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Mistress Harriet – Nuneaton

ukmistressharrietI am a confident, strict  and mature Disciplinarian and Dominatrix.  I can be cruel as well as sensual in my sessions. Pain is pleasure

Please visit my website for more details, I am based in Nuneaton, and near the motorways.

I have my own unique manner which can be playful and fun one minute and the next hurling insults, depending on my mood.  I love being a controlling Mistress and love to verbally humiliate you.

Whatever your requirements might be, I offer you a range of services catering for many fetishes, all of which I take great pleasure in and provide you with the relief you need..  It does not matter if you are a newbie or experienced in the world of BDSM

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Mistress  Anietta – Swindon & Reading

anietta2I am Mistress Anietta, a professional dominatrix sessioning from my own premises in Swindon, Wilts and at the Fetish Studio in Reading, Berks, UK.  Your session experience with me is likely to be different from anything you may have encountered in the past.  Laughter will be a feature, not just from me but also from you.  We can play very seriously, your submission can be very deep but I believe that there is also a need for definite periods of lighter play.  It is important to remember the ‘f’ word – fun.

I specialise in CP and have many other interests, all of which I enjoy immensely.  Our mutual enjoyment is my objective and helping newcomers to take their first steps into the BDSM world gives me great pleasure.  Old hands will be challenged with somewhat more painful pleasures!  All genders and sexualities are very welcome.  Please read my website thoroughly before calling me.

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Madame Caramel – East London

madamecaramelOh, I have changed! For the better I must confess…I have now been a lifestyle/professional dominatrix for 11 years. For those of you whodon’t know me yet, I’m not an English Mistress, I come from a genuine lineage of strong African leaders, male and female, mixed with Portuguese blood.

So what I bring to the table is something different. I’m a genuine, sexually demanding woman, I have had servants since a very young age and so I demand servitude at all times. I’m a little Diva who doesn’t throw tantrums but will administer a well thought out punishment if you fail me. I’m slightly arrogant and look at my servants with disdain, but I have my moments of kindness.

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Mistress Tania – Huddersfield

mistresstaniaBeautiful Mistress Tania should be your first choice to fulfil your fantasy.

My mirrored dungeon is very well equipped with all manner of items ranging from the large St Andrew’s cross, iron cages, stocks, suspension equipment, spanking stools and bondage chair. In addition I have lots of the smaller items tailored to your body, gags, cuffs, nipple clamps, strap-ons, parachute ball stretchers, hot wax and many many more.

Mistress Tania is one of the most skilled in the North of England. She has a wide variety of implements and toys, can be kind and understanding or punish you until you beg her to stop.

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Mistress Zelda – Manchester

zeldaYour most intimate and wicked fetish fantasies are waiting to come true in the Private Chambers of Mistress Zelda in Manchester. Mistress Zelda holds court in a stunning dungeon location in Manchester that offers the best of all elements of fetish and BDSM. There is the Main dungeon fully equipped with custom made BDSM furniture, as well as Private Chambers, School room, Nurses station and lounge area.

Mistress Zelda’s Manchester dungeon experience is discrete, immaculately clean, and designed with the sole purpose to excite your senses and ignite your imagination. It is Manchester’s premier BDSM venue in every possible way.

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Miss Bryce-Jones – Manchester

brycejonesWhether you are a beginner or an experienced player, your fetish and BDSM desires will be teased, taunted and elevated until you are aching for release. Finally, you are left gasping and fulfilled, shivering with satisfaction at the best adult fantasy you will ever experience.

All scenarios at the Mistress Bryce – Jones dungeon is based on the three overriding principles of BDSM: Safe, Sane and Consensual. Rest assured… your fantasies are in the best of hands. We guarantee that your visit to Mistress Bryce – Jones will be unforgettable and will turn your wildest dreams into reality.

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Mistress Mephisto – Oxford

mephistoBased in south Oxfordshire in my own rural premises, I enjoy CBT, restraint, bondage, electrics, watersports, CP and much, much more.




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Lady Sara Borgia – Birmingham

lsbWelcome dear servants, (submissive, deviant, worshiper). Are you searching for a Mistress who can unlock your ultimate submissive desires?

