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Sara Lips Wrestling – London

Hi, I’m Sara a female wrestler / dominatrix specializing in sessions for muscle worshipers, wrestling fans and those that love being dominated by a strong woman!

As the ultimate combination of beauty and power. I am everything you could ever dream off! With a perfectly sculpted, hot, toned muscular physique.

I can and will control you both mentally and physically!



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Mistress Affinity – Glasgow

Glasgow, Scotland based Dominatrix, Gothic and Fetish model.

Passionate about all things Dark! I stand tall and Dominant at almost 6ft with heels that shall be worshiped and obedience taught!

Over many years as model I have further developed a career as a professional young dominatrix.

Alternative, long waist length hair that is black as night, I can make your Dark Fantasies come out to play. “Tall with hair as long and dark as a moonless night and skin as pure and pale as lilies in the evening sun.”

Specializing in BDSM, Humiliation, Obedience Training, Financial Domme and Military.

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Lady Kali Blu – Birmingham

A fitness fiend and provocative alpha female, possessing sex appeal ‘sass’ and a naturally erotic and seductive disposition. In unison with a kinky and intelligent mind and a muscular sexuality.

I cater for the ‘erotic and sensual’ style of domination. Playful and kinky. I enjoy teasing. Playing with you. Denying you. Using the prowess of my powerful physique and vivacious personality to seduce and woo you! The art of the tease is something I am adept at. Therefore, I do not consider my clients to be slaves. Rather – Fetishists, Kinksters, Perverts, Deviants, Voyeurs and Pain Sluts. Or simply, admirers of the strong female form.

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Mistress Sadie – Manchester

Manchester MistressI am a Manchester Dominatrix with very well equipped chambers.

For the Novice, or simply curious, I offer a gentle introduction. For the more experienced, I offer absolute indulgence, to discover and explore your fantasy, sensitivity, boundaries and limits in this wonderful World of BDSM.

You will be dealt with in a safe, controlled and totally discreet environment by Manchester Mistress Sadie.
I fully understand the needs and rewards emanating from the Human Body and Mind. From a firm touch, to the bitter sweet kiss of the whip to that delicate part of the anatomy, that craves and hungers so much for attention.

Your desire to be controlled, bound and stimulated by the many means at my disposal, will be completely fulfilled.

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Governess Elizabeth – London

Professional Sadist, fisting Fanatic, sounding Specialist, needle play-loving Nurse, strict Disciplinarian of wayward men, enthusiastic Enforcer of chastity and Lover of kink. I have a keen interest in the psychological aspects of BDSM.

This redhead Dominatrix takes great pleasure in exploring your imagination, your desires, your fantasies; tempting you, teasing you and testing your limits. I adore role play, anal play, strap-ons, forced feminisation/slut training, corporal punishment (particularly using the cane and tawse), CBT, electrics, (predicament) bondage and tie and tease. I am the authoritarian Woman who punishes you for your misdemeanours because I care. I am your Leader who will guide you and train you to the most exacting standards, whether that requires humiliation or humility.

My own research into the practice of chastity in male submissives, D/s relationships and gender performances in the dungeon contribute to My crafting of unique sessions that blend intuition, spontaneity, desire and deviancy.

I session from My own luxurious central London dungeon, close to a mainline train and tube station (zone 1). My dungeon is fitted with bespoke and vintage furniture and an ever expanding array of equipment.

I look forward to welcoming you to My chambers.

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Mistress Ammonite – Basingstoke

I am a Lifestyle Dominatrix, returning to Pro Domming after a break. Over 10 years experience and a love for what I do.

I class myself as the “Domme Next Door” because I am very much into natural play. I don’t role-play or shout at you. I’m here to tie and tease you, spank and flog you, restrain you and titillate you.

I enjoy delivering a sensual experience with a range of equipment; hard and soft impact toys, bondage with cuffs, rope or plastic wrap, electrical play and needle play, CBT, nipple torture, strap-on play, plugging, and most other things you may be curious about. Please ask 🙂

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Miss Kim Rub – London

Regal, sensual and seductively dominant – I am the Queen Bee. I have creative mind which means your session is exciting and I’m entertained. My specialties include; rubber, bondage, CBT and needles. However, I do so much more, catering for the newbie or the more experienced player.

