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Mistress Velvet – Manchester

Under my expert hand my slaves will fully acquiesce to my every command.  The outside world will melt away as you become intoxicated by me.  You will be completely overpowered as I take control and bring you to an apex of sexual intensity of bodily awareness.

Whether your kink is to be lashed with the cane or teased and edge played into a crescendo of sensuality I will fully cater our session to suit your individual need and embrace your deepest desires.

By embracing your innermost passion to be completely owned by a dominant, sensual woman you will know what it feels like to be truly alive.  As your Mistress I will complete your soul.

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The Cruel Adventuress – London

The Cruel Adventuress will take you to places buried deep within your darkest desires and then do as she pleases…A London Mistress for over 9 years (formerly Mistress Sadie Of London) there is not much she does not indulge or excel in.

Novices to old hands will appreciate her style, intelligence and experience so make that enquiry today, for you know that it is for the very best. Email for a fast response and as the first point of contact.

Same day sessions, at times, available.

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Sara Lips Wrestling – London

Experience the ultimate feeling of domination by the beauty of an Amazonian Goddess.  Amazon, Model, Iron Junkie, Wrestler Dominatrix and all round KICK ASS Girl!

I will control you both mentally and physically. And, once I have you under my control you will become weaker than ever…embracing every curve a woman should possess, you will devour me as the epitome of strong women. I take great pride in my role and have a real interest in the power exchange that occurs between us. I enjoy everything I do and will listen to your desires and fantasies and use my skills to explore your fetishes and turn them into reality. I will know exactly what you want and how to extend your boundaries in a totally encompassing and wildly intoxicating way. You will not leave disappointed!

Sarah Lip’s alter ego “Princess Pain” will intimidate, dominate and have you begging for her mercy…. She loves a sweaty semi competitive wrestling challenge as well as letting the imagination go wild in fantasy, domination, and role-play wrestling.

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Domina Jemma – M5 between junctions 13 & 14

Lifestyle and Professional Mistress with 15 years international experience in fetish and BDSM. Fetish Model and Performer, Bondager, Sex Coach and Educator.

Luxury equipped dungeon located just off the M5 between junctions 13 & 14, easily accessible from Bristol, Bath, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Swindon, Newport and Cardiff.

Available for sessions most days, and for Double Domme sessions with Nikky French of Bristol every Tuesday.

Same day bookings, to be confirmed in the morning between 10am – midday. MUST CALL DIRECTLY TO BOOK.

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Miss Kay O – London

There’s nothing I enjoy more than giving, be it Corporal Punishment, Spanking, Paddling, Flogging, Caning and all forms of Sensory Deprivation.

I’m a Domme of many talents, but when it comes to using my famous Strap-On, my hands, and other forms of Anal Play, I am second to none. Not to mention CBT and Nipple Torture. And just in case you were wondering, my beautiful feet are every foot fetishist’s Achilles Heel. Seriously.

In addition to classic BDSM, I also offer Mixed Wrestling Sessions (Fantasy, Semi-Competitive, and Competitive), as well as Face Sitting, Beatdowns and One-Sided Boxing/Kick Boxing/MMA.
I’m physically strong and I’ve been doing Martial Arts for years. With great power comes great responsibility. So I hope you’re ready. But we’ll start soft and slow. Before I push you to your limits.

Understate me at your peril.

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Mistress Maria – Kent & London

I am a Professional Dominatrix working across Kent, Surrey, Sussex, South/Central London. I offer authentic sessions in a fully equipped private dungeon in North Kent & Central London.

I offer both a domination and humiliation service to experienced subs or those just starting out on their sub journey. I cater for a wide range of tastes and can tailor sessions to suit individuals.

There is not much I haven’t heard of so if you have something in particular in mind please feel free to contact me to discuss.

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Mistress Paris

I am a mistress who likes to be in complete control.

I like to be obeyed and my instructions followed to a tee.

I enjoy playing with my submissives and mixing pain with pleasure.

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Mistress Ava

I am Mistress Ava. An experienced English dominatrix who is intelligent, sophisticated and highly articulate.

I have the imagination, perception and understanding to expand your horizons, to develop your own fantasies to the limit and beyond and also to provide a touch of the unexpected.

I have a genuine passion to dominate and completely control men.

BDSM for me is not something that I fell into but rather was drawn to as my calling. I have unique skills in unleashing your wildest fantasy. I am confident, severe, sensual and uncompromising in my belief that I am to be served and obeyed without question.

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Mistress Sofia – Swindon

sofiaI am Mistress Sofia, a mature sensual yet Sadistic Dominatrix. I have been a Mistress for many years and have many slaves under my feet. Some have been unwilling to submit to me but none have been successful.

