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Kidnap Mistress – Manchester

mistress-kidnap_0466Super-realistic consensual kidnap sessions in Manchester. in my opinion, kidnap is the ultimate fetish. A really good abduction, carried out professionally, carries the full range of Fetish/BDSM emotions.

A kidnap session normally lasts from 2 to 8 hours, depending on the kind of kidnap session requested, and is carried out by two Mistresses unless you prefer one Mistress.

You can involve your own partner / Mistress if you wish, and you can plan your own kidnap session or we can plan it for you.

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Mistress Luci – Manchester

luciwhiteI am Mistress Luci, a young, strict, seductive and very sensual Dominatrix from south Manchester. Don’t let that fool you though; I have a very mischievous and wicked side!

I have a fully equipped Chamber with every restraint and toy imaginable, all waiting for me to ensure that you are both PUNISHED AND PLEASURED!!!

I love receiving body worship but this will be governed by my boundaries and permitted only at my discretion.

The path on BDSM is a long one and we are all at different stages. I love to tease the novice and promise your limits will be respected. But as with any journey there is always much to learn, so if you feel you have something to teach me, I look forward to hearing from you.

I love playing with adult babies and if preferred have a more domestic environment for our “nappy play”.

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Auntie Amanda – Southampton

auntieamandaI am a sophisticated disciplinarian with traditional Scottish values relating to Discipline, Correction and Behaviour Modification.

I shall correct your wrongs by my rights, as it is my right to punish you for your wrongs…

Within my domestic based premises I have every implement conceivable to modify your naughty behaviour, to make you an obedient, well behaved and good little girl or boy.

With 18 years of experience in the use of all disciplinary implements to produce the most effective results in correcting the most ill disciplined of reprobates.

I am the ultimate image of perfect domesticity which you may have in your mind, wither it be Auntie, Mother, Babysitter/ Girl next door or Governess and within the confines of my domestic environment I make the rules and rule breaking shall be dealt with accordingly in the most severe manner since with all my implements I never miss the mark but leave my mark upon you every time.

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Madame Brodie – Brighton

madambrodieI am a tempestuous Scottish redhead, genuine fetishist and an enthusiastic pervert offering sessions in Brighton and London with select submissives, masochists and kinksters of all experience levels.

I revel in the trappings of vintage propriety; corsets, stockings and gloves, as well as warm leather and slick latex. I am an educated, sadistic and wickedly playful Mistress, specialising in Traditional Correction, Fetishism, Foot and Boot Worship, Trampling and TICKLING! but am a keen enthusiast of many other kinks, all detailed within my site.

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Mistress Crimson – Manchester

manchester-mistress-crimsonManchester Mistress Crimson is both creative and imaginative. She enjoys inventing erotic and seductive games, whilst being in total control of your mind and body. Having a back ground in psychology, Manchester Mistress Crimson relishes the opportunity to delve into the darkest corners of your mind and build upon every session.

Loyalty will always be rewarded and over time this will allow your Seductive Manchester Dominatrix to increase your limits and desire to submit to her and her alone.

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Mistress Isabella – Swindon

isabellaI have complete control, dominance and authority over you My slave – you WILL OBEY. The intensity of my aura will overwhelm your senses to the extent that I will be forever on your mind. I can be very severe, strict and commanding, yet beautiful, sensuous and stunning.

It’s not all about pain, I can also be sensuous, soft and gentle, but I will be in charge.

Mistress Isabella will seek out your insecurities. you will need, want, desire and crave Me.

Be warned I am very addictive!

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Mistress Haven – Portsmouth

havenWelcome to Mistress Haven’s World A Beautiful, Smart, Fun & Sophisticated, Transvestite Mistress.

I am very Sadistic and Twisted Dominatrix, I will lower you into a false sense of Security and when you least expect it, I will make you Crumble to your knees. I have a very Dark Imagination and no two sessions would ever be the same with me. I have an infectious, yet dark sense of Humour. Whoever serves me will realise that I am very approachable and friendly. But be prepared I have a very dark side and can turn into an evil sadistic bitch.

I am Well Educated and DO NOT Suffer fools easily. I Detest Timewasters, so please do not waste your/my time.

I welcome all of you to Experience my Dark Side.

I am a 27 year Old Professional Transvestite Dominatrix from Hampshire, UK. I am based in Gosport (Portsmouth) but can travel throughout the UK and Internationally if expenses are covered.