When at my feet you can look up at my hourglass figure. I love foot fetishists. All that kissing, licking and sucking gets me hot and bothered 😉 Plus my collection of six inch shoes, sandals and boots is scandalous. Come up and see me sometime.

I have a luxury room, playroom with an enchanting ambience. Domination sessions are never hurried and there is no clock watching. Fully equipped.

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Oriental Mistress Suzy – London

Oriental Mistress Suzie is back in London and ready to have some fun and kinky games with you naughty boys.

I have my own very discreet apartment just 1 minute from Mornington Crescent tube and 5 minutes from Euston.

I am a petite dominatrix here to fulfill all your kinky fantasies. I am VERY open minded and have my kinky toy bag with me and I am ready to play 🙂

I am a roleplay specialist and will delight in making all your naughty dreams cum true 😉

Call me NOW!!! Let’s have some fun together. Visiting service available – I will come to your hotel

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Mistress Var – London

An English, London Dominatrix & Worcestershire Dominatrix, Supreme Sissy Trainer, Adult Baby Mummy and Victorian Disciplinarian. London Mistress Var resides in a clean comfortable domestic setting with easy access to public transport and parking facilities.

London Dominatrix & Worcestershire Dominatrix Mistress Var has a good range of kit and equipment but you are always welcome to bring your own. Be assured that She values maintaining the highest standards in Health, Safety and Hygiene.

Being a Lifestyle Domme for over 10 years she is genuinely interested and has a true understanding of the service she has to offer. Her comprehension of the AB/DL psyche and deep understanding of what it means to be a Sissy or Femboybhave been complimented on many occasions.

Holding a BA Hons Fine Artb(1st Class Dissertation) and having plenty of real life secondarybschool experience (PA to the Head of English) Mistress Var does notblack in creativity, intellect and behavioural management techniques.bShe is very happy to provide complex, realistic scenarios where realbfailings result in real punishments. She can also offer CorporalbPunishment as a programme to real self-improvement.

Mistress Var is also a Fetish Lifestyle Permanent Headmistress at Girls Boarding School UK

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Lady Scarlett – London

London MistressStrong. Confident. Self Assured. Educated and well spoken with a fantastic sense of humour. Looks that suggest butter wouldn’t melt, but granny always said I was a wrong un.

I was born to dominate and have men submit to my will. From a very early age I took every opportunity possible to show the boys who was boss. As I grew older I learned that to have a person hand over control to me is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

My dominance is not a game or something just for the bedroom. There is no on or off switch, it is an inherent personality trait which drives my approach to all aspects of my life.

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Mistress Alexa – Dudley

If you want to experience real Domination by a beautiful Mistress, then there is no one better than the skilled and wonderfully sadistic Mistress Alexa.

Although I have a strong penchant for CP in all its forms, I also have a wide repertoire of BDSM interests. Submit to Me.

Journey with Me, into your deepest desires. I will lead you into My World and I promise you simply will not want to leave.

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Mistress Lily

Oriental London Mistress Lily is an attractive, well educated, sensual, sexual, powerful dominatrix! She enjoys dominating submissive males and females who wish to further their education at her feet or over her knees.

London Mistress Lily is open to new ideas and experiences and she would love to explore your various fantasies no matter how unusual or rare they are. As long as they are harmless, safe & consensual.

She enjoys from sensual mild to wild hard corporal punishment sessions.

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Mistress Toxic Vixen – Portsmouth

I’m a sensual but bratty Transgender Mistress specialising in Power Exchange, Humiliation and Intimate Body Worship.

My sessions are aimed at the submissive who would class themselves as straight but wishes to push boundaries just a little more.

Although ultimately sessions are totally about My selfish needs not yours I adhere to a strict code of safe, sane, sensual and consensual, think spoiled bratty tease that likes to get her own way and I do ALWAYS get My own way.