I can be a cold heartless bitch in fact your worse nightmare, but it wont stop you becoming devoted to me. I don’t suffer fools gladly and all men are fools.

I am at my happiest with a cane in my hand or a slave’s balls under my boots.

If you are new to the scene I am not a total ogre, you may find my maturity and appealing concept when understanding your limits, but in saying that I do expect my slaves to be pushed to their limits.

Do I have a softer side? I defy you to find it.

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Amethyst Hammerfist – London

amethystAmethyst has been on the London fetish scene for ten years, she’s experimented and explored that entire time, she has been fucking men, women and transwomen with her strap-on for even longer. She loves her colourful strap-ons. Amethyst describes herself as an honest, caring, pansexual sadomasochist; chemistry and attraction is genderless and communication is key. Most of all, she hasn’t done anything to anyone else that she hasn’t experienced herself.

Amethyst is queen of forceful facesitting, and breathplay through facesitting, breastsmothers and handsmothering. She is mean, strong and playful, even her giggle is bloodthirsty. Her experience as a professional mixed wrestler means she knows how to use her body to control you, wear you out, to inflict pain and to seduce. Like her wrestling sessions, her cruel girlfriend sessions are intense, provocative and feisty.

As well as forceful facesitting with breathplay, Amethyst serves a mean beatdown. She also loves roleplay, pet play, needle play, gagging, spitting, watersports, forced feminisation, and anal play/pegging.

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Jolene Facesitting Queen – Haltwhistle

joleneThere is nothing more thrilling or more powerful than when I lower my huge bottom on a submissive’s face, pulling apart my voluptuous buttocks in readiness to smother this poor, pathetic weakling laid bound at a corner of my bed.

I ordered him to take a deep breath, “it could be your last”, I chuckle gleefully as the power of control overwhelms me. Knowing full well that the last thing he will see is my huge bottom, pulled wide and slowly being lowered into his face then dropped with a loud slap as my cheeks bounce against his face, it could be the last beautiful sight he will ever see.

I know he doesn’t care, he wants to surrender to his queen’s amazingly, gorgeous bottom and be lost in there forever!

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Mistress V – Huddersfield

mistressvI am an attractive Mistress, curvaceous, sexy, seductive, elegant and sensuous, with a good sense of humour.

I have enjoyed this lifestyle for some time and have derived pleasure from the control and domination of men.

I can be sensual or severe as the occasion demands and my interests include bondage, restraint, body worship and tie and tease, plus more severe treatments for those who deserve it.

I will test but respect your limits at all times in a controlled and safe environment.

The majority of BDSM and Fetish activities are catered for. See my website for details.

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Miss Kendal – Staffordshire

kendalI am petite, but do not let my size lull you into a false sense of security – there is fire behind my eyes…

I am educated, beautiful and well spoken. My approach is calm and calculated.

Do you crave a feeling of inferiority? Of humility? Of degradation? I am happy to oblige.

I create real experiences; I require no leather or PVC in order to set your mind alight with desire. No intimidating dungeon awaits you; my preference is to dominate people in natural settings – I prefer the intimacy and juxtaposition of the real mixed with the surreal.

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Mistress Cindy – Bristol

cindyWelcome to the fetish hotel Bristol, your hotel host is Ms Cindy the queen of roleplays & scenarios, I am a very experienced transgender female Mistress originally from London. The activities I really enjoy and of which amuses me a great deal are of course roleplay/cosplay and scenarios, humiliation and degradation, whipping, spanking, body worship also administering electrics and breathplay I do really find very enjoyable and stimulating.

I do especially adore people with a good imagination also slaves with a nylon stockings/pantyhose fetish or the rubber gimp, suited in a catsuit and hood with a full face gas mask. You must be well mannered and respectable and preferably over 35 with a knowledge of the Mistress scene and how it all works.

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Mistress Jones – Manchester

mistressjonesAllow me to delve into your mind and your soul, make you mine and deliver you to your own personal paradise.

Needle play, CP, BDSM, Foot Worship, Clothed Face Sitting, the list goes on.

I very much enjoy NEEDLE PLAY and can guarantee that you are in extremely safe hands with me as a trained piercer with 10 years of experience, therefore your penis, scrotum, breasts or vagina will be seriously satisfied!

How would you like me to punish you today, are you prepared to satisfy my wicked nature?

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Mistress Electra Fox – High Wycombe

electrafoxI am a young beautiful and experienced Domme and I am the ultimate when it comes to being dominant as it comes naturally to me and I enjoy it. I can’t think of anything more satisfying then seeing a pathetic slave drop to his knees before me.

I find it amusing when they tremble in fear as they gaze up at me towering above them. I have a very slim and sexy figure with long shapely legs that take me up to over 6ft in heels. deep brown eyes and long luscious fire red hair that shows my erotic and kinky side.