I can lead you down the rabbit hole into pure deviant land, if you’re brave enough to follow!

To throw caution to the wind will make you worthy of such gifts of pain and depravity that will fulfil your aching heart and sting your broken skin.

Session with me in Birmingham/London/Edinburgh

Email your enquiries to My website. Discretion is assured.

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Miss Snow – Merseyside

misssnowI am an intelligent, articulate and imaginative young lady who specialises in traditional CP. I enjoy most school, office and domestic scenarios and my sessions can range from strict, austere discipline to relaxed and light-hearted play.

I enjoy nothing more than to deal with your transgressions the old fashioned way and I thoroughly enjoy carrying out authentic role play scenarios. You can be assured you will be visiting a young lady who can wield her implements accurately and safely and understands the psychological side of CP.

If you are looking for genuine discipline, view my website then contact me to discuss your requirements.

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Ms Tytania – London

tytaniaMs Tytania of London isn’t just another London Dominatrix: she is a true one off. She loves the most unusual fetishes, the niche kinks. She is unique, experimental, fascinated by the erotic power of the
mind. Her reputation as a creative fetish artist. She also enjoys the more traditional BDSM and Femdom D/s scenarios.

Established in London since 2002, but a lifestyler for much longer. Ms Tytania is still exploring her own kinks and interests, and would like to help you discover and explore yours. It’s a life time adventure that she
loves to share with polite, open minded gentlemen in London.

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Lady Lola – London

ladylolaI am a London based, elite Dominatrix. A lifestyle practitioner of BDSM for over a decade, I brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to My practise when I made the shift to professional domination in 2010.

I will design your torment based on the information you provide and how it relates to My personal interests, inclinations and mood. Corporal punishment, foot worship, strap-on play, cock & ball torture, nipple torture and role-play feature among My favoured activities.

My more unique specialities include fire play and pointed shoe trampling.

Myself an impassioned fetishist, I revel in all forms of fetish worship. Including stocking & suspenders, thigh high boots, corsets and gloves, latex and leather.

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Mistress Jadee – Manchester

jadee“The most powerful sexual organ is the brain”

Well that is true, and it is also good news for you slave. Let me introduce myself, and please pay attention, as you may regret not doing so……….

It has been said that I ooze style, confidence, class, sassiness, and dangerous raw sexuality……, who am I to argue? But that is only half the story, I am an expert in f*cking with your pathetic little dirty mind. Session with me, and you will NEVER forget it. I will have you under my spell well before it even registers in your brain. Or your dick.

With over 8 years experience I know exactly what I am doing. Novices to the most experienced slaves are welcome.Indulge yourself in submitting to the most beautiful, creative, and irresistible domme that you could ever hope to meet.

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Auntie Amanda – Glasgow

auntieamandaI am a sophisticated disciplinarian with traditional Scottish values relating to Discipline, Correction and Behaviour Modification.

I shall correct your wrongs by my rights, as it is my right to punish you for your wrongs…

Within my domestic based premises I have every implement conceivable to modify your naughty behaviour, to make you an obedient, well behaved and good little girl or boy.

With 18 years of experience in the use of all disciplinary implements to produce the most effective results in correcting the most ill disciplined of reprobates.

I am the ultimate image of perfect domesticity which you may have in your mind, wither it be Auntie, Mother, Babysitter/ Girl next door or Governess and within the confines of my domestic environment I make the rules and rule breaking shall be dealt with accordingly in the most severe manner since with all my implements I never miss the mark but leave my mark upon you every time.

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Princess Jessika – London

February 2014Live sessions are usually held at my Central London apartment, though sessions at specialist dungeons can be arranged.

I enjoy various forms of play, from physical punishment using a variety of implements to psychological torture and mind games. I will hurt a masochist and humilate a submissive.

I enjoy my power over you, I may humiliate you, trample on you or torture your genitals. I may tie you up, gag you and beat you. I may trample you and piss on you; I may cage you and ignore you. Whatever, I do, you will want to come back for more because I have a way of getting inside your mind, and because I genuinely understand what you need from Me, what you want from a Mistress and I truly want you to enjoy every minute of your time with Me, even when you are begging Me to stop.