To find out more about Me – take a moment to study My website.

I will become your new addiction……

Mistress Toxic Vixen

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Mistress Annie Storm – London

Intelligent, Beautiful, American, Sadistic Mistress.

I have 7 Years of Professional BDSM Experience and 10 years Lifestyle.

I create the perfect individualised session, from the most extreme, sadistic, and purely Dominant to the sexy, soft, and sensual.

During our bespoke scene, you’ll experience total Domination and pure BDSM from a real lifestyle Mistress who absolutely loves it.

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Mistress Rousson – Birmingham

My name is Mistress Rousson. I’m a highly skilled Sadistic Domme, with a passionate interest in everything perverse.

I will get into your head, and explore depths of your mind you never knew existed. I’ll open you up to a world of desire – experienced or new, I’ll lead you down a path you’ll never forget.


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Mistress Jessica Tsang – Kent

Oriental Chinese Mistress Kent United Kingdom.

My specialty is to tempt, tease, tantalize and of course to torment.

I particularly enjoy CBT with my subs.


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Miss Jasmine – Manchester

I will walk along side you as your respected and trusted Mistress. Together we will explore and penetrate the dark corners of your mind. We will bring your deepest desires to the surface and I will begin to tease and manipulate each dark fantasy.

Your submission will feed my unquenchable thirst for control. your wish to please me, as your mistress will begin to ache inside you eventually pulling and pushing your limits.

I will play with each of your senses, twisting and distorting them so that eventually when in my presence you will be nothing more than a devoted puppet on my string. A devoted puppet that craves the freedom I am able to offer you. of having your most lurid thoughts heard and accepted.

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Mistress Foxx – Manchester

I consider myself unique in my style of Domination. I command with a smile. I enjoy myself. I enjoy your submission. I enjoy the sensuality a Dominant/submissive moment holds. Bare in mind, If you ask Me for something, you will get it. If you want to have your balls gently tapped by My feet do not ask Me for Ball Busting, If you want to be tickled with a Cane or Flog do not ask to be hit with it or you may get far worse than what you asked for.

I am an experienced Manchester Mistress & My style is quite harsh, I take no messing but if you require a more softer sensual session then tell Me, otherwise I may get carried away.

I am privately educated, intelligent and not to be messed with. I love the weird and wonderful so if you have a bizarre fetish/scenario you would like to try, I’d love to give it a go.  I like to be challenged and think outside the box.

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Headmistress Cane – Manchester

The headmistress offers a one to one service and welcomes nervous and first time pupils. She can be very caring and maternal to the nervous pupils and has a no rush policy making your stay memorable. Her punishments range from very mild to the more severe for the very naughty pupil. She can be a very strict disciplinarian or the tender primary school teacher.

She will show you the error of your ways and She will punish you in her Traditional Edwardian study. An over the knee spanking is compulsory and you will be shown the error of your ways

The headmistress will cater for all schoolroom fatansies and scenarios. Please ask her and she will try to accommodate your fetish or fantasy

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Miss Delilah – Manchester

I am a traditional, creative and imaginative Mistress who specialises in role play.  Think you have the business balls to work in MD’s office? Perhaps you need teaching a lesson in Mrs Delilah’s classroom? Or will you be found guilty as QC Delilah leads you to the bench to serve your punishment whilst you pathetically plea?

You will succumb to your inner desires and relinquish all control. As I work your fetishes into a scene that will blur the lines of fantasy and reality. And that will have you coming back to Me again and again and again.

Come on. Don’t resist the temptation. Come play with Me. It’ll be so much fun…You know you want to

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Mistress Rose – Manchester

Mistress Rose is a mature refined elegant dominant lady. She is intelligent and articulate and very experienced. She has been a dominant lady for twenty years and will combine her expertise and sensual ways to give you the ultimate experience. Whether you are a novice or the more experience submissive, she will dominate your mind as well as your body. Mistresss Rose is a Fantasy and Role Play Specialist and will take your fantasy and turn it into the reality that you really want.

