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Mistress Victoria – Nottingham

victoria2I will cater for most Role Play scenarios. I have a wide range of BDSM interests. See My website for details.

My aim is that that you leave fully satisfied. All your fantasies can come true. Book a session with Nottingham Mistress Victoria now.

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Domina Octavia – London

octaviaDomina Octavia is like a breath of fresh air, cutting through the otherwise stale dominatrix scene. She is young, beautiful and very well educated, with a powerful and passionate personality and always has 100% control over any situation. She is a natural-born dominatrix and BDSM is her lifestyle.

Domina Octavia is passionate about orchestrating high-quality sessions for her slaves. She does not accept any authority and does not care what social level you are from. You will be put in your place and kept there during the magical hours you spend as her slave.

Her professional presentation is a serious matter. She takes great pride in her growing collection of fabulous latex, leather and PVC costumes. She seldom visits a fetish boutique without adding to her wardrobe and her vital statistics are probably known to every fetish designer in London.

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Mistress Bryce Jones – Manchester

manchestermistress7585Your most intimate and wicked fetish fantasies are waiting to come true in the Private Chambers of Mistress Bryce-Jones in Manchester. Mistress Bryce-Jones holds court in a stunning dungeon location in manchester that offers the best of all elements of fetish and BDSM.

There is the Main dungeon fully equipped with custom made BDSM furniture, as well as Private Chambers, School room, Nurses station and lounge area.

The Manchester Mistress Bryce-Jones dungeon experience is discrete, immaculately clean, and designed with the sole purpose to excite your senses and ignite your imagination. It is Manchester’s and probably the UK’s premier BDSM venue in every possible way.

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Lady Veronica Bonavich – Northamptonshire

northants-mistress-2238I am an English Mistress,  interested in attracting gentlemen who feel privileged to worship a refined, elegant and sophisticated lady with a dark side to her.

I enjoy most fetishes and role play scenarios, together I want us to make them reality.

I want to meet intelligent, interesting men. I am a fun person too, I enjoy  someone I can resonate with. When the time comes to be wicked I can be very mean. Think of me like the habit you want to give up but just can’t… the more you resist the stronger the urge.  I am a powerful strong woman.  Men are enchanted by my beauty. I have been told I have a very captivating and enticing aura, once entered you will feel trapped.

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Mistress Pussy Willow – London

pussywillowBeing dominant comes naturally to me, I have been taking charge for as long as I remember. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing my toys completely at my mercy on their knees, with that glazed look in their eyes… What bliss!

My sessions tend to involve a lot of creativity and laughter (usually mine, as I enjoy your writhing and moaning). My favourite thing is to help my little petlings find, explore and accept their kinks and perversions, the filthier the better!

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The Mistress X – Bedfordshire

xSophisticated and glamorous with a style that demands subservience, do not allow my good looks to fool you… my intelligence and wit will infect your mind and keep you on tenterhooks. My crushing confidence and militant precision will keep you firmly in your place – under my heels.

I stand elegantly at 5’11” (180cm) in my bare stocking feet. I have a slim, curvy size 8 figure with a full 32DD bust. My sized 7 perfectly manicured feet are always ready to trample over your lowly being. You will be proud to serve your Goddess.

I am an extremely sharp-tongued individual with a devastating vocabulary and a mind full of ideas. I demand respect for my superior intellect and culture. You will always be ten steps behind me.

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Mistress Zita – Manchester

zitaThe Mistress of Sensuality.

I am curvaceous, enticing, incredible sensual and deliciously erotic.

I cover many fetishes in my “Playroom” in Manchester.

Come and play with me for a truly breathtaking experience from a divine and stunning Mistress.

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London Training Academy

ltaLondon Training Academy – where no wrongdoing goes unpunished.

For all true CP and BDSM devotees. Real domination and training.