I am a well educated young lady & I have been in the KINK industry for several years and have served as a Submissive for a while too. Having served as a submissive I think it gives me a unique ability to realise what the sub wants and what pushes their buttons. I take no prisoners, and although I am very friendly in Person. Don’t let that fool you as I will have you crumbling to your knees in 3 seconds flat.

I am 5ft 9 and have a lovely curved hourglass figure. I have bright blue eyes, which all of my subs seem to be mesmerised by, when they stare into them. I don’t hold back on my opinions as I am ALWAYS right! I will not tolerate bad etiquette when it comes to applying for a session, neither will I accept rudeness. You will address me as Mistress Haven at all times and you will kneel and kiss my hand when you greet me.

I am very accommodating from all walks of life, whether you are Brand New into the Scene and want to serve me or you are a very experienced sub. You will all kneel before me and you will all leave my session with a smile on your face and perhaps a sore bottom.

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Baroness von Stein – Glasgow

g-3I am a strict German Mistress, sophisticated, intelligent and with a deep understanding of the psychology and nature of BDSM.

I welcome submissives with whom I can build a connection that is characterised by mutual respect. Long term arrangements are welcome, ownership is possible.

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Mistress of Desires – Huddersfield & Leeds

mistressofdesiresI am the Mistress of Desire, an exceptionally exquisite, elegant and sophisticated, high class dominatrix. I am the elite mistress of feminisation and domination. I find myself naturally dominant with a flair and passion for feminising, degrading, and dominating in many ways and means.

I am articulate, intelligent, and ooze class and style. I stand at 5’10 in stockinged feet, and tower over 6ft in heels. I dress with class, style and perfection. I have a slim, model, hourglass frame, piercing green eyes and long dark glossy hair that flows down my back. I have exquisite taste and enjoy the finer things in life, from exotic holidays, to fine cars and luxury hotels and spas. I am well travelled and educated. I also have a keen eye for detail and strive for perfection in every aspect of life.

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Goddess Melusina – Glasgow

melusinaI am goddess Melusina, name derived from the enigmatic water goddess whom being half woman half serpent, possessed the ultimate magnetism to lure her powerless mate.

Being a skilled role play dominatrix, I too possess the ultimate tools to captivate my submissive. My inexpressible beauty combined with my lethal love affair of power and control bestows upon my submissive, the ultimate in surrender.

Operating from a discreet clean and private dungeon in the centre of Glasgow, you will be entranced from the moment you enter my lair. I will enjoy exploring your boundaries with you, whether you are a novice to this exhilarating pleasure or you have been indulging for a while. My passion for submission and domination shall be portrayed within our session through close contact and eye contact (I dare you to look into my seductive eyes) and my wicked laugh will have you begging to please me. I very rarely feel the need to raise my voice to get you to do my bidding!

Our sessions will be completely personalised to your needs which we shall establish before, during and after each session as your boundaries may change with your experiences. I look forward to your worship and submission. All sessions shall be Safe, Sane and Consensual.

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Mistress Bael – North UK & Scotland

baelI am a professional dominatrix based in the north and also in Yorkshire and Scotland

I am a dominant female superior, confident and very strong willed, I will control you I will make you submit you are mine! I also do webcam and adult chat. I am your ultimate dominatrix you can tell me your desires and fantasy I expect total control.

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Lady Mia Harrington – Brighton & London

miaharringtonI am Lady Mia Harrington, an elegant and seductive classical English Mistress. When we meet my female dominance, superior beauty will be sources of power over you. It is my birth right to exercise absolute dominion over you, your submission and devotion to me is required by your very nature.

I currently have an immaculate, grand play space in South East of England on Brighton Seafront I also session in two top London dungeons and also travel internationally for the right clientele.

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Mistress Darcey – Manchester

darceyAlways on the lookout for loyal minions, theres always something to do to assist her in living her life to the full. Loyal servants and slaves are always taken under her wing. She demands the upmost respect and refuses shabby behaviour from her slaves. She requires them to be open, honest, that way she can recreate the Freudian nightmares that you and the other minions obsess over.

Mistress Darcey can do this with swift skill and without hesitation. Her skill set is large, She covers everything from nylon/shoe/feet worship to needle-play, sissification tie and tease to total, ultimate humiliation, blackmail and financial domination.

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Mistress Rousson – Birmingham

mistressroussonMistress Rousson is an articulate, highly skilled Sadistic Domme, with a passionate interest in everything perverse. She has a penchant for Sadism and through the years She has been practicing BDSM She’s found that you don’t need to leave lasting marks to leave an impression – your mind and willingness to submit to Her will be the only tool She needs to torture you, and leave you begging for more.