You have a submissive soul. You cannot be content without being controlled and dominated. If I treat you with cruelty, that is a clear reinforcement of how helpless your situation is and it increases your sense of being controlled. You may truly hate the punishments, tortures and humiliations I inflict on you but I know your soul will be content.

Sessions are from £150, plus any extra dungeon costs if applicable. Double domme sessions can be arranged as well as domme/sub double sessions.  These are from £300 per hour.

For first time sessions we will be having a 15 – 30 minute drink and chat beforehand in order to get the most out of our time in the session.  I don’t charge for this time.

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Mistress Kaiser – Manchester

kaiserBased in north Manchester a ten minute drive from the city centre the stunning transsexual Mistress Kaiser enjoys conducting sessions from her fully appointed underground cellar dungeon. A less intimidating domestic setting is also available for first timers or those who find release in the softer, sensual side of submission. BDSM is her lifestyle as well as her chosen profession, and one that she takes a great deal of pride in. She is well versed in most aspects of BDSM and sessions with her cover a wide range of services and pleasures, both yours and hers. If you are a novice, nervous about taking your first steps into the world of Femdom, don’t panic, you will find her friendly and approachable and can be assured of a relaxed introduction to it’s delights. But do not be fooled by her amazing eastern European beauty, she also derives a great deal of from the most seasoned of submissives who allow her the freedom to unleash her darker more severe nature. Are you brave enough to offer yourself to this truly sadistic Goddess  ?

Standing at 5’10” in her stockinged feet, a pair of heels from her vast array of shoes and boots will ensure she towers above you whilst enjoying your quivering body laid prone beneath her as she delves into your mind and brings your inner most thoughts and desires to life. Whether it is tie or tease or severe corporal punishment you will submit fully to this stunning Manchester Mistress and be left in no doubt as to who is in charge !

A visit to Mistress Kaiser is a phone call or an email away and will leave you craving more more of her special brand of domination!

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Mistress Deluxe – Lincolnshire

mistressdeluxeWhether you’re an experienced submissive or nervously looking for your 1st experience at the hands of a Mistress you will find me playful yet stern. I can be harsh and cruel vicious and mean

I enjoy administering strict CP with a twinkle in my eye and a smile on my face and I’m sure you will have a smile too when you leave.

The sessions can be from 1 hour upwards to suit you.

I want you to have fun and enjoy the session. I believe and feel this is always best achieved when both the Mistress and submissive have the synergy and energy that works well between us, well then it’s a kind of magic.

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Mistress Eloise – Bolton, Lancashire

mistresseloiseI have been a Dominant Mistress for 14 years, Based in Bolton Area, and nothing pleases Me more than watching your bottom redden under the sharp hard strike of My cane,  stamping on your pathetic cock, watch the tears fall down your cheeks, and listen to you beg for mercy!

Of course, I also enjoy more gentle forms of domination, such as mild spanking, foot worship, tie and tease, etc.  The session will be as mild or severe as you prefer.

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Mistress Meena – Bristol

mistressmeenaYour PAIN is My PLEASURE.

I will tease you and torment you. I will demand your obedience and discipline you. I will cherish you as My most valued possession and indulge My every whim on you. I will take you to a place where pain and pleasure become one.

Your very own small piece of heaven awaits.

Whether you are a first timer or a more experienced player, I just know that you will enjoy a thrilling time with me and want to return again and again.

I want you…..

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Mistress Pandora – Glasgow

mistresspandoraIf you wish to seek my services which comprise of a subtle note of tied and teased, combined with all manner of bondage and sensory deprivation, then you have came to the right Mistress. I am a strong, fiery, sexy Female who truly understands how to entangle herself in the depths of the perversion that you seek.

I am a very private person, and I do ask you to respect my privacy as I do yours. Discretion at all times as well as a strict one to one experience.

I stand at just under 5’10 tall with long blonde hair, size 5 shoe, and stunning figure. I have starred in a number of fetish photo shoots but as I mentioned, for discretion reasons I wish not to share these.


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Countess Steel

countesssteelStrict English Mistress in London.

Visit my clinic for addicts.

Central London.



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Mistress Annabella – Glasgow

annabellaMistress Annabella an exquisite, powerful Mistress from Glasgow, boundless imagination and sadistic instincts.