Professional Mistresses with different style to suit your needs. Each mistress offers independent sessions. Wide variety of services offered: corporal punishment, sensual domination, corrective therapy, slave training, bondage, feet worship, roleplay and more.

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Mistress Kearna – Devon

kearnaMistress Kearna is a very seductive, intelligent and strict Female Dominant. With more then 10 years of practice in the art of Dominating men, Mistress Kearna will make all of your dreams come true. Don’t let her looks fool you, as she might at times come across very caring and friendly but that might change in a second!

A Woman with great intelligence and a deep study of male psychology. Her Dominance over you can change with her mood which is very dynamic according to the submissive needs of men and their desires.

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Headmistress Spice – Port Talbot, S. Wales

headmistressspiceI am mature, attractive and extremely passionate about corporal punishment. I have spent several years working as an holistic therapist but  I have always had a burning desire to play out my dominant nature.

I will happily deal with novices right up to serious players. I love the journey of taking a sub from the beginning of a session and gradually building the tempo with my skills and punishment tools.

My punishment room is located a few minutes off the M4 in Port Talbot, South Wales.

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Mistress Carmen Black – Haywards Heath

carmenblackThis is the profile fo the most beautiful, professional and strictest Mistress in Mid Sussex.

I perform:

Goddess Worship, Corporal Punishment, Sissy and slut training, humiliation, degradation, Tease and Denial, role play, foot fetish, etc…

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Mistress BabsB – London

babsbTransexual Dominatrix with fully equipped dungeon and big toys offering bondage and discipline humiliation and light s&m and different levels of spanking and flogging depending on experience and personal barriers although you should expect to push your limits.


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Mistress Millie Belle – Central London

london-mistress-milliebelleSo you have a desire,  but it won’t go away an itch and you need me to scratch it. Scratch it now. I am a beautiful English elegant, chic and classy, successful corporate high-flyer with a penchant for dominating males. I am very well educated having been trained at the finest finishing school in Switzerland and ready to scratch that itch. It am the real strict City Bitch Boss that you’ve only fantasized of even talking to.

Now my only desire is to control and dominate you in every way. It comes quite naturally to me and I will take endless joy out of degrading and humiliating you by observing you grovel at my beautiful feet.

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Mistress Annabel

mistressannabelLondon Mistress Annabel: Enter a world of decadence and domination in Mistress Annabel’s private rubber,medical and transformation studio.

Stunningly beautiful Mistress, intelligent and cruel with a passion for rubber, medical treatments, bondage and mental control.

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Madame Rubber – Birmingham

madamerubberI am a mature and highly experienced dominatrix who also specialises in rubber fetish. Let me take you in hand and lead you on your journey in to fetishism and submission.

I can promise you an experience that no mere girl could ever deliver. With my skills honed on many submissives and my confident and matronly presence you are assured of a rollercoaster thrill ride.

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Mistress Celeste – Newcastle Upon Tyne

mistresscelesteI am Mistress Celeste, a professional dominatrix based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. I’m looking for suitable slaves and subs to dominate and demean. Standing at well over 6 feet in my boots or heels, I look down on you like the crawling worm you are. I want to hear and fulfil allyour submissive fantasies – I love to role play. You can’t ever forget I am in charge, so as long as you do as I say, you can let go of all your responsibilities during our time together.

You are mine to control. I enjoy seeing novices, and cater to those seeking mild domination to very wayward slaves that need some serious attitude adjustment. I enjoy my profession immensely, possess a keen intellect, and am always well presented, and my appearance is complimented by natural FF breasts, which I love to smother slaves with! Our session will be a memory for you to keep in your mind forever.

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The Lady Adore – London

theladyadore‘This is not just a kink, this is my religion, this is my way of life. Your purpose in life is to serve me, your Mistress. Get down on your knees and prepare for a little adventure.’

A feisty, flame haired vixen of a Mistress. The Lady can be located at her fully kitted out and beautiful dungeon in Central London and invites those who are willing, obedient and loyal into her world of seduction and sadism, for the pursuit of ultimate pleasure in servitude.