Within a short amount of time you will become addicted to Her voice, and Her personality, and you will come back time and time again for the chance to be abused by Her.


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Sadie Strumpet

sadiestrumpetWelcome to my wonderful world of female domination and supremacy.

I am a nurturing, caring mistress who will explore your deepest fantasies without judgement. I will push your limitations to bring out the best in you and encourage you to exceed your wildest expectations.

I have several years experience in erotic female domination, tie and tease, humiliation, cross dressing and forced feminisation fantasies.

I am a huge fan of Cuban heeled, fully fashioned seemed stockings as well as 1950’s reproduction lingerie. I also enjoy wearing pantyhose with seams running all the way up the back.

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Mistress Myla Devine – Manchester & Birkenhead

myladevineI am a strict, sensual and sophisticated mistress who loves to dominate and control. I am naturally domineering and am extremely passionate about what I do. My main passions include sadism and impact play, especially corporal punishment and spanking. What’s more, I especially enjoy role-play and love to play the part of a strict headmistress, auntie, boss or landlady.

As well as enjoying administering punishment in its various forms I also cater to a wide range of other fetishes and interests. Ultimately, I am looking to push your boundaries as well as my own, which I hope will satisfy your deepest desires and elements of your imagination that you’ve always wanted to explore.

My sessions take place in a well-equipped dungeon which contains a fabulous array of equipment and implements, many of which can be used to great effect during our time together.

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Mistress Lola Vendeta – Brighton

lolavendettaI’m a strict and sensual dominatrix. My aphrodisiac is control, my indulgence is cruelty, and my Art is your masochism. My joy comes from understanding what motivates you: how to fill you with fear, how to elicit excitement, how to punish and reward you, how to take control completely.

I’m a naturally erotic person with a powerful personality and the advantage of being in my early 30s. My style of domination is intelligent, playful, sophisticated and creative. I enjoy all forms of role-play and corporal punishment.

I recognise that some kinksters do not consider themselves to be ‘submissive’. That’s absolutely fine too! I especially enjoy dressing TVs in my feminine domain!

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Mistress Clarissa – London

clarissaMistress Clarissa is a professional British dominatrix who has been formed by the benefits of an elite education and a deviant, creative and enquiring mind. She is beautiful, feminine, sophisticated, highly educated, well – spoken and articulate.

She welcomes gentlemen, ladies and couples of all descriptions, and offers experiences across the spectrum of play, introducing newcomers to a world of potentials and challenging the experienced.

Many dominatrices offer a full range of services, what distinguishes Mistress Clarissa specifically is her capacity for verbal play and her appreciation of writing and ritual.

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Mistress Louise – Bristol

louiseI am a very experienced Mistress with a well-equipped dungeon close to Bristol city centre.

I am particularly interested in providing sessions to mature male slaves, over 35 preferably.  I am equally happy to provide a strict session of bondage and punishment – including spanking and caning if you like discipline – or a less painful session for beginners or for those who relish sensual tie and tease, something I excel at.

I am also very happy to indulge in role play.

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Mistress Alexa – West Midlands

alexaI am an experienced lifestyle Mistress, and I have now decided to use My skills and dedication professionally.

If you want to experience real Domination by a truly Dominant West Midlands Dominatrix, then there is no one better than the skilled and wonderfully sadistic Mistress Alexa.

Although I have a strong penchant for CP in all its forms, I also have a wide repertoire of BDSM interests. Submit to Me. Journey with Me, into your deepest desires. I will lead you into subspace then gently help you find your way back out.

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Mistress Maria Harlow – West Midlands

mariaharlowI am known as Mistress Maria Harlow and have been a Pro Dom for many years with my first and early experiences coming from my natural instincts to control and exert power over men.I have always had a talent for getting what I want from the weaker gender and this is backed up by my looks and sensuality. I stand at 5′ 9” in bare feet and can easily make 6ft in killer heels. I have a toned,  contoured body, hazel eyes and long dark hair and love to dress in corsets, lingerie, leather, pvc, high heels and thigh high stiletto boots all of which have an obvious impact on those who serve beneath me.

But do not be fooled by this sensual, powerful woman. I will love every moment of watching you squirm, as I take control of your mind, body and soul for my own pleasures. I gain immense satisfaction in taking advantage of pathetic, weak minded subs and the empowerment I receive as I strip away your identity is, to me, unparallelled.