Her Manchester premises are private and discrete and have a number of themed rooms including a Headmistresses Study for all the naughty boys and girls who want to be punished .She also has A Large Gothic Chamber with a cross cage whipping Bench, and all the implements for the and fetish scene. She also has two other chambers for fantasy and role play. And a small isolation room for interrogation scenarios.

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Mistress Astera – Manchester

You may address Me as Mistress Astera.

I am 6ft in heels, size 10/12, with Ice blonde hair and deep blue eyes.

Born a Leo, I encompass the natural traits of a Lioness; dominating, powerful, royal and ferocious.

I have an innate understanding of the male psyche and a proclivity for discovering your vulnerabilities, I will exploit them for My amusement if it pleases Me. I can be draconian in My demeanor, yet sensual. Your session will be tailored to your desires in a safe and non-judgmental environment. I am prepared to adjust the intensity of our session to suit your needs.

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Mistress Lucina – Manchester

princesslucinaI am a Mistress with 10 years experience. I genuinely adore what I do which I believe shows within each session.

It is important for Me to build up a connection with My subs enabling you to reach new levels and higher zones.

I believe there is a certain magic within each session and I never like to rush, therefore never operating the “conveyor belt system”.

I would describe Myself as a natural sensual sadist.

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TV Mistress Sammie – Derbyshire

I am the epitome of a TV Mistress – how often do you get the opportunity to prove your worth to an exquisite beauty who has a lot extra to offer!

Being a very kinky, strict and demanding Mistress, I can offer many forms of BDSM/fetish scenarios. Just ask and I’m sure I can accommodate your kinkiest fantasies, as long as they are safe and sane.

Your darker & secret desires can be explored together with me confidentially and discretly. Fear and nervousness will be quickly dispelled in the initial discussion about her rules and your limits.

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Mistress Kali – London

I am a sensual, ruthless and experienced Dominatrix born and bred in London. I will have you under my thumb in seconds. I will dominate you on all levels; physically, intellectually, creatively and of course through my wicked sense of humour. I adore almost all domination practices (see website). There is nothing that gives me more pleasure than dominating my subs, watching you squirm, and us both deriving pleasure from it. Because pleasure is my paradise. Our sessions will go as far as you are comfortable with: we can outline your desires from the outset, or you can let me push you as far as I want to take you. I am natural, playful, sensual, even tender when necessary. I enjoy getting to know my subs; what makes you tick and why. I am also cruel, sadistic and unforgiving. This is not an understatement.

I have been a Dominatrix for 9 years, and have sessioned with subs in London, New York, Athens, Berlin, Dubai and Paris. I am happy to travel anywhere in the world to sort you out. Keep an eye on my tweets for travel plans.

I specialise in Kidnaps with my partner in crime Mistress Pip. I also excel in Mixed Wrestling and Erotic Massage. I session mainly from The Serpent Rooms in Seven Sisters in North London, however I am happy to travel to different dungeons provided you book them and prove it to me. You can suggest anything, my limits go far. If I refuse you however, then understand NO is my final answer.

Come Play!

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Mistress Alma Faronda – Manchester

SI am Mistress Alma Faronda, a dominate ebony dominatrix.

If you are looking for a beautiful and bossy black superior Mistress with a sensual side to serve and to worship, first you must ask yourself if you deserve a beautiful and powerful ebony Mistress like me to consider you to be my subject.


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Mistress Luna – London

I am a Dominant Brazilian young lady with 35 years old, but I have a really Mature performance in the art of Domination and fantasy role play.

Since early childhood I liked being Dominant. And later, when I was exploring the limits of My sexuality, I developed the power of control over pain and/or total devotion of a slave. It is a pure pleasure for Me! My experience and professionalism will guarantee that your needs will be catered. My pleasure comes from your total submission!

I explore all the fetishes with passion while stretching the limits (and bodies) of those lucky enough to attract My time and attention. I truly relish the power exchange and treat it as a way of indulging My dominant nature. For Me the most important part is a mental connection between Me and My slave. I enjoy both guiding the curious novices and providing further exploration for experienced players.