I will entrance you into complete obedience with My feminine cruelty

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Mistress Hitchcock – Dundee

mistresshitchcockI am Mistress Hitchcock. A CD/TV Domme who has her own dungeon/playroom. I am always updating with new photos of myself and my stable of slaves. I love to provide fantasy role-play, humiliation, domination, shoes and boots, CBT, spanking, cock worship, restraints, anal play, nipple torture, sissification …. and open to other suggestions on an agreed basis!

I am the Director of my dungeon/playroom. I am in control. I do not offer sex. I offer a fantasy.

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Miss Sarah Kane – Manchester

sarahkaneManchester Mistress Sarah Kane is your ‘Fantasy fetish Goddess’.

She welcomes you to enjoy her exquisite, slim, silky soft body, with a very and a sharp kinky mind. She will entertain your body and mind fully.

Mistress Sarah Kane promises you the ultimate kinky experience.

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Mistress Mia – Bristol

mistressmiaI would describe myself as a sensual sadist offering a wide variety of BDSM fantasies from the mild to the wild.I take pleasure in pushing the limits and watching the reaction.

I like to torment, tickle, annoy, pester, and terrorize all who dare submit to me. I am bisexual myself and love playing with male and female submissives.

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Mistress Scarlett – Blackpool

scarlettI am Mistress Scarlett welcome to my world of pure feminine nylon, indulgence, pleasure and domination.

I am firstly a lady and I mean lady, not just someone of the female persuasion. I am sultry, sensual, erotic and very much in control of my domain.

I have a massive nylon fetish and I love what I do. I believe that the brain is the biggest sexual organ so why not let me into yours to play and toy with it until I find my way through to your deepest hidden desires and perversions then let me really fulfil your fantasies.

I am a very easy going friendly mistress who is very approachable and unshockable. This is not only a profession for me but also a lifestyle so please do bare this in mind when you book a session.

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Lady Angelina – Manchester

angelinaI’ll give you pain and pleasure beyond your wildest dreams and fulfil your most intimate and wicked fetish fantasies.

I am very feminine yet strong, confident as a Dominatrix. I can be very strict and cruel as well as sensual.

I have been a Dominatrix since 2006; this is what I enjoy doing most because I can be myself. I have a dominant personality which I was born with. Dominating and humiliating comes naturally for me.

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Mistress Helena – Leeds

leedsmistresshelenaI am Leeds Mistress Helena, I have life experience in the BDSM scene and professional experience as one of the best North West Mistresses whom also tours regularly to London and on trips abroad or in the UK with my well established slaves / submissives & fetish players.

I enjoy my role as a Dominatrix and will use my skills as a qualified nurse and Psychotherapist to ensure you enjoy your journey into your deepest fantasies.

Everything Mistress does is respectful and within boundaries set. I like to use a safe word rather than No! But once our relationship develops and so the trust then I will push your limits as far as I see suitable.

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Smoking Fetish Mistress – Cheshire

smokingfetishmistressCigarette and smoke play have many facets and you are welcome to explore them with me to experience the best you can from this particular fetish.

I might use you as an ashtray, or a footstool as I sit back to enjoy a cigarette, or perhaps gently blow smoke over your entire body as you lie helpless.

Maybe I will make you inhale the fumes as part of breath play, or include some role play. I might even burn you to remind you of the time you have spent with me.

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Manchester Medical Fetish – Manchester

manchestermedicalfetishManchester Medical clinic is a fully equipped and functional medical facillity, which houses the highest quality medical instruments and practictioners. Whether or not you are an expert medical fetishist or a novice, all our Manchester Medical Practioners have something to offer the dicerning medical enthusiast.

Medical fetish fantasy encapsulates total control of the body and natural functioning. This type of fetish play is by no means for everyone, however each nurse at the ‘Manchester Medical Fetish Clinic’ will complete a patient review assesment prior to partaking in procedures.

The Mistresses at Manchester Medical Fetish have no medical qualifications, all their medical skills however are part of a practiced service in which a safe and hygenic practices  will be provided.

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Mistress Nin – London

mistressninDoctor Nin, the Fetish Therapist, has been away from the London SM scene for a while.