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Mistress Monique – London

moniqueWhen you are in my presence, you will be utterly at my mercy. And I am rarely inclined towards leniency. I view it as my duty to provide corrective therapy for offenders and wayward slaves. And it’s a task I undertake with great enthusiasm and deadly accuracy.

I am a stunning woman of colour. As such, I have had my share of unrequited attention. Administering harsh and just discipline to ill-mannered men and putting such worthless creeps in their place is one of my extra special perks.

The devil finds work for ideal hands, so I keep my slaves busy. Performing useful service, attending to my grooming, and ensuring mistress is amused. However, I will only consider accepting into my fast growing stable of slaves serious and genuine candidates.

Are you are a truly submissive gentleman seeking a worthy subject of devotion? If yes, go ahead and send me a request.

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Eris Bent – London

erisbentI am Eris, an ecstatic mischievous force unleashed upon the unsuspecting universe.

A pirate wreaking havoc. Bringing the storm into to your safe haven, breaking, entering, pillaging, perverting. Then sailing out into the big blue sea in possession of your treasures. Leaving you forever transformed. If you are lucky, I will snatch you away on an expedition to uncharted territories.

I am a a life -style mistress and switch with an immaculately filthy mind..

When I play with you, we are bandits riding together into the wilderness. Danger and adventure pulsing through our veins.

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Mistress Sadee – Sleaford, Lincs

sadeeCaptivating, intelligent, sexy and dominant, I am a refined woman who takes great pleasure in bringing out your hidden desires.

It has often been said that I am a completely natural dominatrix. This is of course true, but as a true domina I also have compassion.

I am able to intuitively guide whoever is before me into freeing themselves of all else whilst in my presence, and that they say, is priceless.

If you are exploring the world of Femdom/BDSM for the first time, I am here to listen. I enjoy this side of what I do immensely.

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Governess Elizabeth

elizabethI am Governess Elizabeth, an extremely sensual and sadistic English Mistress based in Maida Vale.

This redhead Mistress takes great pleasure in exploring your imagination, your desires, your fantasies; tempting you, teasing you, testing your limits and training you to the highest standards. I absolutely adore role play, anal play, strap-ons, fisting, forced feminisation/slut training, corporal punishment (particularly using the cane and tawse), CBT and tie and tease. I also greatly enjoy playing with electrics, sounds and needles. I take great interest in a very broad range of fetishes.

Strict and sensual in equal measures, I welcome you to My house of discipline.

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Mistress Cécile Paradis – Manchester

cecileI am a highly educated, tall, feminine Dominatrix from France with experience in many areas of BDSM and fetishism.

I am now accepting applications for dedicated and respectful submissives in Manchester, at a fully-equipped dungeon.

I accept both novice and experienced slaves.

My long legs, blue eyes, high-arched feet and french accent will enchant your senses. My soft voice and quiet personality counterbalance with My sadistic tendencies and will leave you begging for more. I will test your boundaries and introduce you to My own fetishes and fantasies for added ecstasy.

I expect to be treated with respect at all times. My interests are varied, all scenarios and fantasies can be discussed with me prior to your session.

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Domina Tara – Bournemouth

taraI am a very creative Mistress. I offer BDSM, Fetishes and Role-play in private surroundings. Versatile in my approach I will coax you to explore your fantasies. I have skills to offer the novice and experienced alike. Once you worship at my feet I will hold you in awe.

I am here to own and control you. There is so much pleasure to be found in pleasing me, pain too, so much pain… let’s not forget about that.

I AM the Mistress that you have been waiting for. A fallen Angel who will give you wings to fly and soar with your desires.

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Mistress Nichol – Manchester

mistress-nicholI am an experienced Manchester Mistress who has spent many years perfecting the true art of both mental and physical domination. I am sensual, captivating, powerful and very intelligent and will use all of my skills to bring you to your knees time and time again.

Whether its sensual domination you enjoy or something more extreme like CP, forced bi or erotic financial blackmail, I am the Mistress you have wanted to meet, whilst being terribly afraid of at the same time.

Come and play with me, little toys.

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Lady Karma – North London

ladykarmaFor over 15 years I have enjoyed safe, sane and consensual BDSM play. I completely love my work and place great importance on making every session fun, fresh and exciting for us both.

I enjoy novices, explorers and experienced dungeon sluts alike. Every session is unique and built for you based on our initial consultation.