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Miss Helen – London

Redhead.  Femme fatale. Foot fetish Goddess. Sadistic. Playful. Insatiably curious. Intuitive. Domme-next-Door. Cuckoldress. Ball-buster.

I’m 5ft 8″ with long, toned legs, a perfect curvy UK size 10, 34-26-36, UK size 6 shoe, porcelain skin and long red hair.

During your time with Me, you can purely indulge in sensual foot worship or explore many other BDSM activities, such as ball busting, sissy training, strap-on play, tease and denial and sessions with a vanilla audience…I’m open to suggestions to activities not listed here.  However, strictly no sex, no needle play and no hard sports, no judgement, they’re just not for me.

I hold sessions in either a domestic setting, or dungeon playroom in Central London, W1, a one minute walk from Piccadilly Circus.

“The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it”

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Goddess Ananda – London

My sessions involve REIKI energy/ CRYSTAL healing work as well as meditative bondage/ light domination. I advocate spiritual/ conscious touch.

REIKI is a natural way of balancing. It does not damage, does not interfere, does not leave marks either! It is a subtle energy work with the human chakras.

DOUBLE REIKI energy sessions with Zeida are highly recommended.

INCALLS & OUTCALLS are available.


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Mistress Saphire – Manchester

As an accomplished BDSM and Fetish Aficionado I am able to offer a variety of sessions for both new, inexperienced submissives to experienced players. I am very creative in my sessions creating memories that will never leave you.

Whatever level of BDSM experience you possess you can rest assured that my sense of adventure, creativity, positive and open mindset will give you an experience you will not forget in a hurry.

Novice slaves will be encouraged to indulge in those fantasies that have been kept in the deepest part of the brain. Experienced slaves rest assured that your BDSM boundaries will be pushed and I will show you no mercy.

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Mistress Natasha Poole – Manchester

My life is multi-faceted and complicated. During the working week, I am to be found in my office, attending board meetings, drafting legal documents, being corporate and ‘sensible’. In the evenings and at weekends however, I come into my own.

I am Mistress Natasha, a professional experienced female dominatrix based in Manchester. I specialise in Bondage, Whipping, Trampling, Foot Worship, Chastity Control, Breath Play, Gags and Hoods, Water Sports, Strap on Sex, Face Sitting, Role Playing, Sensory Deprivation, Nipple Torture, Cock & Ball Torture, Face Slapping, Ball Busting, and Verbal Humiliation.

I am a University educated, 30-something redhead, with an interest in vintage erotic art and literature.

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Mistress Alexandra Wildfire – London


Do you crave to obey, serve and be humiliated? Do you desire strict punishment? Do you have a specific fetish you wish to delve into? Or do you seek to experience something new and stimulating? Perhaps you simply long to have a Mistress like Me in your life to explore your darkest and wildest secrets and fantasies.

BDSM is My one true passion. I love nothing more than to stretch the limits (and bodies) of those lucky enough to attract My time and attention. I truly appreciate the D/s power exchange and treat it as a way of indulging My dominant nature. Mental connection between Me and My slaves is for Me the most important part of having a fulfilling D/s relation and I take equal delight both in guiding the first steps of the curious novice and in leading experienced players into the darker and more deviant recesses of the kink world.

I seek only to meet discerning intelligent and capable individuals with a desire to surrender to a beautiful and sophisticated Mistress like Me. Everything I offer is performed to the highest standard and with great attention to detail. I always aim to ensure that time spent with Me is an exhilarating experience and that no two sessions are ever the same.

Having My own space means that I can be available for same day bookings. Call Me on 07879159067 or send an email to for any enquiries.

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Mistress Toza Scarlet – Leeds

Mistress of the mind fuck. Leeds Mistress Toza Scarlet loves to frighten her slaves. She will seek out those dark corners of your mind and play with them for her own amusement.

She is particularly fond of leather, CBT and ball busting, humiliation, role play, corporal punishment, interrogation and incarceration.

Mistress Toza Scarlet respects your limits and always plays safely. Go to her website to see more.