She has been busy abroad completing Her internship in Human Resources management with a renowned multinational company, where She specialized in unfair dismissal and sanctioning.

She is now back and available for private counselling, eager to deploy Her freshly acquired know-how amongst the white collar workforce.

Although She is a trained psychologist, Hers has to be intended as an “artistic performance”, totally unrelated to any official treatment… still being potentially much more therapeutic.

She will investigate on your recurrent fantasies so to target core areas of your personality. Such a procedure may take repeated and gradual approaches to your intimacy, fundamental to encourage a therapeutic bond. Her approach will include an array of fine BDSM techniques to lower atavic defenses, especially those of a sexual nature.

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Trans Mistress Isobel – Leeds

mistressisobelKneel and submit to the beautiful Trans Mistress Isobel.

What novice sub could resist a gentle, sensuous tie and tease at the hands of this corrupting seductress. Or the full on Dominatrix Isobel – if you dare

Mistress knows you are unique and has special ways to uncover your cravings for submissive, servitude and domination.

Successful applicants who enter my service can expect to be tested to the limit, sometimes beyond.

Release yourself from the bondage of your daily life.

I will take control now.

Mistress Isobel

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Governess Ely – Blackburn

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGoddess to be worshipped – Governess to be feared.

24/7 lifestyle Dominant and female supremacist offering you the opportunity to submit to in my new play space in Blackburn.

Catering for all levels of intensity from mild to the very extreme. I am very experienced in regard to those new to the scene and looking to explore further.

Same day appointments available, as well as lots of opportunities to serve online.

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Mistress Eva Marie – London

evamarieMy strengths lie in my ability to transgress from strict Mistress to Sensual Domina. I am a mature Mistress with that quintessential english accent that lies beneath a petite stature and an austere sapphire gaze.

My formative years as a head mistress at an all boys boarding school have given me the skills to discipline and punish those that do not submit to my authority.

Are you ready to relinquish control to a Mistress who decides your fate?

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Mother & Daughter Mistresses – London

motherdaughtermistressesWe are Mistress Carol and Maitresse Sin, two genuine Mother and Daughter Mistresses in London.

We offer double domination sessions together, or you may serve us singly if you prefer.

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Mistress Sandra – London

sandraIt is Mistress Sandra’s genuine passion to have her slaves serving at her feet with obedience and discipline. She lives it 24/7 and deserves the treated as such . Elegant but yet sophisticated she will penetrate your mind and body with excitement and fear.

She doesn’t follow a routine, each session is moulded to your needs and desires if you earned the privilege to be in her presence but nonetheless very rewarding. The only limits are what you can take.

When you are in Mistress Sandra’s company you must assure complete respect and devotion towards her and be prepared to pay the price for any misbehaviours.

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Ms Amelia Birch – Hampshire

ameliabirchWhatever your expectations I take the time to listen and fully understand your requirements to enable the fulfilment of your fantasies.  You will not be left disappointed.  I have been told I have a natural talent for dominant role play and will leave you begging to be allowed to return.

I demand and will receive total obedience and servitude from you whether you are looking for an intense punishment session experiencing the pleasure of pain or simply wish to worship and adore me

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Mistress Scarlett Black – Leicester

scarlettblackMistress Scarlett Black of Leicester Bdsm artisan, of over 20 years of Exceptional Experience in all aspects of BDSM erotic play.

Specialist in Strapon and Facesitting.

Same day appointments available .

Newbies and seasoned players welcomed.

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Lady Deadly Nightshade – Norwich

ldnI am a professional Dominatrix based in Norfolk, England

Your pain is My pleasure. My experience and enthusiasm, combined with a wicked inventiveness, make a session with me unforgettable. I use your dreams and fantasies to enter with you into a world of domination and fantasy.

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Mistress Lubyanka

lubyankaI am Mistress Lubyanka, a sensual, elegant and sophisticated Russian dominatrix. I have been at the top of my profession in London for ten years and adore having slaves under my control, to use and abuse for my pleasure and gratification. Whilst I am stern and demanding I also have a lighter, more friendly side on occasion as I have found that in certain situations humour and compassion can in fact strengthen the bond between a Mistress and her slave.