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Nicole BDSM – London

nicolebdsmI’m a young BDSM Mistress that has lived the lifestyle and now offering Pro Domme sessions to potential subs. I am passionate about connecting my subs and making sure I find you hidden desires and push your limits. I love long sessions with subs to really enjoy their company and make sure they serve me properly.

I love travelling, going out on dinner dates, and just having adventures with my subs.I can also be your BDSM personal trainer. You can always send me a message if you are into alternative sessions.

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Mistress Taylor – Lancs / West Yorks

taylorI am a Woman, a Mistress and a Goddess in one.

I am open-minded, confident, sophisticated, well educated and, most importantly, passionate. I have the ability to demonstrate a full spectrum of characteristics – from soft, attentive and tender to ruthless, sadistic and severe.

I am located on the West Yorkshire/Lancashire border and I have access to dungeons in Manchester and Chatham, Kent.

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Mistress Alana

alanaYour London Mistress adores corporal punishment and ballbusting in equal parts. I am truly in my element when I get to perform these activities.

When my sensual erotic side does want to come out to play I derive great pleasure from tie and tease, it also satisfies my wicked sense of humour and need for control. I consider myself to be
very privileged to have an inherent sadistic streak yet have the ability to be sensual and sultry when it suits your London Dominatrix Mistress Alana. It is these characteristics that give me the
capability to find enjoyment and satisfaction in both sensual and erotic sessions right up to cruel and sadistic sessions.

A session with me cannot be described as each individual and each fantasy the individual has is unique.

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Momma Bea – Manchester

mommybeaHello my name is Bea, you can call me Momma Bea.

I have wondered for a long time why I like to nurture and cuddle those around me.

I have wondered why it gives me the greatest sense of satisfaction to have my special boys and girls in my arms, drifting off to a lullaby.

The answer is quite simple I am naturally maternal. However, if my baby decides to misbehave, over my knee you go for a sound spanking or corner time.

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Mistress Ella Eve – Stoke-on-Trent

ellaeveI am Mistress Ella Eve, a genuine Pro Domme. Those who are lucky enough to be granted an audience are invited to attend my dedicated dungeon room within my chambers in Longton, Stoke on Trent (ST3).

As a professional Dominatrix I have a versatile style, Mistresses are born not made !!! I enjoy the psychological along side the physical.

I have a naturally strong presence and demand respect and deference and all times, anyone can buy a crop and demand control using only rudeness and pain but personally I believe in an holistic approach to Domination.

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Miss Kami Robertson

kamirobertsonI’m Miss Kami Robertson – experienced CP Specialist, Disciplinarian and professional Mistress.

I offer CP and discipline sessions, corrective therapy, BDSM and sensual play as well as roleplay and relaxation, spanking therapy.

I’m a lady with a cruel streak for those who need or deserve it and a gentle side for those wanting to relax.

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Mistress Empathy – Liverpool

mistress-empathyI’m Mistress Empathy ‘TheFetTherapist’. An experienced, mature, very kinky & sexy, sassy lady.

What sets Me apart are my university qualifications & broad career span as a therapist. I understand your darkest needs & fetish desires & I will delve deeply inside your innermost mind, be sure of this.

Engage with Me in stimulating conversation & prepare to be mesmerised. You will give your complete submission to Me, as I Dominate you with scenes of rubber, bondage & breathplay.

Of course, My repertoire is extensive, befitting a Mistress of My stature within the scene.

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Mistress Suki – Bristol

suki2Mistress Suki, “she’s in a completely different league”

I’m Mistress Suki

I am 5’9”, size 10 sadistic and stunning. I am superior. Therefore, I invite male creatures, who think they may be worthy, to visit Me at My dungeon and worship and serve Me as I enjoy My journey through the world of fetish, fantasy and Female domination.

I will take you from divine to unbearable and back again, I’m skilled and a true Mistress of control. I enjoy putting men in their place.. at my feet! Humiliating them and having them serve me while I giggle at their pain. I love it when you wriggle, trying to escape your bonds. Of course you will not succeed until I’m finished. I love your helplessness, I’m genuinely sadistic and find my work arousing and satisfying…

I am as diverse as silk and steel..

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Mistress Dominica de Sin

ddsI am Dominica de Sin, a London based Dominatrix .My family heritage has a long line of school teachers therefore I am the perfect Mistress to punish naughty boys like you,but I also know the perfect timing to reward. From early on in my life I have always been interested in the world of  BDSM, later on I became a practitioner. My one  year formal  training began, in London with a very well known Dominatrix. I enjoy most aspects of BDSM and I am  passionate about  exploring all different desires.

Contact hours between 11am-9pm.