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Mistress Velvet – Manchester

Under my expert hand my slaves will fully acquiesce to my every command.  The outside world will melt away as you become intoxicated by me.  You will be completely overpowered as I take control and bring you to an apex of sexual intensity of bodily awareness.

Whether your kink is to be lashed with the cane or teased and edge played into a crescendo of sensuality I will fully cater our session to suit your individual need and embrace your deepest desires.

By embracing your innermost passion to be completely owned by a dominant, sensual woman you will know what it feels like to be truly alive.  As your Mistress I will complete your soul.

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The Cruel Adventuress – London

The Cruel Adventuress will take you to places buried deep within your darkest desires and then do as she pleases…A London Mistress for over 9 years (formerly Mistress Sadie Of London) there is not much she does not indulge or excel in.

Novices to old hands will appreciate her style, intelligence and experience so make that enquiry today, for you know that it is for the very best. Email for a fast response and as the first point of contact.

Same day sessions, at times, available.

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Miss Kay O – London

There’s nothing I enjoy more than giving, be it Corporal Punishment, Spanking, Paddling, Flogging, Caning and all forms of Sensory Deprivation.

I’m a Domme of many talents, but when it comes to using my famous Strap-On, my hands, and other forms of Anal Play, I am second to none. Not to mention CBT and Nipple Torture. And just in case you were wondering, my beautiful feet are every foot fetishist’s Achilles Heel. Seriously.

In addition to classic BDSM, I also offer Mixed Wrestling Sessions (Fantasy, Semi-Competitive, and Competitive), as well as Face Sitting, Beatdowns and One-Sided Boxing/Kick Boxing/MMA.
I’m physically strong and I’ve been doing Martial Arts for years. With great power comes great responsibility. So I hope you’re ready. But we’ll start soft and slow. Before I push you to your limits.

Understate me at your peril.

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Mistress Sofia – Swindon

sofiaI am Mistress Sofia, a mature sensual yet Sadistic Dominatrix. I have been a Mistress for many years and have many slaves under my feet. Some have been unwilling to submit to me but none have been successful.

I can be a cold heartless bitch in fact your worse nightmare, but it wont stop you becoming devoted to me. I don’t suffer fools gladly and all men are fools.

I am at my happiest with a cane in my hand or a slave’s balls under my boots.

If you are new to the scene I am not a total ogre, you may find my maturity and appealing concept when understanding your limits, but in saying that I do expect my slaves to be pushed to their limits.

Do I have a softer side? I defy you to find it.

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Amethyst Hammerfist – London

amethystAmethyst has been on the London fetish scene for ten years, she’s experimented and explored that entire time, she has been fucking men, women and transwomen with her strap-on for even longer. She loves her colourful strap-ons. Amethyst describes herself as an honest, caring, pansexual sadomasochist; chemistry and attraction is genderless and communication is key. Most of all, she hasn’t done anything to anyone else that she hasn’t experienced herself.

Amethyst is queen of forceful facesitting, and breathplay through facesitting, breastsmothers and handsmothering. She is mean, strong and playful, even her giggle is bloodthirsty. Her experience as a professional mixed wrestler means she knows how to use her body to control you, wear you out, to inflict pain and to seduce. Like her wrestling sessions, her cruel girlfriend sessions are intense, provocative and feisty.

As well as forceful facesitting with breathplay, Amethyst serves a mean beatdown. She also loves roleplay, pet play, needle play, gagging, spitting, watersports, forced feminisation, and anal play/pegging.

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Mistress V – Huddersfield

mistressvI am an attractive Mistress, curvaceous, sexy, seductive, elegant and sensuous, with a good sense of humour.

I have enjoyed this lifestyle for some time and have derived pleasure from the control and domination of men.

I can be sensual or severe as the occasion demands and my interests include bondage, restraint, body worship and tie and tease, plus more severe treatments for those who deserve it.

I will test but respect your limits at all times in a controlled and safe environment.

The majority of BDSM and Fetish activities are catered for. See my website for details.

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