My extensively equipped, dedicated chambers, which are used exclusively by me, are located in Central Croydon, close to both East and West Croydon stations giving easy access to all parts of London and most of the South East.

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Mistress Tammie – Birmingham

tammieI’m Mistress Tammie, legendary dominatrix based in Birmingham and touring the UK!

I’ll be giving out extreme punishments and the strictest discipline!

Think you can handle me? I’ll have you on your knees begging for mercy. You’re fetish fantasies are about to come true!

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Lady Eleanor Lawrence – London

eleanorlawrenceI am an elegant and sophisticated Domina and submissive (switch). I trained in one of Australia’s leading dungeons in 2009, and am well-regarded Internationally, booked out 1-2 weeks in advance.

I am 5’7 tall (without heels), with long auburn-brown hair, fair skin, blue eyes and an hour glass figure with natural bust. I keep a very discreet profile to protect my privacy and that of my clients. To read more about my particular interests, please refer to my website

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Mistress Veronica BitchFromMars – Birmingham

veronicaI am a strong sensual woman, 5’ 2” in stocking feet, vivaciously full figured with long red hair.

Experienced and dedicated dominatrix with dark and infinite imagination, who loves to be worshiped. Well versed in the art of sadistic therapy. I work from private chambers in Birmingham, with plenty of parking. I specialise in CBT, CP, Foot worship, Medical play, Pet play.

I also enjoy all other forms of BDSM play including sensual play and I cater for all levels from the new experiencing this for the first time to the more dedicated.

My services and your personal details will remain discreet and confidential with regards to any booking you make with me.

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Mistress Harriet – Bristol

mistressharrietI am by nature a control freak, and have a strong dominant nature. I am able offer a Mistress service to discerning gentlemen throughout the South West of England.

I have my own unique manner which can be playful and fun one minute and the next hurling insults, depending on my mood.  I love being a controlling Mistress and love to verbally humiliate you.

Whatever your requirements might be, I offer you a range of services catering for many fetishes, all of which I take great pleasure in and provide you with the relief you need..  It does not matter if you are a newbie or experienced in the world of BDSM

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Mistress Linda – Leeds

mistresslindaI am Mistress Linda of Leeds, an elegant, sophisticated and mature Mistress with a wicked, yet sensual demeanour.

I have a wealth of experience as a Dominatrix and offer a safe and secure environment for BDSM enthusiasts.

Whether you are looking for exquisite CP, sensual T&T, severe CBT,  classic OTK or a mind-blowing strap-on session you will find that I excel in most forms of Domination – I am your ultimate Domina!

I have the skill, expertise and a powerful Dominant nature – You will do as I choose!

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BBW Switch Mistresses

bbwswitchmistressesWe are London BBW Switch Mistresses – Switch Mistress Caribbean Fire and Switch Mistress Evon.

Our activities can include queening, whipping, caning, bottom worship, water sports, hard-sports, cock and ball torture, boot worship, tie and tease, xdressing, strap-on training, Role play, spitting, smoking fetish, face smothering, Spanking, Wrestling.

We also switch

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Bondage Dom – Glasgow

bondagedomIf you wish to seek my services which comprise of a subtle note of tied and teased, combined with all manner of bondage and sensory deprivation, then you have come to the right Mistress.

I am a strong, firey, sexy Female who truly understands how to entangle herself in the depths of the perversion that you seek.

I am a very private person, and I do ask you to respect my privacy as I do yours.

Discretion at all times as well as a strict one to one experience.

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Domina Visuki – London

dominavisukiDomina Visuki is a very strict, experienced, severe, naturally sadistic Italian Dominatrix; I am a musician and an artist as well as a Lifestyle/Pro-Domme.

The Alternative World is MY World, and with My dark piercing eyes, firm hand and extremely charismatic presence, I can show you how to truly obey and respect. I particularly enjoy and specialize in Corporal Punishment, Bondage, Degradation and Humiliation, Needle Play, Ball Busting and Role Play/Scenarios involving Torture and Interrogation. If you are ready to surrender and take a walk on the wild side, visit Me in My fully equipped Private Play Space…provided I deem you worthy of it.

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Mistress Rose – Surrey / Hampshire

roseI am a professional mistress working for 7 years, based on the Surrey/Hampshire border in Farnborough. Please visit my website for contact details as well as information about what I do and my facilities.


