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Mistress Nyx – Manchester

Intelligent and perceptive domination from a highly skilled and passionate pilgrim of pervery.

Each consensual session is intuitively conducted, only after discussing and fully understanding your kinks, desires and limits.

Virtually all aspects covered from erotic tease and denial, to more extreme and heavy play.

An absolute role-play artisan. Lover of BDSM, the erotically bizarre, psychological control and mind-games, discipline, humiliation, trannies / sissies / feminization, adult babies, weird and wonderful bondage predicaments, extreme medical procedures, rubber, kidnaps, interrogation, humiliation, and all weird and wonderful fetishes.

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Nanny Alice, Adult Baby Nanny & Governess London, UK

Adult Babies, Diaper Lovers little sissies, naughty school boys & slutty girls welcome to contact me with a view of visiting my beautiful, spotlessly clean ABDL Nursery.

As well as the curious, those seeking the “ULTIMATE NO ESCAPE HUMILIATION” of being ‘nannied’, ‘babied’, “sissied” & ‘diapered’!!

‘Firm but fair’ approach, TLC+, whatever is necessary. Role-play, sissification, regression, humiliation, OTK, nursery school medicals…

Nanny Alice, sometimes in the mode of Governess, baby sitter, ‘aunt’ etc. VIVID imagination and HANDS ON!

Fully equipped – custom-made adult baby crib, detachable bars over the top, high-chair, nappy changing massage table (overhead mirrors), rocking examination sling for ‘internals’, hourglass spanking bench, queening stool for more erotic & sensual play, upright bondage frame for bondage & disciplinary aspects of BDSM.

Well stocked – variety of crinkly disposable diapers, terry cloth nappies, plastic pants, cute dresses. Little sissy transformations – PINK, (white and blue) frilly, satin outfits, wigs, makeup, shoes. Fleeces, school apparel for boys.

Examination equipment, disposable enema kits, Hitachi wand, vibrating butt plugs, Venus2000 milking machine, Electro ET-312. Crops, paddles, canes for OTK punishments & motivational purposes etc.

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Mistress  Alice – Dudley

I am a teasing, sensual Mistress with a slightly sadistic, darker side. I never abuse your trust but ensure that every session tests and pushes your limits, drawing you in closer and making you want to please me more. We can explore your curiosities and fears within the world of BDSM, safe in my capable hands and equipment.

I love to mix the soft with the harsh, keeping you guessing and on your toes, to put you into a mind fucking head spin, just for fun, of course!  I enjoy role play, CP, slave punishment, boot/foot worship and so much more…My favourite toy is my Violet Wand.

I am slim, blonde, stand 6ft tall in my heels and am considered attractive. I organise events as well as doing one to one’s and sessions with my submissive girl assisting me.

I have the use of 5 dungeon/playrooms, with some of the latest and most sophisticated equipment available in the Midlands area, so come, kneel and serve me soon.

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London Medical Mistress

Exacting medical Mistress with the finest white medical fetish clinic in London. Robustly equipped for all types of medical fetishes, enema play, anal exams, fisting and perverted medical procedures.

Dr Annabel is a breathplay and serious kit milking specialist with an exacting penchant for control of the male body and mind.

Outstanding white room/rubber fetish clinic with a slant on clinical restraint. A wide range of medical aromas to make you lose time and space, floating into a world of total submission and surrender.

Allow yourself to be used as the ultimate male toy/medical patient. Discreet medical clinic discreetly nestled in London’s uber chic Kensington. A wide range of therapies from the healing to the sadistic.

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Mistress Teressa – Manchester

This Tantalising, Teasing, Busty Brunette is 5’6″ tall and is one of the finest Mistresses in Manchester. She is a Professional Dominatrix with years of experience in the BDSM World and she is always in the pursuit of an alternative, the interesting and the thrilling. She is a Mistress who embraces every opportunity to expand her skills, time after time in fact there is nothing that this Manchester Mistress cannot do!

Mistress Teressa is superb, severe and versatile and also has a variety of skills that very few Mistresses could possibly hope to achieve in the world of Domination in Manchester. She’s talented, exciting and curious and this is all wrapped up in a beautiful package of fun and fabulousness and a sexy hourglass figure.