‘Can you handle it? I adore your pain, suffering and humiliation. If you please me, I may reward you, with something of my choosing. I’m open minded, sadistic and demand your complete submission.’

The Lady Adore is an experienced Professional Dominatrix offering a varied range of BDSM and fetish sessions to those with a taste for the perverted. Living the lifestyle herself she has a deep understanding of the seductive world of S&M and will give those willing a memorable and eye opening experience.

On entering The Lady’s world you will be invited to visit her in her fully kitted out dungeon, to enjoy the pleasures of experiences including, but not limited to: Corporal punishment, sissy training, foot worship, pain and sensual play, sensory deprivation, spanking, restraint along with teasing and denial.

The Lady will consider applications from those submissives or masochists who are respectful, obedient and who have an understanding of the dynamics of power exchange. Whether experienced or novice, The Lady will invite you on a journey of exploration.

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Mistress Andromeda – Norwich

mistressandromedaMistress Andromeda provides quality BDSM fetish role-play on an in-call basis, and out-calls within 10 miles of Norwich and Great Yarmouth. All are welcome to submit, regardless of gender and orientation. Scenarios include outdoors, dungeon, classroom, school prefect, headmistress, strict aunt, head girl, boss and secretary. My dungeon is located in central Norwich, and I can arrange an additional dominatrix, Lady S, for two-on-one domination. I may share my male sub switch if required.

Services offered include corporal punishment, spanking, flogging with cane, strap, paddle and riding crop, chastisement, cuckold, face slapping, small penis and verbal humiliation, PVC domination, foot worship, hot wax, pin wheel, domestic servitude, slave, maid and sissy training, restraint, rope-play, ball-gag, collar and leash, TV shopping service, cross-dressing and make-up facility.

No sexual contact is permitted, and submissives should be alcohol and drug free. A tribute is customary and expected.

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Mistress Eve

london-mistress-eveI am a London well established Pro Dominant Mistress, who thrives on the total power exchange with my submissives. If your desire is to be dominated by a tall curvaceous stunningly beautiful woman and in desperate need of some real meaningful punishment from a sexy goddess etc… then you have arrived at the right place , which is … “Eves Place”.

I offer BDSM sessions that are as intense as they are real. My dungeons have everything to bind you, whip you & make you beg for mercy. I invite you to enter my world of pleasure and pain. My domain is a mental and physical playground where erotica and kink are the common threads that bind our desires.

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Mistress Lady Godiva – Kent & London

ladygodivaAn English Dominatrix who is sophisticated and intelligent. I have a vast range of experience that breathes life into each and every session. No stranger to the corporate world, I will tear you apart in the boardroom. Any cheek from you in the classroom and you won’t sit down for a week! I am extremely good with a cane and can cater for cautious beginners to seasoned masochists and everything in between.

I love role play, cherishing every sweet moment as though it were reality. I know that you will too; losing yourself in the fantasy. But be prepared for the chill of fear that will take over your very soul, when you begin to wonder if you have lost your mind.

You will grow and learn under My command, like you’ve never experienced before. You will be reborn.

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LadyDaeMoon – Aberdeen

ladydaemoonI am an Eastern European professional Domme based in Aberdeen.

I am strict and disciplined and expect the same from others. Lack of it will cause severe consequences, but if you are good, you’ll be rewarded.

As much as you’d like to please me, I have to punish you if fail!!!

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Kitty Birchwood – Somerset

kittybirchwoodI am a strict, intelligent and articulate lady located in Somerset. I derive a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction reddening the bottoms of naughty boys and girls who require some good old-fashioned discipline. I especially enjoy using my hand to administer a long and hard spanking, especially if it is over my knee. As well as feeling the sting of my hand across your bare backside, you may be disciplined with one of the many implements I have at my disposal, which include my slipper, paddle, hairbrush and cane.