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Submissive Spankee Imogen D’Arcy – North West UK

imogendarcyHaving a background in BDSM Imogen D’Arcy understands all aspects of Corporal Punishment and domestic discipline; she appreciates that spanking runs deep in the veins of all who enjoy it. Imogen knows only too well that punishment wipes the slate clean from troublesome, errant behaviour. For some it is therapeutic and a great release, for others it is escapism from the drudgery of everyday life.

To spank and to be spanked is one of life’s great pleasures, where a rosy red bottom should be worn with pride and honour. Imogen’s sessions are safe, fun and consensual. When she is in charge she is firm but fair and expects the same from those who play with her. Role play comes naturally to her and can accommodate many school and domestic situations; she has a wicked imagination, so just ask her if you fancy something a little more Avant garde.

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Domination Nemesis Style – Leeds

nemesisstyleI am a tall, slim, attractive dominatrix. I am mature, well-spoken and experienced in what I do.

I consider myself to be a fair and honest person, who has a sense of humour and an open, friendly disposition. I know I am creative, imaginative and can be cruel, and in a dungeon situation I take pleasure in that feminine cruelty.

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Princess Sofia Domme – London

sofiadommeI’m Princess Sofia. I’m 5ft 2 with size 2 feet. I am very slim with large natural breasts and long dark hair with big green cat eyes. I’m young, I’m beautiful and I’m smart. I am arrogant narcissistic and very aloof.

I am better than you. You are nothing. Never forget that.

I apologise to no one and I’m never wrong. I’ve been living on my own for a few years now, and the errands, chores and pampering that my parents and boyfriends have done for me in the past has now been taken over by my legion of dedicated slaves and followers. I only lift a finger to point at what needs cleaning next with your pathetic lowly tongue, or what gorgeous pair of shoes I want you to crawl to me with in your mouth in the middle of a crowded shoe store, and yes, you will pay for them with cash you will fish out from the panties I made you wear in front of the cashier!!

My style of domming reflects my personality. I won’t take a session seriously. I don’t take anything to do with submissive sluts seriously.

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Baroness Essex – Essex

baronessessexThe Baroness Essex. Female supremacist, Dominatrix and lifestyle purveyor of all things Fetish.

She is a living paradox. A lady of serenity and benevolence, yet capable of indescribable acts of abject sadism depending on her mood.

The Baroness is located in Rural Essex, however she regularly visits London and can frequently be found in New York.

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Lady Libertine – Norwich, Norfolk

ladylibertineNaturally dominant, powerful, articulate, fiercely intelligent, and at times just plain fierce, I love to see you at my feet, yielding to My control, waiting and yearning for Me to enlighten, educate and dominate you.

Welcoming my authority unquestioningly, you will submit yourself to me for My amusement, and I will treat you in the manner you deserve, ensuring you surrender your will to me.

If you have been naughty, I will punish you. If you have been lazy I will make you work hard.  If you so much as fantasise of being a slut I will humiliate you.  And if you long for the touch of a heel in your slutty little mouth I will make you beg to be allowed to kiss my boots, whilst I look down at you on the floor where you belong.

I am mature, empathetic to the needs of the weaker sex, and am a voluptuous size 20, standing over 6′ in killer heels. My Whipping Room is fully equipped, atmospheric, discreet and based in NR28 area, north of Norwich, has good road, rail and air links.

Apply for permission to session with me by following the instructions on my website.

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Mistress Paris – Croydon

parisIn My world today as a London fetish Mistress, I am the Queen of all that I survey!

Once I sampled the heady delights of Female Domination, I knew I had found my natural profession.

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TV Mistress Kandy Heart – Leeds

kandyheartMiss Kandy Heart of Leeds… Sweet by name but not by Nature.

Miss Kandy is one of the UK’s leading TV Dommes. Based in Leeds, West Yorkshire Miss Kandy caters for all levels of experience.

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Miss De’Vil – London

missdev-ilExperienced and fully equipped, London NW8 Safe and consensual

Call Now on 07779394955 for appointment 9AM – 8PM Monday to Friday



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Submissive Saffron – Bristol

subsaffronHi I am Saffron, a proffesional submissive and a bdsm enthusiast.