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Domina Gina – Sheffield & Manchester

I am a passionate professional purveyor of pain based in Sheffield and Manchester.

From my easily-accessible, discreet and luxurious punishment rooms I exercise control over my subs both male and female, dispensing pain with pleasure and at my leisure.

Those who meet the requirements of my selection criteria will be tr eated to a unique experience at the handsof a naturally-gifted dominatrix.

Feel free to enjoy my website and then submit to me for a journey from which you will want no escape.

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Mistress Lily – London

Oriental London Mistress Lily is an attractive, well educated, sensual, sexual, powerful dominatrix!

She enjoys dominating submissive males and females who wish to further their education at her feet or over her knees.

She is open to new ideas and experiences and she would love to explore your various fantasies no matter how unusual or rare they are. As long as they are harmless, safe & consensual.

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Amethyst Hammerfist

Amethyst is not your regular domme – she does not follow rules, she does not want you to call her “Mistress”, “Goddess” or “Lady”, she does not write “me”, “mine”, or “my” with a capital “M”, she does not think men are “scum” and women are superior… but she is alarmingly sadistic and always gets her way, and she always does what she wants; you are just her toy!

Amethyst has been on the London fetish scene for many years and she has experimented and explored that entire time, she lives BDSM and domination, 24/7. Amethyst describes herself as an up-front, caring, pansexual sadomasochist, to her, chemistry and attraction are genderless. Communication is key. Communication is vital and based upon respect, for one another. Most of all, she hasn’t done anything to anyone else that she hasn’t experienced herself.

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Mistress Hush – Bristol

My name is Mistress Hush and I am on a mission to help you discover your darkest desires. Although I most enjoy administering corporal punishment to disobedient males I am more than happy to indulge in other forms of torture. However, sensuality may come to those who deserve it.

A voluptuous Mistress, busty with a body to both worship and die for, I do enjoy seeing My creatures struggling in their bonds or in their place at My pretty and petite feet. Sounding is also a favourite of mine.

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Mistress GT – Hackney

I am the dominatrix here to make both our dreams come true, I’ll put you in a blissful subspace like you’ve never experienced before. I like to get to know my slaves on a personal level so that when it comes to playtime I can put you in to your purest, deepest trance.

The slaves that I have are committed to me because of my different attitude to a lot of other mistresses; I like to be friendly, open and honest about everything to build a rapport and a real connection over time.

Don’t let my smiles fool you, I am very strong, dominant and punishing. I will ask you your boundaries, I will respect them, and then I will push them.

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Mistress Torment – Wigan

My speciality is sensual sadism – one minute you will be in raptures of lust and the next minute you will be in tortured agony. I have a sense for a slave’s limits, and will push them but also respect them.

Before your session, we will discuss your likes and dislikes, and you will need to make me aware of any medical conditions and hard limits. I have very few taboos and have pretty much seen it all, so do not be embarrassed to ask for what you want.

I have an extensive wardrobe, I particularly love the look and feel of latex against my skin. If you have a preference for a particular clothing style then you should make me aware when you book. I work from my own private chambers, or have use of a fully equipped professional dungeon on Merseyside if you prefer.

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Mistress Strapon Jane – Slough

The original notorious Strapon Jane, now available for either one2one domination sessions or double duo sessions with the infamous Mistress Saffy.

Specialising in strapon, fantasy role-play, BDSM and all things fetish & kinky.

An amazing well equipped dungeon space of 55sqm with ample parking in a discreet luxury location in Slough.

With a love for nylons, heels, boots, pantyhose, PVC latex and leather.

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Mistress Megara Furie – Glasgow

As an experienced Mistress, Megara has a broad spectrum of skills and loves to experience with subs of all levels. Limits will be respected but be prepared that when a slave is truly indulged those boundaries are liable to be pushed (ever so slightly) bringing endorphic exhilaration and absolute submission.

Fetish itself is irrelevant – the reactions are what matter so all Mistress asks is that you show up, physically and mentally and allow yourself to fall deeply into the subspace Mistress will create for you, regardless of your fetish.