I genuinely enjoy what I do and aim to make the session as enjoyable as possible. As well as offering no-nonsense CP sessions, I also enjoy role-play and am happy to play the role of a strict headmistress, auntie or teacher. Alternatively, you might wish to take part in a scenario you’ve always fantasized about. You might even want to try something a little different, your fate decided by the turn of a card, or the roll of a dice.

So what are you waiting for…you know you are in need of some punishment.

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Medical Fetish Mistress – Hampshire / Berkshire / Surrey borders

medicalfetishmistressI have created The Medical Fetish Clinic for individuals who wish to explore medical themed fantasies….. I am a professional Fetish Practitioner with many years’ experience creating and delivering individual’s fantasies. I can be your Doctor, Nurse, Therapist, Matron, Dentist or other medical professional, and have an array of various outfits for you to choose for me to wear during your time with me.

I have a unique style in the art of control and I see myself as the catalyst that unlocks a door to an individual’s world of fantasy. I create a safe playground for them to explore and become their guide in the exciting journey of alternative play within the medical setting. The world I have created is a playground- a theatre- a sweet shop – an eclectic blend of hedonism, kink, fetish, dark sublime erotic journeys, and acceptance of everything that is different. I have a great passion, and fascination of the mind, people’s fantasies, experiences and desire to fulfil their search for the ultimate pleasure.

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Mistress Kali

kaliI am a ruthless and experienced Dominatrix who will have you under my thumb in seconds.

I will dominate you on all levels; aesthetically, intellectually and in my sense of humour.

I adore almost all domination practices; CBT, NT, whipping, spanking, dressing up and needle play to name a handful.

There is nothing that gives me more pleasure than humiliating and inflicting pain on my subs, watching them squirm, and us both deriving pleasure from it. Because pleasure is my paradise.

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Mistress Servalan – London

servalanAs a true Eastern European delight, I am here to fulfil your deepest desires and pleasure you with my extensive dominatrix skills.

Overwhelmed by my power and beauty, you will have no choice but to submit to me and do exactly as I tell you. In return, worshiping my perfect body will be your reward.

While you will be amazed by my superior strength and ability to dominate you with my many wresting skills, my enchanting personality will make your session with me a memorable one, full of excitement and unlimited pleasures, especially if you are keen to experiment and allow me to use my sexy toys on you.

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Mistress Minxy – Yorkshire

yorkshiremistressminxyWelcome to my dungeon of divine pleasure and pain. I am Mistress Minxy and I enjoy the feelings and experiences come from making your deepest, darkest fantasies come alive. I will push you far beyond anything that you ever thought that you could ever endure.

I am a dominatrix who knows what I want and I will have it. Your focus will soon be centred on worshipping my feet as I relax in a chair, or focusing on the sound of my voice echoing of all four walls, or maybe just a simple glance from my blue eyes will have you encapsulated in my essence and powerless to disobey any of my commands.

I am an expert in the art of domination and have experience in catering for numerous fetishes.

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Mistress Lizabeth – Birmingham

lizabethI enjoy all aspects of BDSM and truly believe I was born to be served, worshipped and obeyed.

I am a very classy, sophisticated, well-spoken Mistress who loves nothing more than having a sub on his/her knees looking up at me with adoration, need and respect.

I session from Midland Dungeons but also visit other towns and cities so watch this page for updates!

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Mistress Tatiana

londonmistresstatianaExquisite and talented Professional Dominatrix and Martial arts/wrestling Expert in London.

If you are looking for the ultimate combination of beauty and power, then look no further, I am the perfect Mistress for you. With a perfectly toned and muscular body and trained in mixed martial arts, Brazilian jujitsu and wrestling I will control you physically as well as mentally.

I enjoy engaging with my slaves on an intoxicating level. I will know exactly what you want and how to extend your boundaries in a totally encompassing and wildly intoxicating way.