I am naturally tactile, hands-on, and sensual in my communication, but I do so enjoy the control I have over you. What I do best is to be myself at all times: I do not act or pretend in my role as your Mistress.

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Mistress Gabriella – Huddersfield

Fiesty, petite, raven haired Dominatrix, playful but with wicked imagination, loves CP, very accurate canings given, also CBT and nipple torture from light to severe.

Access to fabulously equipped chambers in Huddersfield. Welcomes newcomers as well as experienced players.

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Madame Black Soul – London

london-black-mistress-mbsI am a strikingly majestic and forceful black Mistress who is based in London, and takes great pleasure in dominating members of the weaker sex.

I have a sensual but authoritative approach in my sessions. My dark and alluring eyes will make you weak at the knees as you completely submit in my presence.

My beautifully curvaceous, feminine yet powerful body, will flood your mind with arousing fantasies until you return to my control.

My sessions are strict yet intensely erotic and my enticing looks and dominant personality will make your deepest desires become reality.

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The Fetish Emporium – Manchester

manchester-dungeon-7689The Fetish Emporium, a comprehensive multi-roomed BDSM themed premises in Greater Manchester with resident Mistresses.

This is one of the best BDSM premises in Manchester and the North West.

The Fetish Emporium boasts of  five individually designed, atmospheric chambers which are extensively equipped with the finest BDSM furniture and equipment.

The Fetish Emporium is a place where your fantasies become a reality with the skill of our highly experienced Dominas.

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Mistress Helen Ryder – West Sussex

sussex-mistress-helen-ryderI’m a very independent woman who flirts and teases and can play the damsel in distress to have men fall at my feet but be assured I am playing!  Seeing you helpless, quivering in anticipation and exerting my power over you is what makes me excited and makes me feel very mischievous.

I regularly update my news page with new photographs, general news and on occasions the homework tasks I have set my regular slaves/submissive to write about their sessions (if they wish to share them with you the reader)

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Glasgow Wolfpack

glasgow-mistresses-wolfpackThe Wolf Pack are several very different Mistresses, offering a varied range of BDSM/Fetish and Role Play scenarios, on a one to one basis, or if you prefer with Multiple Mistresses from discrete premises located in the heart of Glasgow City centre.

Each of the Mistresses in the Wolf Pack have their own particular field of expertise, details of which can be found on each of the individual Mistresses pages in another section of the website.

If you seek a first class experience with the Glasgow Mistress of your dreams, come inside and book a session with one or more of us.


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Goddess Amara

london-mistress-amaraI am Goddess Amara, a seductive and sexy Mistress based in London. My sweet disposition is balanced perfectly with a sadistic streak. I am a playful and fun Mistress, but I am always in charge. I am strong and beautiful and demand the utmost respect from my submissives.

I want you on your knees at me every command and worshipping me at all times.

I work from a multi roomed premises in North London called The Serpent Rooms where your fantasies become reality as soon as you enter my world.

I am trained in wrestling and martial arts and enjoy using my physical strength to control you in whatever way I please. I have a matted room for this style of session. Alternatively you can crawl into the dungeon where I would take great pleasure in toying with you for as long as you can handle.

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Mistress May

mayMy duty is to light fires & put them out, to bring joy & pain… enabling your submission to me your Master… To deride, insult desecrate- dazzling & glory is your MasterMayDomme.

Being explicitly a Master of your desires a Goddess of female Domination with the body of a Goddess and the countenance of an angel- a deadly combination. I am the kind of femme fatale that sub/slaves will be honoured to serve. Master exudes a sexy reputality.

I have many names that represent power & glory but you shall call me Master!

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Mistress Andry

andryLesbian feminist supremacist dominatrix based in Central and North London.

I love making proud men confess their inferiority.

Come to me for power-play with a strict but imaginative domme.

I am interested in psychological humiliation, spanking and corporal punishment, anal play, strap-on and dildo use, sissy and gender play, cross-dressing and other fantasy roleplay.

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Mistress Paris – Bedford

parisI am professional and lifestyle dominatrix who runs a fully-equipped dungeon in the Bedford area.

There is nothing more I enjoy than breaking in new slaves and pushing experienced ones to new limits.

I have years of professional experience as a Domme controlling men and steering them into my world of pain, humiliation and sadistic pleasure.

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Kitty Birchwood – Manchester

kitty-birchwood-photo-2Hi, my name’s Kitty Birchwood. I am a strict, mature and sophisticated lady who offers traditional domestic/maternal discipline services.