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Ma’am Malice – Blackpool

Ma’am Malice the Sensual,Salacious,Sadist. 10 years in the business with a wicked mind & a sharp tongue.Plus Sized & powerful filled with a lust for taboo & debauchery! Corporal Punishment, slave training,facesitting, chaste & impact play to name but a few specialties that Ma’am enjoys to indulge in with fellow perverts! Allow my voluptuous body to ensnare your senses, my words to bewitch your mind & my expertise to whip you into a world of magic.The true nature of submission.

Kinksters, sissies, subs, sluts and those seasoned slaves are all welcome to join The Orange Order! Mindfuck to the extreme with emerald eyes that draw you ever further down the rabbit hole of a D/s relationship!

Come & discover your never ending journey through the delights that BDSM has to offer your existence! It’s time to Kneel for Ma’am & Serve Malice!

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Mistress Chloe – Swindon

I am Swindon’s Mistress Chloe. I take no non-sense & will address the behavioural problems of naughty boys of all consenting ages.

I’m an expert in domestic Corporal Punishment either as needed or served! I like nothing more than leaving your bottom pink and burning and if needed will spank you to tears. Once I get my favourite cane, riding crop, paddle or belt out you will understand that I DO NOT TOLERATE MISBEHAVIOUR!! I enjoy how pathetic and vulnerable you are under my gaze as I have complete control over you. I have the use of a fully equipped playroom or a domestic setting, you choose.

I am passionate about my lifestyle and if you’re new I’m happy to guide you if that is what you need. I would love to hear more about your needs and desires, they drive me. Tell me what you need.

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Mistress Claire Delacroix – Bristol

Now based in Bristol I am an Italian Top Mistress with a deep and elegant charm.  My angelic beauty, due to its sinful nature will make you bow down to my divine feet, losing yourselves in adoration and submission, succubi of my domination of real and upper class, but also especially sadistic.

I am a great lover of many Fetish and BDSM practices, to which I will subject you with objective and extensive knowledge and awareness, albeit with unyielding and categorical determination.

I love to inflict suffering and pain, first with persuasive sweetness and then with great sadism and satisfaction, reaching the limits of the slave by means of several impact tools, among which I prefer my long whips, but also paddles, canes, floggers and much more. I really like to perform clinical sessions, I love needles and engravings, but I also enjoy role-playing games

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Madam Press – Halifax

Madam Press practices a fine vintage style of female domination at The Dollhouse for discipline & punishment and The Babydoll Nursery for infantilisation & sissification.

In Madam’s hands, the man is pressed into a more pleasing condition, mentally and physically. He is restrained and pacified, controlled and corrected, disciplined & punished, nappied and frillied, preened and petted, and teased and tormented; as she so pleases. Such a vulnerable and helpless plaything he becomes: a human toy, a puppet, a doll, indeed.

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Mistress Phoebe – Blackpool

I undertake many forms of play – from verbal abuse to restraints and physical torture. I have a qualification in Drama, so I love all kinds of roleplay that range from medical scenes to headmistress. You can also be a naughty school boy eager to please an intimidating headmistress. I love to use my paddle, whips, cats and canes to whip you up into a frenzy – making your little bottom red and sore while you scream and beg for mercy. And if you don’t confirm to my demands you shall be cuffed until you submit to my full force. I will take great delight in reminding you of your worthlessness while you worship me like the little sissy slut that you are.

However, please note I don’t consider findom, blackmail or maid services/duties.

All forms of domination/BDSM take place in a domestic house, not a dungeon.

Although I am firm I am also fair and I believe communication skills are essential with this lifestyle and I will do my utmost to listen to your desires, needs and wishes.

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Mistress Eve – London

Hello, I am Mistress Eve, the ultimate professional Femdom Mistress, fetish latex/ lingerie published model and leading London Dominatrix. Described as a “Sado Beauty”, “Glaminatrix”, “Sex Goddess” and “The Original Sin!”

I am strict, glamorous, sensual, adore being worshiped and an expert practitioner of BDSM offering mild to wild BDSM and Fetish sessions.

