes and you will be under My spell, I will have you quivering with excitement, begging for mercy and desperate for release.

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Miss Kitty – Manchester

misskittyHumiliation? Pain? Rubber? Foot Fetish? Cock and Ball Torture? Leather Dominia?

My greatest pleasure comes from seducing you with your biggest kink, then turning it against you until you are at my mercy.

Sessions are conducted from a large, fully equipped premises based in Manchester which comprises two Chamber rooms, a large domestic study, Medical room and an Adult Nursery/Sissy dressing area along with showers and all necessary facilities.

There is convenient and secure parking and located close to the Train and Metro-link stations.

I cater to all levels of experience and discretion is paramount.

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Mistress Lavinia – Manchester

Manchester MistressI am Mistress Lavinia, blonde tall and beautiful the most sensual yet cruel mistress you will ever discover.. In my element you will feel my icy touch and sharp nails devour you, as I simultaneously force unimaginable pleasure and pain upon you. My craft is like no other. I will take full control of your mind body and soul by doing so, owning every inch of you from the moment I get you alone in my chambers.

Entranced by my beauty, lost in my labyrinth of emotional torment and seduced by my seductive wicked charm. In overwhelming mercy YOU SHALL BE AT MY FEET IN AWE, and sheer admiration of my overwhelming dominant power over you. Surrender to the beautiful nightmare that is Ms Lavinia and enter my dark world of fantasy, erotica and kink.

I am available for sessions ranging from 30minutes to overnight. I operate at the very prestigious fully equipped Stockport Dungeon, its opening times are 11am-6pm from Tuesdays to Saturday. Guaranteed discretion from the most experienced high class Manchester Mistress. For more information visit my website.


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Mistress Lucina – Manchester

princesslucinaI am a Mistress with 10 years experience. I genuinely adore what I do which I believe shows within each session.

It is important for Me to build up a connection with My subs enabling you to reach new levels and higher zones.

I believe there is a certain magic within each session and I never like to rush, therefore never operating the “conveyor belt system”.

I would describe Myself as a natural sensual sadist.

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Mistress Luci – Manchester

I am a beautiful Northern Lady any guy would be honoured to be in the presence of.  Blonde hair, impeccably placed, petite with the looks of an angel. However don’t be fooled, behind the petite beautiful exterior lies a cruel sadistically intruigued Dominant, determined to make your dream turn into a painful or humiliating nightmare. Harbouring a devious and creative streak that no one would imagine on first sight, My skills and experience ensure any slave who enters My lair will undoubtedly find themselves embarking on an intense journey. Yet alongside the deliciously cruel streak I use My beauty to tease and coax My adoring slaves, ensuring that most amazing balance between pleasure and sufferance – the ultimate beautiful femme fatale.
While My Northern roots reveal a down to earth straight talking approach, I create a unique and enthralling encounter for all who kneel before Me ensuring each experience is tailored for My slaves to maximise both O/our enjoyment. I am equally comfortable using My beauty to tease and frustrate as I am torturing the hardened pain fetishist or humbling those who crave humiliation. Naturally Dominant, control and authority ooze from within My petite frame.

I welcome new and returning slaves to My lavishly equipped Dungeon in Stockport, or can facilitate a more domestic environment for those who prefer such close to central Manchester. With a wide range of equipment to cater for most tastes, once entering My presence slaves inevitably don’t want to leave. Once met, never forgotten.
Further information can be obtained from My impressively structured website, which includes contact details and session protocol.

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Mistress Millicent – Manchester

Manchester MistressManchester Mistress Millicent is a dedicated and enchanting professional Mistress based in the Whitefield area of Manchester.

My interests and services include Domination, Humiliation, Sissification, Slut and Slave training, Bondage and Restraint and Foot Fetish.



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Mistress Nyx – Manchester

Intelligent and perceptive domination from a highly skilled and passionate pilgrim of pervery.

Each consensual session is intuitively conducted, only after discussing and fully understanding your kinks, desires and limits.

Virtually all aspects covered from erotic tease and denial, to more extreme and heavy play.