I particular enjoy what I do and derive a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction reddening the bottoms of naughty boys and girls who require some good old-fashioned discipline. I especially enjoy using my hand to administer a long and hard spanking, especially if it is over my knee.

As well as providing no-nonsense CP sessions I adore role-play, especially playing the part of a strict auntie, governess, neighbour, mummy or boss who has no option but to put you over her knee and spank you until you are left with a sore, red bottom. Alternatively, you might wish to take part in a scenario you’ve always fantasized about.

So what are you waiting for…you know you are in need of some punishment.

I welcome people with all levels of experience from the complete novice to the more experienced.

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Goddess Zeena, Family & Friends – London

goddesszeenaAmazon Goddess.

Standing naturally 5ft 11 , I’m physically and mentally strong.

I dominate my Subs, Sissies with my GENUINE twin Sister, friends and my Aunty.

Located in London/Glasgow.

TWIN DOMINATION – specialise in strap on, Lift and Carry, Humiliation

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thedisciplinarianMy sessions are conducted in an unhurried manner. The type of session you will experience is a matter of personal choice and each session is tailored to your own specific needs or fantasies.

Before your initial session I conduct an informal chat with you to ascertain your requirements, perhaps past experiences and your general perception of discipline.

I welcome all levels from the hardened CP masochists through to novices and I am very gentle and understanding with the complete beginner.

You will find me very understanding of your desires, fantasies and needs.

I delight and relish administering discipline.

I can be severe and formal or casual and chatty. There is something rather special having someone over my knee receiving discipline whilst sharing a joke or chatting about the minutiae of life!

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Miss Cane – Leeds

misscaneI am attractive, intelligent and very experienced in the art of punishment. I have, over a number of years, developed my craft to a point where I am considered one of the UK’s foremost exponents in the art of discipline.

I enjoy administering correction in all its forms and only offer services which I personally enjoy – and I genuinely enjoy administering Corporal Punishment. It gives me a great deal of satisfaction and enjoyment to spank or cane people, no matter the level of severity.

I offer a range of Disciplinary services and chosen fetish activities to submissives, naughty schoolboys, girls and masochists of either sex.

My private Study and Mirrored Punishment room are situated approximately 4 miles from Leeds city centre with parking close by.

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Euphoria Fetish Events – Yorkshire

euphoriafetishevents2There are many different types of fetishes and a range of BDSM activities from kinky bedroom play to hardcore Domination and servitude. As Euphoria Events have become so popular, we offer different events dependent on the level of intensity you want from your party.

We also offer: Equipment Hire for private parties, Domination Tutoring, Jelly Wrestling, Vanilla Parties, Weekend Getaways

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Miss Kay – Hamilton, near Glasgow

misskayI am a mature lady in her prime who has the life experiences to know how and when to be the Disciplinarian you have long been yearning for; whether it be in a strict Mistress / Auntie / Manager / Nurse / Headmistress role. I will make sure you are given the punishment you deserve.

I’m ALL Scottish, independent, educated, easy to get on with, and if you have never done this kind of thing before, you will find me gentle and very understanding and we can take things as slowly as needed to let you relax and enjoy our time together.

I work from a discreet domestic setting close to road and rail links.

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Mistress Chantel Lane – London

london-mistress-chantel-laneI love to be in control. I adore being worshiped. I crave power.

Through my power and your subservience, I will open your mind and take you to a level of deviance you didn’t know existed.

Once here, your progression is imperative.

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Miss Bryce-Jones – Manchester

brycejonesWhether you are a beginner or an experienced player, your fetish and BDSM desires will be teased, taunted and elevated until you are aching for release. Finally, you are left gasping and fulfilled, shivering with satisfaction at the best adult fantasy you will ever experience.

All scenarios at the Mistress Bryce – Jones dungeon is based on the three overriding principles of BDSM: Safe, Sane and Consensual. Rest assured… your fantasies are in the best of hands. We guarantee that your visit to Mistress Bryce – Jones will be unforgettable and will turn your wildest dreams into reality.

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Domina Octavia – London

octaviaDomina Octavia is like a breath of fresh air, cutting through the otherwise stale dominatrix scene. She is young, beautiful and very well educated, with a powerful and passionate personality and always has 100% control over any situation. She is a natural-born dominatrix and BDSM is her lifestyle.