You are invited to enter My wonderful world of pleasure and pain domain. A mental and physical playground of fun and fantasy where erotica and kink are a common thread that will bind you

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Mistress Esme

My name is Mistress Esme I am a Pro Domina based in London.  I am not like the stereotypical Professional Dominant. First and foremost being Dominant is not just a job to me, it’s a way of life.
A passion and something I fundamentally enjoy and believe in. Time spent with me is not about a shopping list of ideas, it’s about an ethos, a time when you can come and be under my control, and allow me to be the creative Dominant that you will soon realise I am. Using the skills and knowledge I’ve built over 10 years to ensure that we both find that joy and passion in a truly Dominant and submissive exchange.

I’m bubbly and outgoing and like nothing more than to laugh and have fun as we spend time together. Time spent in my presence will give me the chance to take your submission and use it in my own inimitable style, for a real and true D/s encounter.

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Mistress O – Bristol

Offering the ultimate in curated escapism: educated – experienced – imaginative – discreet.

Standing over 6ft in heels, dark hair, green eyes…I am an exacting Mistress who relishes all aspects of BDSM and fetish play. Those who session with me will find it a most natural experience.

In serving me you will be among a select group who allow themselves the freedom to enjoy enslavement and servitude to a truly unique Mistress. From sensual tie and tease to extreme heavy bondage and total power exchange, I enjoy all aspects of BDSM. Particularly CP including OTK hand spanking and traditional British Caning – always accurately and expertly delivered.

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Goddess Vea Luz – London

Your Goddess Vea Luz, I am a London based experienced professional Dominatrix, Fetish Model and Performer.

I am the physical portal to kink for your deviant soul. I will guide you through your personal journey, edify your spirit and subjugate you into a thorough exploration of an uncharted world of sensations which will awaken that fervour in you which you never knew existed.

With my eyes I will arrest you, with my body I will stun you and with my cool, calm and assertive voice I will enchant you and have you at my mercy for good.

You will solely exist to serve, to worship, to suffer, to savour your Goddess, your Mistress, your saviour.

I offer a vast range of services, right in the heart of London in my FULLY EQUIPPED DUNGEON

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Mistress Felice – Glasgow

I am a beautiful, slim, enticing dominatrix who you shall learn to worship. I enjoy developing an ongoing relationship with my clients, sharing a journey in BDSM to explore, experience and embrace.

Whether you wish to feel the bite of my cane, smooth sensual domination, humiliation, being physically examined by my sounds, the depths of sensory play, or to experience sissification at the hands of an expert I can guarantee a unique experience that both of us shall enjoy.

All sessions are tailored to personal limits and tolerances and I make a point of talking to you to ensure that every session experience fulfils your needs.

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Mistress Monroe – Swindon

I’m mistress Monroe, I’m a mature dominatrix/disciplinarian.

I love nothing better than to have a slave under my control, I’m very strict but fair (unless you try to treat me like a fool). I can be sensual but I can also be a complete bitch, I may smile but I can be your worst nightmare, now it’s your turn if you dare.

Sessions take place in a very well equipped playroom in Swindon. Domestic premises in Swindon are also available.

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Mistress Eliza-Lou – Yorkshire

I’m a curvaceous Temptress who doesn’t need to scream and shout to get what I want from my slaves. My sessions have a natural propensity for sensual, strict and seductive prowess.

I have fully embraced and relished in my desire to Dominate within my personal life as well as professional for many years, so you can rest assured you are in very capable hands. Our desire for BDSM & alternative kink never goes away so embrace yours, let it grow and let us embark on your journey together.

My sessions are centred around the first rule of BDSM SSC safe, sane & consensual. Every session is tailored to each clients individual requirements.

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Trans Mistress Ashleigh – Glasgow

My name is Mistress Ashleigh. I am a Scottish transgender dominatrix with a love for fetish.

I specialise in adult baby, BDSM, bondage, chastity, crossdresser / transvestite, domestic servitude, house maid, humiliation, medical, pony play, puppy play and sissy play. I am very open minded and I will consider virtually any fetish as long as it can be done safely.

I very much enjoy controlling submissive slaves and I love experimenting with new fetishes and twists to fetishes I’m already familiar with.

I work from Scotland’s largest dungeon which is based in central Glasgow. I have access to lots of equipment including; st. Andrew’s cross, cage, suspension frame, spanking bench, bondage throne, full size spinning bondage wheel, stocks / pillory, straitjacket, bondage bodybag, medical table, milking machine, strap on, vintage manacles, schoolroom with desks and blackboard, splosh tank, adult baby crib and lots more besides.