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Mistress Sinsa – Liverpool

sinsaI am an experienced, well rounded Dominatrix and Fetishist. I possess the ability to go from playful to ruthless in a matter of seconds. I enjoy exploring new ways to place my captives in bondage and then using them to suit my desires while they are helpless.

Take a tour of my site and if you don’t see your kink or fetish then be sure to ask me about it.

Same day/short notice sessions are sometimes available but please note that a minimum of 2 hours notice is essential for same day sessions.

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Lady Dark Angel – Matlock, Derbyshire

ladydarkangelI am Lady Dark Angel, Queen of punishment and pain, a professional dominatrix offering domination services in My new characterful dungeon near Derby in the beautiful setting of the Peak District.

I seek  submissives who are willing to serve a true uncompromising Goddess.

Complete confidentiality is assured so you may be entirely comfortable in opening yourself to me since I wish to know you as you get to know Me.

Once in My clutches, there is no escape. Nor will you wish to.

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Mistress Luna – London

lunaHigh Class Adult Entertainer – Mistress Luna Spanish Domme.

Specialized in Bondage * Medical Scenarios * Rubber * Leather * Adult Babies * Cross Dressing and much more, check my websites for info – pictures and free videos.

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Mistress Eclipse – Manchester

eclipseI am a sophisticated, dominant, woman who deserves to be worshipped & loves training kinky subs to meet My standards.

At a mere 5ft 1inches you’ll soon discover that what I lack in height I make up for in authority. My size 4 feet will have no problem with putting you in your place while we carry out our kinks. On that note- trampling and foot worship are one of My many titillations.

When you’re with Me, in the enclosed space of a dungeon/ strapped to a medical chair/ tucked into a cot, there’s no doubt that your boundaries will be respected yet pushed and your fantasies played out to euphoria.

You’ll find yourself begging for things you never knew you desired and our invisible bond will grasp you so hard that you’ll struggle to leave.

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Mistress Sakura Strike – Manchester

sakuraDo you dare to meet the dark, Asian and beautiful Mistress Sakura Strike? Are you brave enough to submit to her exotic wiles?

Worship her waist length, dark hair and trim waistline. Beg to gain a glimpse of the forbidden flesh that is hidden behind her collection of tight leather and latex outfits. Promise to do anything to be allowed to kneel in her presence, to be her plaything.

Mistress Sakura Strike can see deep into your soul and knows the dark secrets you keep there. She knows how to tease every naughty submissive she chooses to spend her time with, knows how to pull their darkest wishes into reality and make them beg for more.

Her dungeon is fully equipped with rooms dedicated to everything from initiating a novice, medical play, and a red room of pain for the more adventurous enthusiast.

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Mistress Venus Vendetta

venusvendettaI am a classic English beauty with a distinct talent for reducing grown men to a whimper at my feet. I am a slender but statuesque 6ft tall, with flame red hair and piercing blue eyes. And I revel in using my powerful prowess to spellbind men into total, helpless devotion…

Creative domination is an instinctive artistry for me. It is not something I have learnt – it is who I am. There is little I love more than the power and control of pinpointing your weaknesses and pushing them far beyond the wildest stretches of your imagination. You will be left suspended in sheer excitement and intimidation by the thrill of my ruthlessly inventive play.

It wont take long for you to become familiar with my twisted smile… I simply can’t contain it when I have men squirming under my thumb, begging for mercy.

So. If you are seeking something that is unique, sensual, savage and sublime, then you have come to the right place.

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Miss Suzanna Maxwell – Manchester

maxwellI believe some people are born to lead and some to follow – I was most definitely created to rule. BDSM for me is not about heartlessness. It’s about adrenaline, passion, excitement and creativity. Once you’ve had a taste there is no going back.

I was born with an innate gift for dominating men and making them submit to my will. I have now embraced my true passion fully, in my lifestyle and profession. It resonates in everything I do and everything that I am.

My opulent and sensually dominating personality inspires submission and worship.


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Mistress Penny Brooks – Chelmsford

pennybrooksEssex based mistress, working from a domestic setting, catering for most fetishes:

CP, CBT, role-play, humiliation, degradation, watersports, toilet-training, T&T, foot and leg worship, shoe and boot worship, sissyfication, domestic servitude and many more.


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Mistress Zara Luxx – Cheltenham

zaraluxxCheltenham elite dominatrix and femdom goddess, with private dungeon chambers and separate domestic setting.

Specialising in sensual domination to intense and harsh forms of kink and BDSM.



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Mistress Firefly – Leeds

fireflyStunning, powerful and delightfully sadistic Mistress Firefly has a wild imagination, a firm hand and a strict manner.

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Miss Sugar Cougar – Edinburgh

sugarcougarI am a Cougar Dominatrix, openminded and cruel, compassionate and understanding, touchable yet unattainable and am inclined to strict practices and training methods.