Domina Octavia is passionate about orchestrating high-quality sessions for her slaves. She does not accept any authority and does not care what social level you are from. You will be put in your place and kept there during the magical hours you spend as her slave.

Her professional presentation is a serious matter. She takes great pride in her growing collection of fabulous latex, leather and PVC costumes. She seldom visits a fetish boutique without adding to her wardrobe and her vital statistics are probably known to every fetish designer in London.

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Mistress Bryce Jones – Manchester

manchestermistress7585Your most intimate and wicked fetish fantasies are waiting to come true in the Private Chambers of Mistress Bryce-Jones in Manchester. Mistress Bryce-Jones holds court in a stunning dungeon location in manchester that offers the best of all elements of fetish and BDSM.

There is the Main dungeon fully equipped with custom made BDSM furniture, as well as Private Chambers, School room, Nurses station and lounge area.

The Manchester Mistress Bryce-Jones dungeon experience is discrete, immaculately clean, and designed with the sole purpose to excite your senses and ignite your imagination. It is Manchester’s and probably the UK’s premier BDSM venue in every possible way.

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Lady Veronica Bonavich – Northamptonshire

northants-mistress-2238I am an English Mistress,  interested in attracting gentlemen who feel privileged to worship a refined, elegant and sophisticated lady with a dark side to her.

I enjoy most fetishes and role play scenarios, together I want us to make them reality.

I want to meet intelligent, interesting men. I am a fun person too, I enjoy  someone I can resonate with. When the time comes to be wicked I can be very mean. Think of me like the habit you want to give up but just can’t… the more you resist the stronger the urge.  I am a powerful strong woman.  Men are enchanted by my beauty. I have been told I have a very captivating and enticing aura, once entered you will feel trapped.

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Mistress Pussy Willow – London

pussywillowBeing dominant comes naturally to me, I have been taking charge for as long as I remember. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing my toys completely at my mercy on their knees, with that glazed look in their eyes… What bliss!

My sessions tend to involve a lot of creativity and laughter (usually mine, as I enjoy your writhing and moaning). My favourite thing is to help my little petlings find, explore and accept their kinks and perversions, the filthier the better!

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Headmistress Spice – Port Talbot, S. Wales

headmistressspiceI am mature, attractive and extremely passionate about corporal punishment. I have spent several years working as an holistic therapist but  I have always had a burning desire to play out my dominant nature.

I will happily deal with novices right up to serious players. I love the journey of taking a sub from the beginning of a session and gradually building the tempo with my skills and punishment tools.

My punishment room is located a few minutes off the M4 in Port Talbot, South Wales.

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Mistress BabsB – London

babsbTransexual Dominatrix with fully equipped dungeon and big toys offering bondage and discipline humiliation and light s&m and different levels of spanking and flogging depending on experience and personal barriers although you should expect to push your limits.


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Medical Fetish Mistress – Hampshire / Berkshire / Surrey borders

medicalfetishmistressI have created The Medical Fetish Clinic for individuals who wish to explore medical themed fantasies….. I am a professional Fetish Practitioner with many years’ experience creating and delivering individual’s fantasies. I can be your Doctor, Nurse, Therapist, Matron, Dentist or other medical professional, and have an array of various outfits for you to choose for me to wear during your time with me.

I have a unique style in the art of control and I see myself as the catalyst that unlocks a door to an individual’s world of fantasy. I create a safe playground for them to explore and become their guide in the exciting journey of alternative play within the medical setting. The world I have created is a playground- a theatre- a sweet shop – an eclectic blend of hedonism, kink, fetish, dark sublime erotic journeys, and acceptance of everything that is different. I have a great passion, and fascination of the mind, people’s fantasies, experiences and desire to fulfil their search for the ultimate pleasure.

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Mistress Kali

kaliI am a ruthless and experienced Dominatrix who will have you under my thumb in seconds.

I will dominate you on all levels; aesthetically, intellectually and in my sense of humour.

I adore almost all domination practices; CBT, NT, whipping, spanking, dressing up and needle play to name a handful.

There is nothing that gives me more pleasure than humiliating and inflicting pain on my subs, watching them squirm, and us both deriving pleasure from it. Because pleasure is my paradise.

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Mistress Servalan – London

servalanAs a true Eastern European delight, I am here to fulfil your deepest desires and pleasure you with my extensive dominatrix skills.

Overwhelmed by my power and beauty, you will have no choice but to submit to me and do exactly as I tell you. In return, worshiping my perfect body will be your reward.