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Miselektra – London

I am a vivacious (34-24-38), slim thick black goddess based in east London, Mile End. I absolutely love being in charge, not only arse but mind fucking My subjects.

I enjoy most aspects of BDSM and have a wide array of kinktrests for example Tie and tease, Bondage, Caning, whipping, strap on play, sissy training, foot worship, water sports, various scenarios of role play. I can’t mention all so just get in touch.

I am very much into discipline so be prepared to learn My virtues and respect My virtues, the number one being good communication, so go ahead and send Me an email

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Mistress Sakura Strike – London

As your Mistress, I can be soft and sensual, or cruel and sadistic – this all depends on you. Are you a novice who requires a strict but gentle Mistress… or a well seasoned pervert who delights in misbehaving, just to feel the stroke of my cane on your skin? Maybe even a little slut, who would like some training so you may one day graduate into a full service whore?

From the moment I start the design process of your session, choose an outfit and prepare our play-space, to the way we finish our time together, I like ensuring each encounter you have with me feels special. For this, each time is carefully planned and tailored to fit your favourite fetishes and kinky needs, taking into account all that you’ve told me about yourself. Let’s explore your fantasies together and remember, I’m not called Sakura STRIKE for nothing!

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Empress Akari – Bristol

Empress Akari, an Empress in Her own right. Elegant, sophisticated, loved and feared but above all, Dominant.

The need to submit is an ever growing one, that a bottom, slave or submissive yearns for, especially when they have finally met the one who they wish to serve. I will command and teach you to fall into place. For slave training with me is like no other. Submission, slave training nor any other aspect of BDSM should be taken lightly, but with a swift and delicate hand guiding you onto the right path. I suffer no fools and take no prisoners. Do not disappoint Me.

The world of BDSM is vast and wide, with many avenues to explore. With my years of exploration, finding what suits and exploring it safely in my capable hands is an experience like no other. Whether you wish to understand masochism further or explore tie and tease, my knowledge is beyond my years. Perhaps you are looking to explore further with other submissives to kneel with you. My female submissive Silvia with whom I session with on a regular basis, as well as male slave kane are available to session with, with further details available on my website. They know how to submit and tease you beyond your wildest imagination.

If you are experiencing BDSM for the first time, I will calm your nerves and guide the way with dominance yet understanding. If you have experience, I will help you explore further beyond what you had previously imagined. My specialties and interests lie far and wide, in everything from foot worship to corporal punishment, role-play, bondage, medical, slave training, S & M and so forth. Further details are listed on my site. Soon, you will surrender your mind, body and soul to Me.

I am available for sessions with minimum 1 days notice. Sessions are from Bristol based locations.

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Mistress Liliana – London

What you need is My command and reign over you. I unlock your potential and lock in all resistance until your training has finished.

I’m a hard yet sensual Domina who gives harsh discipline and BDSM to those slaves and subs who need it dearly to progress to the highest degree of submission.

What I enjoy the most is the psychological and carnal connection established with my servants.

If you are an inspiring sub or slave I will bring you to a path up to the highest disciplinary level.

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Mistress Veronica

I am Mistress Veronica, a beautiful, dark-haired English Amazon Queen. I am the epitome of everything that you might want in a Mistress. I’m always immaculate, professional, discrete and as hard as you could ever need. If you crave submission, want to be controlled, shamed and left breathless, then you need Mistress Veronica even more than you might want Her.

Whatever your level of experience or desires, I understand exactly what makes a man like you seek a Queen like Me. I will help you reach even your darkest fantasies.

I will provide an unforgettable experience, every time we meet, for you, a discerning, intelligent and obedient gentleman. This beautiful, athletic, dark-haired Domme takes great pleasure in exploring your imagination, your desires, your fantasies; tempting you, teasing you and testing your limits.

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Mistress Lagertha – Walsall

Look no further you’ve found a truly Dominant woman, who lives and breathes aspects of BDSM with every fibre of her being, in all areas of her everyday life, which is not just a persona! Now all you need to do now is earn favour with me, by proving your worthiness if you want to be allowed the privilege of being in my presence.