As an older, more mature, Dominatrix I have developed the skill of knowing when to push my slaves harder into their submission and when to ease up and soothe them,this skill can only come in time and let’s be honest who doesn’t love a buxom beauty stroking away your cares as only a strong older woman can.

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Mistress Valentina – London

valentinaI am an alluring and accomplished pre-op transexual Domina, operating from my own dungeon in the centre of London, UK.

I specialise in breathplay, cuckholding, toilet slavery, forced intoxication and taboo roleplay.



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Mistress Vanessa – Leeds

vanessaI am Mistress Vanessa of Leeds, classy and elegant, yet with an evil imagination and a wealth of experience as a Mistress.

I conduct my sessions from discreet, detached premises that are clean and atmospheric, situated just to the south of Leeds close to Junction 41 of the M1.

I cover most aspects of the BDSM scene, and excel in everything that I do.

You will not just feel obliged to submit to me – you will want to!

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Mistress Rachel – Worcestershire

rachelMy sessions are varied and incorporate a vast variety of styles and play type dependent upon my mood that particular day. My chambers hold a unique and vast variety of both custom build items and traditional pieces to keep things fresh, spontaneous and amusing!

My professional sessions are set at a discreet secure location with easy access to the main M5 motorway and there is a train station within a 5 minute walk away.

I am available 7 days a week from my own chambers here in Worcestershire (only excluding any listed tour dates which will be listed in my blog) So this is 7 days a week including weekends, bank holidays with availability  from around 8am up until around 8pm-ish

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Princess Aurora – Manchester

auroraManchester’s Fully Fashioned Fetish Princess – Humiliatrix – Mean Girl – Domme.

If you’ve ever dreamed of being demeaned by a mean, demanding, bratty little girl then I’m what you’ve been searching for silly worms… I’ll take your dirty secrets and use them against you.

I’ve always been aware of losers checking me out while I’m shopping, eating or relaxing with my girlfriends, it makes me sick, and now it’s time for a little payback!

Don’t be fooled by my innocent exterior, I’m a lifestyle fetishist who frequently attends alternative events all over Europe. I’ve got a vivid imagination, a bratty mean streak and I take a lot of pleasure in cutting men down to size.

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Goddess Alexis – Bradford

goddessalexisMy main interests are with sissies and those alike, humiliation, cross dressing, chastity control, CEI, JOI, maid training, Femdom, forced-fem, foot/feet worship, heels, boots, strapon play, anal training, gags, hoods etc.

I have over 10 years experience and love what I do!

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Stockport Dungeon – Stockport

stockport-dungeonStockport Dungeon offers a multi-roomed premises with FREE off road parking and its own private entrance.

The atmospheric Stockport Dungeon houses a reception area, two fully equipped session rooms each with its own shower and two Cells offering two different experiences.

Princess Lucina and Resident Mistresses welcome you.

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Mistress Jay – Huddersfield

jayI enjoy sensual Domination. I love humiliation, degradation, water sports, etc. I will cover absolutely every single aspect of domination except for adult baby and scat.

I have a very wide range of BDSM interests and a particular penchant for the humiliation and degradation of my slaves.

I hold dinner parties for the slaves with my Mistress friends and interaction parties.

I love my lifestyle of being a spoilt sadistic woman and controlling my own life destiny and those of my slaves.

I am based in Huddersfield and session in a very well equipped dungeon.

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Mistress Anna-Maria – London

annamariaI’m an Italian Mistress in Baker Street, London. I am here to be worshiped and served.

With words or a whip I gleefully take pleasure from my victim, taking control and pushing your limits is second nature to an Italian Mistress.

Come and submit and indulge in what you were born for, a sissy and a slave.

Come and experience Financial Domination, Baby minding, Sissy Playing, Behaviour modification, Foot Fetish, Cross dressing and Domestic servitude just to mention a few.

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Miss Chi – Leeds

chiI am a beguiling Chinese Dominatrix, physically elegant and lithe, yet with a powerful mind.

I excel in creating bespoke scenarios intuitively and individually tailored to the needs and level of experience of those I deem worthy of entering my presence.



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Mistress Sadista – Leeds

sadistaI am a Mistress Based in the Otley/Ilkley area of Leeds. I am an erotic and sensual Domme who enjoys making men AND women either beg for mercy as well as begging for more.

I specialize in caning, flogging, e-stim, Medical (as Surgeon or Nurse), Breathplay, anal training, strapon, bondage, foot and shoe worship, rubber domination, roleplay, sissification, forced feminization, mummification, tease and denial, online chastity (email me for details), humiliation, pony play, dog play, discipline, water-sports, extreme beatings, girlfriend/wife domination, Butch lesbian domination

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Miss Anna Elite – Telford

annaeliteI am a sensually sadistic Professional, Lifestyle and Financial Dominatrix.