While you will be amazed by my superior strength and ability to dominate you with my many wresting skills, my enchanting personality will make your session with me a memorable one, full of excitement and unlimited pleasures, especially if you are keen to experiment and allow me to use my sexy toys on you.

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Mistress Minxy – Yorkshire

yorkshiremistressminxyWelcome to my dungeon of divine pleasure and pain. I am Mistress Minxy and I enjoy the feelings and experiences come from making your deepest, darkest fantasies come alive. I will push you far beyond anything that you ever thought that you could ever endure.

I am a dominatrix who knows what I want and I will have it. Your focus will soon be centred on worshipping my feet as I relax in a chair, or focusing on the sound of my voice echoing of all four walls, or maybe just a simple glance from my blue eyes will have you encapsulated in my essence and powerless to disobey any of my commands.

I am an expert in the art of domination and have experience in catering for numerous fetishes.

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Mistress Lizabeth – Birmingham

lizabethI enjoy all aspects of BDSM and truly believe I was born to be served, worshipped and obeyed.

I am a very classy, sophisticated, well-spoken Mistress who loves nothing more than having a sub on his/her knees looking up at me with adoration, need and respect.

I session from Midland Dungeons but also visit other towns and cities so watch this page for updates!

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Mistress Tatiana

londonmistresstatianaExquisite and talented Professional Dominatrix and Martial arts/wrestling Expert in London.

If you are looking for the ultimate combination of beauty and power, then look no further, I am the perfect Mistress for you. With a perfectly toned and muscular body and trained in mixed martial arts, Brazilian jujitsu and wrestling I will control you physically as well as mentally.

I enjoy engaging with my slaves on an intoxicating level. I will know exactly what you want and how to extend your boundaries in a totally encompassing and wildly intoxicating way.

It will be my pleasure to take you on a journey through BDSM, however experienced you are, I will open you mind to my world and invite you to experience things with me, beyond your wildest imagination.

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Mistress Verity – Herts & London

verityWelcome, fortunate slave, to my kinky world.  You will find me a truly exceptional,  exquisite, captivating  and intelligent English Mistress.

I  work from a discreet, relaxed and comfortable  N. London/ S. Herts-based residence within a 10m drive of J24 of the M25 and with ample nearby parking.

I’m  a 5ft 10” striking green eyed brunette, 38DD, with a toned, athletic and sporty figure, 37 yrs.

As an experienced and wilful dominatrix, I’m passionate and perfectionist in what I do – teasing and tormenting  my slaves is second nature to me.

Be warned; I will captivate you and within minutes assess how I would enjoy dominating you. I will vary your punishment from mild to severe, according to your desire and my whim.

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Mistress Berkeley – Derbyshire

derbymistressberkeleyI am located in Derby. I have been involved within the scene for over 15 years. Mistress Berkeley has a well equiped playroom which is equipped with Fetters BDSM furniture. I am stunning, sadistic, and have a different approach towards domination, where I offer a safe and secure environment for fetish and BDSM lovers.

I welcome both the novice and experienced into my playroom, where I see submission as a strength and not a weakness, your biggest fears maybe unfounded, but you will only know this when you serve the correct Mistress, the one that you feel you can relate with, and no judgement will be made!

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Madame C – Hampshire / Berkshire / Surrey borders

madamecWelcome to a world of sophisticated erotic domination, fantasy and fetish role play and exploration of the minds fantasies. The world I have created is a playground-a theatre-a sweet shop-an eclectic blend of hedonism, kink, fetish, dark sublime erotic journeys, and acceptance of everything that is different. With many years experience of professional Mistressing, fetish film and photographic production and teaching others the art of domination I now prefer to call myself a Fetish Practitioner.

I have a great passion, and fascination of the mind, people’s fantasies, experiences and desire to fulfil their search for the ultimate pleasure.

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Mistress Cara

londonmistresscaraI am a very superior, aristocratic ex ballerina and mature mistress with vacancies for new slaves who are prepared grovel at my elegant nylon clad extremely high heeled feet. I am an extremely decadent and ruthless mistress who is always in control.

Strict training and discipline is essential for weak, worthless slaves who cannot control their urges. On entering my chambers your mistress will take complete control over your mind and body. You have no mind of your own, I own you at all times.

My pleasure is to see the fear in your eyes, I love to see you tremble with that fear. Slaves must always prepare a full confession of their weaknesses and perversion, interrogation is an important part of your training.

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