An absolute role-play artisan. Lover of BDSM, the erotically bizarre, psychological control and mind-games, discipline, humiliation, trannies / sissies / feminization, adult babies, weird and wonderful bondage predicaments, extreme medical procedures, rubber, kidnaps, interrogation, humiliation, and all weird and wonderful fetishes.

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Mistress Rhianne

Manchester Mistress RhiannePast my seductive glasses, pretty green eyes and sardonic smile, lies a sensual, natural and sophisticated mistress.

Seducing weak men into submission is my speciality. I will have you under my thumb in seconds.

I’m natural, Young & Controlling. Seducing weak men into submission is my speciality.

I’m a typical Gemini, and have a split personality. So, I enjoy both the pain afflicting sadistic side of female domination, and the soft, sensual side too.

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Mistress Rose – Manchester

Mistress Rose is a mature refined elegant dominant lady. She is intelligent and articulate and very experienced. She has been a dominant lady for twenty years and will combine her expertise and sensual ways to give you the ultimate experience. Whether you are a novice or the more experience submissive, she will dominate your mind as well as your body. Mistresss Rose is a Fantasy and Role Play Specialist and will take your fantasy and turn it into the reality that you really want.

Her Manchester premises are private and discrete and have a number of themed rooms including a Headmistresses Study for all the naughty boys and girls who want to be punished .She also has A Large Gothic Chamber with a cross cage whipping Bench, and all the implements for the and fetish scene. She also has two other chambers for fantasy and role play. And a small isolation room for interrogation scenarios.


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Miss Ruby Marks – Manchester

Educated and imaginative British Dominatrix, lifestyle fetishist and all round sensual sadist.

I take immense pleasure in playing with you and toying with your emotions and physical limits until you submit to my every whim.


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Manchester Medical Fetish – Manchester

manchestermedicalfetishManchester Medical clinic is a fully equipped and functional medical facillity, which houses the highest quality medical instruments and practictioners. Whether or not you are an expert medical fetishist or a novice, all our Manchester Medical Practioners have something to offer the dicerning medical enthusiast.

Medical fetish fantasy encapsulates total control of the body and natural functioning. This type of fetish play is by no means for everyone, however each nurse at the ‘Manchester Medical Fetish Clinic’ will complete a patient review assesment prior to partaking in procedures.

The Mistresses at Manchester Medical Fetish have no medical qualifications, all their medical skills however are part of a practiced service in which a safe and hygenic practices  will be provided.

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Mistress Maya – Manchester

mayaMy perfect, petite body and pretty face might have you believe I’m an angel…. Don’t be fooled.

I feed on your pain and humiliation. Your worthless lust for me makes me smile, don’t you realise I eat men like you for breakfast? When you dare to experience my domination, you will never be the same again.

I will become your new addiction, your obsession, your Goddess.

I encourage nervous first-timers; you’re a little toy I like to play with, and I will take your domina-ginity gladly, but I must warn you: you will never find another Mistress like me.

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Mistress Mera – Manchester

Mera is a dark exotic Domina beholding elegance, class and beauty which will captivate you and render you helpless to her control.

Serious but sensual Mera will fulfill your fantasy and darkest desires. Whether you are an experienced submissive or a novice, Mera will take you to your limits whilst respecting boundaries.

Mera appreciates that her submissives’ are unique and takes great care and pleasure in ensuring that individual heights are reached. Some of the activities Mera enjoys are listed below but she is always open to fun new scenarios. Based in beautiful private and fully equipped furbished premises in North Manchester, easily accessible from the M60.

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Mistress Natasha Poole – Manchester

My life is multi-faceted and complicated. During the working week, I am to be found in my office, attending board meetings, drafting legal documents, being corporate and ‘sensible’. In the evenings and at weekends however, I come into my own.

I am Mistress Natasha, a professional experienced female dominatrix based in Manchester. I specialise in Bondage, Whipping, Trampling, Foot Worship, Chastity Control, Breath Play, Gags and Hoods, Water Sports, Strap on Sex, Face Sitting, Role Playing, Sensory Deprivation, Nipple Torture, Cock & Ball Torture, Face Slapping, Ball Busting, and Verbal Humiliation.