I am highly intelligent, educated and cultured, born with a natural talent for domination. My sexuality goes much further than the walls of my fully equipped fetish play room, it is who I am, and  I express it in everything that I do.

My expertise and genuine passion for the role I play will make for an exceptional and outstanding encounter.

I am in my early 20’s, and standing at a perfectly proportioned 5’2, with a stunning size 6/8 figure, I am physically fit and flawless. You will always find me dressed to kill.. For YOUR viewing pleasure. If deserving – you may even be INVITED to Worship, starting at my feet of course…

I am a true Mistress of all things Kink, I am a genuine Dominant Female and you WILL pay me for my pleasure of being so.

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Iron Diva Domination – Glasgow

irondivaAs a physique model and body builder I love the feeling of strength and power that develops from my dedication to lifting.

As close to the human super hero strength and beauty combined.

Come worship my body post workout or feel my strong quads squeeze you in a vice like grip. Or why not spend some time simply worshiping these hard earned muscles

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Mistress Katalina – Grantham

katalinaProfessional Dominatrix Katalina De Lune, based in own private dungeon near Grantham, Lincolshire, offering a range of sessions from beginners and the more experience.

Dungeon Hire also available contact me to discuss..

NB Mistress Katalina does not offer sexual services…

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Mistress Josephine

josephineI am Mistress Josephine, a powerful and sensual London Dominatrix, and a divine experience.

I am a well established London Mistress and well known traditional London based English Dominatrix who does not take no for an answer. This London Dominatrix knows she wants and how to get it.

I will get into your mind, your soul and your fantasies.

You will find serving this London Mistress with her natural bob haircut comes naturally.

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Mistress Sonia – North London

mistress-soniaI am an experienced Indian Dominatrix based in North London. I have been participating in the Fetish and BDSM scene for many years now. Your desire to be controlled, bound and stimulated by the many means at my disposal will be completely fulfilled.

My sessions are unhurried, and can include Erotic Domination, Body Worship, Whipping & Flogging, Bondage, Strap-on and Anal play, Verbal Humiliation, and much more. See my website for more details.

The bottom line is that I like genuine submissives to submit to me

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Goddess Maya Liyer

maya-liyerProfessional / Lifestyle Dominatrix. BDSM and Fetish Adult Media Producer and Entertainer.

My studio is in East London, I am available for dungeon or hotel sessions in all areas of London. I also travel regularly to Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam, Zurich, Berlin and usually visit the USA once a year.

London based and internationally known Artisan Practitioner of the Femdom Arts, an infusion of Oriental, Asian and Western influences. Multi faceted in BDSM, and the activities practiced vary from traditional fetish, domination and submission through to a modern creative approach to real time sessions. All communications and appointments are conducted discreetly, privately and determined within a consensual exchange and encounter.

With My extensive experience in the world of BDSM I will fulfill your wildest fantasies. During My journey as a Professional Dominatrix I have worked alongside the very best in the world and have amassed a deep understanding of all aspects of BDSM.

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Mistress Sarah Jessica – Manchester

sarahjessica3I am one of the UK’s premier Dominatrices. I put alot of effort and preparation into My sessions which makes them a renowned, unique experience. I am known across the UK and internationally for My style, personality and My approach to BDSM

Here you will find a Mistress who understands what you deeply crave, and that is complete Domination and power exchange. you haven’t entered My domain for any other reason but to submit yourself for Me to take complete control and torment you in ways you have only ever imagined.

It’s time to make your fantasies become a reality with someone experienced who truly gets the mindset of a submissive.

My dungeon is fully equipped with three different style rooms  including a large confinement cell through the back which is great for confinement and overnight stays.

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Goddess-She – Yorkshire

goddess-sheWelcome to my world of exquisite pleasure and pain. I am Goddess-She, a Dominatrix who knows what she wants and will get it.

Those deepest darkest fantasies and thoughts at the back of your mind are what I make come to life.

Nothing excites me more than having total power over my slaves.  One look in to these brown orbs and you will melt to my will.

You think you know your limits? I will push your boundaries further than you ever thought possible and will enjoy watching you wallow in pleasure.

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Mistress Maya – Manchester

mayaMy perfect, petite body and pretty face might have you believe I’m an angel…. Don’t be fooled.

I feed on your pain and humiliation. Your worthless lust for me makes me smile, don’t you realise I eat men like you for breakfast? When you dare to experience my domination, you will never be the same again.

I will become your new addiction, your obsession, your Goddess.