I am naturally drawn to this lifestyle.

I session at the House Du Croix with the full use of dungeons and facilities.

I also session with Mistress Suki on Saturdays if you would prefer.


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Mistress Elizabeth – Manchester

elizabethFrom an early age I knew I was Dominant, I always had to be in control. I always made sure I got what I wanted, Domination is in My genes!!! I am an erotic, experienced, and strict TS Mistress, but with a human touch, who genuinely loves what She does and who puts a lot of pride into Her craft. As a Mistress I understand the desire of my slaves to be humiliated, to stand before their Mistress weak, naked and vulnerable. You can confess your darkest fantasies to Me and we will find out how we can explore them together in an exciting, safe and discreet environment. I love taking you to the edge and back. I am very happy to session with first timers as well as experienced kinksters.

As a Transsexual Mistress I feel empathy with those submissive’s who find satisfaction and release in feminisation. I have a feminised she-male live in slave as well as a Transsexual girl friend so I understand the need that some submissives have to be feminised. I also really enjoy training a sub to be a better slut-whore and have a number of toys to help you become one.

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Mistress Eliza Van Gray

elizavangrayI am intelligent, articulate, imaginative, and I have the right combination of sadism, seductiveness, and compassion to be an excellent Domme. I am extremely well attuned to other people’s emotions. This allows me to get into their minds and gently push them further than they thought possible.

I take great pride in helping others discover the extent of their erotic potential. I think of myself as a professional wish granter.

I usually run sessions from a beautifully equipped dungeon in Bethnal Green.

If you’re intrigued, visit my website to find out more about me, my preferences, and how to book a session.

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Mistress Alma Faronda

SI am Mistress Alma Faronda, a dominate ebony dominatrix.

If you are looking for a beautiful and bossy black superior Mistress with a sensual side to serve and to worship, first you must ask yourself if you deserve a beautiful and powerful ebony Mistress like me to consider you to be my subject.

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Mistress Spankies

spankiesI can be your Headmistress or Teacher – For defiant schoolboys who have not completed their homework a harsh caning will be administered then made to stand in the corner. For disruptive schoolboys who do not pay attention in class will administer the slipper in front of the class for humiliation!

Perhaps you would like me to be your Strict Aunt – I will bend you over my knee and spank you with my firm hand after catching you peeking up my skirt and leering!

Fetishes – I cater for many types of fetish which include foot worship, caning, hand worship, weighted cock & Ball Stretcher Weights, face sitting, bondage, cling filming, clothes pegging & nipple clamping.

I can also become a Harsh Mistress – I take great delight using my selection of canes, floggers and paddles to Pathetic Wimps, Pansies & Sniveling Imbeciles. Also skipping in the nude & enforced exercising, depending on my mood – outside in good weather.

Do not feel at all embarrassed or shy in discussing your particular fetish, I’ve  probably heard it all before!  I await your call!

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Mz Lucinda – Northampton

mzlucindaI am a mature and experienced Dominatrix who really enjoys all BDSM sessions from the strict and severe to the fun and sensual side of tie and tease or forced feminisation Domination.

Sessions are in a domestic setting where novices and newbies are welcome.

Sessions which leave no lasting marks are available.

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Submissive Charlotte

subcharlotteIf you’re looking for the highest standard of professionalism and some sweetness with your obscenities then look no further.

I‘m Charlotte, an English submissive in London. A spankable size 10 and a perky 34C, I am very flexible so touching my toes for Sir is not a problem.

Compliance could be my middle name, I’m obedient most of the time and always willing to submit to the punishment of my failures.

I enjoy taking a firm Over The Knee Spanking particularly when part of a Fantasy Role Play. My favourites are cheeky, disobedient schoolgirl and shy, demure secretary.

I am available by appointment on Mondays and Fridays please call for more information.

Thank you Sir.

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Miss Velour – Brighton

velourMy approach to a session is very personal and individual. Instead of offering an automated list of pleasures and services, I expect you to contact me via my website, so we can discuss your deepest, kinky desires. This will allow me to assess if you are compatible for a mutually enjoyable experience, which is imperative in my Domain.

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