I am a University educated, 30-something redhead, with an interest in vintage erotic art and literature.

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Mistress Saphire – Manchester

As an accomplished BDSM and Fetish Aficionado I am able to offer a variety of sessions for both new, inexperienced submissives to experienced players. I am very creative in my sessions creating memories that will never leave you.

Whatever level of BDSM experience you possess you can rest assured that my sense of adventure, creativity, positive and open mindset will give you an experience you will not forget in a hurry.

Novice slaves will be encouraged to indulge in those fantasies that have been kept in the deepest part of the brain. Experienced slaves rest assured that your BDSM boundaries will be pushed and I will show you no mercy.


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Goddess Selene – Manchester

Goddess Selene is striking, at over 6ft in heels with smouldering looks, she is a force to be reckoned with! Her body is fit, agile, athletic and strong. Being fit and healthy is a necessity and discipline to Goddess Selene, one she thrives on. How can a mistress be capable of controlling and disciplining her subs and slaves without the strength and capabilities? Her strength of mind and body gives her the power to understand and handle slaves in the way they deserve.

Her personality and Dominant nature varies immensely. Ranging from gentle, caring, soft domination, but can also be harsh, strict and sadistic when she needs to be! She only sessions with genuine, obedient and loyal subs and slaves. Obedience is a necessity to be deserving of the presence of Goddess Selene. If you wish to stay on the right side of Manchester’s finest Mistress, obeying and pleasing her is the way to do it!

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Stockport Dungeon – Stockport, Manchester

stockport-dungeonStockport Dungeon offers a multi-roomed premises with FREE off road parking and its own private entrance.

The atmospheric Stockport Dungeon houses a reception area, two fully equipped session rooms each with its own shower and two Cells offering two different experiences.

Princess Lucina and Resident Mistresses welcome you.

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Miss Suzanna Maxwell – Manchester

maxwellI believe some people are born to lead and some to follow – I was most definitely created to rule. BDSM for me is not about heartlessness. It’s about adrenaline, passion, excitement and creativity. Once you’ve had a taste there is no going back.

I was born with an innate gift for dominating men and making them submit to my will. I have now embraced my true passion fully, in my lifestyle and profession. It resonates in everything I do and everything that I am.

My opulent and sensually dominating personality inspires submission and worship.


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Mistress Teressa – Manchester

This Tantalising, Teasing, Busty Brunette is 5’6″ tall and is one of the finest Mistresses in Manchester. She is a Professional Dominatrix with years of experience in the BDSM World and she is always in the pursuit of an alternative, the interesting and the thrilling. She is a Mistress who embraces every opportunity to expand her skills, time after time in fact there is nothing that this Manchester Mistress cannot do!

Mistress Teressa is superb, severe and versatile and also has a variety of skills that very few Mistresses could possibly hope to achieve in the world of Domination in Manchester. She’s talented, exciting and curious and this is all wrapped up in a beautiful package of fun and fabulousness and a sexy hourglass figure.

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Miss Torment – Manchester

misstormentEnter my world of tight bondage, sensual touch, whispered threats and a caress that will leave you begging for release as I look you in the eyes as I torment you.

I have always prided myself in my gift of “magic fingers” not my words, but those of previous victims, that have seen many miscreants left in awe of my ability to tap not only into their pathetic manhoods but their minds too.

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Mistress V – Manchester

Manchester Mistress VWhen you enter My domain, you will be entering a pseudo-world where the outside world does not exist. You have fantasies and desires. So do I. Nothing fazes Me.

I am a lifestyle Domme as well as a Pro-Domme. I have, and use, collared slaves. They improve My life as I improve theirs.

I welcome novices new to the Manchester BDSM scene as well as experienced slaves and submissives, and no fetish or roleplay is too bizarre to Me.

Begin the journey. Follow the dream. Live the reality. Come to Manchester Mistress V.

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