I encourage nervous first-timers; you’re a little toy I like to play with, and I will take your domina-ginity gladly, but I must warn you: you will never find another Mistress like me.

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Mistress Komakino

komakinoI am not your average Professional Domme, I do not put on a fake persona to create this fantasy dreamworld that ticks every cliché in the book. I am your worst nightmare. I stay true to who I am and I am 100% dominant in my everyday life. I can make a man fall to his knees and submit to me fully in a blink of an eye. I genuinely love what I do and see every session as a learning opportunity.

Although I offer a wide range of services, I can guarantee every session is carefully thought out and tailored to each client to make the best of our time together. Discretion and privacy are of the utmost importance to me and I will never share any information about a slave nor will I ever do anything that could compromise that.

I am based in Camden (Chalk Farm/Primrose Hill) for in-calls but will travel anywhere in the UK and Europe with the appropriate notice.

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Miss Torment – Manchester

misstormentEnter my world of tight bondage, sensual touch, whispered threats and a caress that will leave you begging for release as I look you in the eyes as I torment you.

I have always prided myself in my gift of “magic fingers” not my words, but those of previous victims, that have seen many miscreants left in awe of my ability to tap not only into their pathetic manhoods but their minds too.

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Mistress Nicky French – Cardiff & Bristol

nickyfrenchIf you’re looking for something new, I’m the one.

I know my desires, my likes & dislikes and you’ll understand that don’t worry. You’re here to serve, please & push boundaries. I drive my session by first, have a chat with you.

I like to exchange with people, I need to know more about you, your limits, your expectations to give you the right way of BDSM. If you can bring my Slave form filled up for me will be perfect (find it on my website)

Of course I’ve got my preferences, I LOVE CORPORAL PUNISHMENT !!!!!

I also like to squeeze your little balls hmmm… I’M A BALL FETISHIST, they’re my relax balls haha !!

I see every gentlemen, all ethnicity, respectful with good manners. If you wanna session with me, just give me a call and I’ll see straight way if you deserve to session with me or not.

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Mistress Mera – Manchester

meraMera is a dark exotic Domina beholding elegance, class and beauty which will captivate you and render you helpless to her control.

Serious but sensual Mera will fulfill your fantasy and darkest desires. Whether you are an experienced submissive or a novice, Mera will take you to your limits whilst respecting boundaries.

Mera appreciates that her submissives’ are unique and takes great care and pleasure in ensuring that individual heights are reached. Some of the activities Mera enjoys are listed below but she is always open to fun new scenarios. Based in beautiful private and fully equipped furbished premises in North Manchester, easily accessible from the M60.

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Mistress Katinka – Glasgow

katinka2A well spoken disciplinarian with a passion for elaborate role play, a sadistic smirk and a heel collection that would make Imelda Marcos weep. This lifestyle is a part of me, in my blood, my desires and dreams and not just a role to make a quick buck…Those Mistresses do not stand the test of time.

With clients from all walks of life and all across the globe I have all the attributes of a supreme Mistress…but thats enough blowing my own trumpet, I’ll let you make up your own mind. So what do I love…As you’ll see from my images I love dressing in leather, pvc, tight dresses, stockings and always teamed with the highest of heels.

Highly skilled in theatrics I adore creative fantasy role play however I’m equally passionate about a laid back session with you worshiping my pretty little feet!

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Tantric Massage Mistress – London

bdsmtantra1This is a Tantric Massage with BDSM as the core part of the session. This core part of the session is referred to as the BDSM sensory journey.

The BDSM sensory journey, comprises of your chosen BDSM related interests or Fetishes.

The Tantra elements work to raise the vibrational energy in the body and increase levels of intimacy and trust. Tantric Breathing, Eye Gazing, Guided Mediation, Body to Body Tantric Massage and Lingham Massage and/or Prostate Massage.

You will surrender to Mistress Katherine who will be representing Shakti, the Goddess of feminine sexuality and power.

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Mistress Katherine – London

londonmistresskatherine1I, Mistress Katherine have a particular type of Dominance that will have any submissive going weak at the knees with surrender to the deeper submissive within. I will bring you to a place of deep submission and exquisite surrender or build you up to intense highs. I will find out exactly what makes you tick, so as to give you a very personalised tailored experience. You will never know what I am thinking when I look directly at you, but you can be sure it involves you and the things I can and will do to you.

As a natural born Dominant, being a Dominatrix was a natural pursuit. Of any Mistress in London, I am the one to take you on your darkest and most pleasurable journey yet.

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Mistress Morana

morana2Creative, kinky, fierce, yet caring London Dominatrix and a pain therapist. Welcomes both, men and women. SHE mostly enjoys hard impact play, although lighter sessions are also available. SHE LIKES TO BE WORSHIPED AND ADORED!