I’ve been enjoying BDSM in my personal life since 2009. I’ve learnt from some of the best specialists and experts over the years. And now offer these skills and knowledge to those who seek to
experience them with me during a privately booked session. I truly love what I do, getting what I want from peoples reactions, especially to put men in their place, as is the way of female domination. I learned my craft tormenting female and male subs/slaves, ranging in ages between 18 and well into their 90’s, both new and experienced.

I will laugh at the creative predicaments and situations I put you into. I enjoy realism in my role play sessions, so much so I’ll have you believing every moment of it. I have high expectations with
protocol and the more serious side too; being strict, domineering, stern, cruel and mean to those who deserve it. The mastery of the skill and expertise, it takes to maintain total control, is very
important to me. While at all times being aware and safe within the boundaries of anticipated risk.

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Duchess Eloise – London

Descended from English aristocracy, Duchess Eloise is a highly skilled and extremely experienced lifestyle and professional Dominatrix.

I expect absolute subservience from My subjects. If I am satisfied with your submission, I alone will decide whether you deserve a treat or further torment.

I enjoy teasing My playthings, so expect to be kept enthralled, whether I’m putting you through a rigorous training programme or using you as a test subject for My e-stim toys. I am not averse to using corporal punishment to ensure My subjects meet My exacting standards. If you are good, I may decide to use your face as a cushion on which to rest My beautiful derriere. Maybe I’ll decide that you need a pounding with My largest strap-on.

Elegant, educated and an Explorer of the erotic, you will be instantly captivated as I guide you through all the sumptuous sensations that BDSM has to offer.

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Miss Hastings – Wakefield

With over 25 years experience on the spanking and BDSM scene, you can be confident that you’re in good firm hands.

Previously I have worked under the name of Lady Libertine during my years on the BDSM scene and Miss Hastings-Gore in the Spanking/School CP scene.

I now continue to specialise in old fashioned school CP at the UK’s largest adult school premises which has taken years to develop.

I am available for 1-1 sessions, doubles with a quality sub girl and you are welcome to attend one of my full mixed school days or detention days at my Wakefield premises.

I respect limits whilst pushing you at the same time. I’m a stern and naturally dominant woman so you can expect to be put in your place as soon as we engage in play.

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Mistress Terra – London

My name is Mistress Terra. I am a rare gem within the dominatrix world as I defy traditional stereotypes and expectations. My ethnic heritage is unique, a combination of East meets West, the complete embodiment of exotic beauty.

Upon entering my website and understanding all the requirements needed to ensure you secure a session with me you may submit your application with the hope that you may meet with me.

I will customise your session with me, taking into account your hard/soft limits, expectations, experience, needs, and desires.

As a goddess, I expect you to please me, worship and spoil me. I love nothing more than a man dancing to the tune of my every whim and behaving like a well-trained pet always at the heel of his beloved Mistress.

I hold sessions at a fully equipped Central London dungeon, the location is easily accessible via various transport links

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Ms Amelia Birch – Halifax

ameliabirchWhatever your expectations I take the time to listen and fully understand your requirements to enable the fulfilment of your fantasies.  You will not be left disappointed.  I have been told I have a natural talent for dominant role play and will leave you begging to be allowed to return.

I demand and will receive total obedience and servitude from you whether you are looking for an intense punishment session experiencing the pleasure of pain or simply wish to worship and adore me


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Mistress Ella – Huddersfield

Many people think BDSM is all about pain. It doesn’t have to be. It’s all about giving over control and trust to Me. Let Me show you the difference between pain and pleasurable pain, as well as the most exquisite humiliation and degradation.

I turn fantasies into reality. I will manipulate, tease and use you for my own pleasure.

In my fully equipped Chambers, I have an excellent selection of paddles, whips, floggers, anal toys including strap on, electrics, etc.

I have a large selection of latex, pvc and leather wear with thigh length boots and very high heels.

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The Cruel Adventuress – London

Taking the dark craft of FemDom, I have, over the years, honed it and used it to My advantage. I love nothing more than to be both served and worshiped; so know your place, take your place and you might just, somehow, benefit from being amidst and subject to, the games I so love to play.

Dark English Dominatrix with experience, talent, skills and a deep seated drive for BDSM. Have you the will to powerlessness?


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