High levels of pain are known to alter state of consciousness while releasing long term stress and deep set in emotions.

MORANA is not a standard commercial Dominatrix, SHE takes a healing approach to what she does and she does it mindfully. Her sessions carry a meaningful sense of energy exchange, based on mutual respect and understanding of each other’s needs and “shadow” desires rather than scenes of humiliation. SHE is a highly spiritual person who combines pain with love.

HER main kinks are Japanese rope bondage, electrics, needles, bull / snake whipping, flogging, Corporal Punishment and breath play.

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Kidnap Mistress – Manchester

mistress-kidnap_0466Super-realistic consensual kidnap sessions in Manchester. in my opinion, kidnap is the ultimate fetish. A really good abduction, carried out professionally, carries the full range of Fetish/BDSM emotions.

A kidnap session normally lasts from 2 to 8 hours, depending on the kind of kidnap session requested, and is carried out by two Mistresses unless you prefer one Mistress.

You can involve your own partner / Mistress if you wish, and you can plan your own kidnap session or we can plan it for you.

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Mistress Luci – Manchester

luciwhiteI am Mistress Luci, a young, strict, seductive and very sensual Dominatrix from south Manchester. Don’t let that fool you though; I have a very mischievous and wicked side!

I have a fully equipped Chamber with every restraint and toy imaginable, all waiting for me to ensure that you are both PUNISHED AND PLEASURED!!!

I love receiving body worship but this will be governed by my boundaries and permitted only at my discretion.

The path on BDSM is a long one and we are all at different stages. I love to tease the novice and promise your limits will be respected. But as with any journey there is always much to learn, so if you feel you have something to teach me, I look forward to hearing from you.

I love playing with adult babies and if preferred have a more domestic environment for our “nappy play”.

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Auntie Amanda – Southampton

auntieamandaI am a sophisticated disciplinarian with traditional Scottish values relating to Discipline, Correction and Behaviour Modification.

I shall correct your wrongs by my rights, as it is my right to punish you for your wrongs…

Within my domestic based premises I have every implement conceivable to modify your naughty behaviour, to make you an obedient, well behaved and good little girl or boy.

With 18 years of experience in the use of all disciplinary implements to produce the most effective results in correcting the most ill disciplined of reprobates.

I am the ultimate image of perfect domesticity which you may have in your mind, wither it be Auntie, Mother, Babysitter/ Girl next door or Governess and within the confines of my domestic environment I make the rules and rule breaking shall be dealt with accordingly in the most severe manner since with all my implements I never miss the mark but leave my mark upon you every time.

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Madame Brodie – Brighton

madambrodieI am a tempestuous Scottish redhead, genuine fetishist and an enthusiastic pervert offering sessions in Brighton and London with select submissives, masochists and kinksters of all experience levels.

I revel in the trappings of vintage propriety; corsets, stockings and gloves, as well as warm leather and slick latex. I am an educated, sadistic and wickedly playful Mistress, specialising in Traditional Correction, Fetishism, Foot and Boot Worship, Trampling and TICKLING! but am a keen enthusiast of many other kinks, all detailed within my site.

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Mistress Crimson – Manchester

manchester-mistress-crimsonManchester Mistress Crimson is both creative and imaginative. She enjoys inventing erotic and seductive games, whilst being in total control of your mind and body. Having a back ground in psychology, Manchester Mistress Crimson relishes the opportunity to delve into the darkest corners of your mind and build upon every session.

Loyalty will always be rewarded and over time this will allow your Seductive Manchester Dominatrix to increase your limits and desire to submit to her and her alone.

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Mistress of Desires – Huddersfield & Leeds

mistressofdesiresI am the Mistress of Desire, an exceptionally exquisite, elegant and sophisticated, high class dominatrix. I am the elite mistress of feminisation and domination. I find myself naturally dominant with a flair and passion for feminising, degrading, and dominating in many ways and means.

I am articulate, intelligent, and ooze class and style. I stand at 5’10 in stockinged feet, and tower over 6ft in heels. I dress with class, style and perfection. I have a slim, model, hourglass frame, piercing green eyes and long dark glossy hair that flows down my back. I have exquisite taste and enjoy the finer things in life, from exotic holidays, to fine cars and luxury hotels and spas. I am well travelled and educated. I also have a keen eye for detail and strive for perfection in every aspect of life.

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Lady Mia Harrington – Brighton & London

miaharringtonI am Lady Mia Harrington, an elegant and seductive classical English Mistress. When we meet my female dominance, superior beauty will be sources of power over you. It is my birth right to exercise absolute dominion over you, your submission and devotion to me is required by your very nature.

I currently have an immaculate, grand play space in South East of England on Brighton Seafront I also session in two top London dungeons and also travel internationally for the right clientele.

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