It will be my pleasure to take you on a journey through BDSM, however experienced you are, I will open you mind to my world and invite you to experience things with me, beyond your wildest imagination.

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Mistress LeWolf – Mansfield, Nottingham

lewolfMature mysterious Mistress, sensual yet demanding, desirable yet unattainable. Always dressed to impress I have a slim physique and luxurious red hair.

My chamber is located in a very discrete area of Mansfield. Private parking with no passing traffic. The dungeon is out of sight and out of earshot , unless you scream VERY loudly! Direct access to a private wood means lots of opportunities for outdoor play.

As well as offering suitable candidates domination, correction and a host of other delights I can offer maid and domestic servant training. Willing to consider submissives and slaves of all genders. I also offer trampling sessions

I have a wonderful selection of wigs and outfits for those who wish to dress up and this is a safe place to be whoever you wish to be during our sessions.

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Mistress Verity – Herts & London

verityWelcome, fortunate slave, to my kinky world.  You will find me a truly exceptional,  exquisite, captivating  and intelligent English Mistress.

I  work from a discreet, relaxed and comfortable  N. London/ S. Herts-based residence within a 10m drive of J24 of the M25 and with ample nearby parking.

I’m  a 5ft 10” striking green eyed brunette, 38DD, with a toned, athletic and sporty figure, 37 yrs.

As an experienced and wilful dominatrix, I’m passionate and perfectionist in what I do – teasing and tormenting  my slaves is second nature to me.

Be warned; I will captivate you and within minutes assess how I would enjoy dominating you. I will vary your punishment from mild to severe, according to your desire and my whim.

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Mistress Berkeley – Derbyshire

derbymistressberkeleyI am located in Derby. I have been involved within the scene for over 15 years. Mistress Berkeley has a well equiped playroom which is equipped with Fetters BDSM furniture. I am stunning, sadistic, and have a different approach towards domination, where I offer a safe and secure environment for fetish and BDSM lovers.

I welcome both the novice and experienced into my playroom, where I see submission as a strength and not a weakness, your biggest fears maybe unfounded, but you will only know this when you serve the correct Mistress, the one that you feel you can relate with, and no judgement will be made!

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Madame C – Hampshire / Berkshire / Surrey borders

madamecWelcome to a world of sophisticated erotic domination, fantasy and fetish role play and exploration of the minds fantasies. The world I have created is a playground-a theatre-a sweet shop-an eclectic blend of hedonism, kink, fetish, dark sublime erotic journeys, and acceptance of everything that is different. With many years experience of professional Mistressing, fetish film and photographic production and teaching others the art of domination I now prefer to call myself a Fetish Practitioner.

I have a great passion, and fascination of the mind, people’s fantasies, experiences and desire to fulfil their search for the ultimate pleasure.

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Mistress Cara

londonmistresscaraI am a very superior, aristocratic ex ballerina and mature mistress with vacancies for new slaves who are prepared grovel at my elegant nylon clad extremely high heeled feet. I am an extremely decadent and ruthless mistress who is always in control.

Strict training and discipline is essential for weak, worthless slaves who cannot control their urges. On entering my chambers your mistress will take complete control over your mind and body. You have no mind of your own, I own you at all times.

My pleasure is to see the fear in your eyes, I love to see you tremble with that fear. Slaves must always prepare a full confession of their weaknesses and perversion, interrogation is an important part of your training.

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Mistress Courtney – Stockport, Manchester

courtneyDomina, Sadist and Fetishist, You may call Me Mistress Courtney. My grace and timeless beauty will stop you in your tracks whilst My posh, well spoken voice will entice you into My world and not let you go.

I provide BDSM sessions for men at a Dungeon in Stockport. My favourite kind of sessions involve smoking, high heels, discipline, sploshing and spanking while getting a kick out of CBT, mummification, humiliation and adult baby minding. Whatever your kink, get in-touch today. I do NOT cater for ass/pussy worship (me), hard/watersports.

The Dungeon is fully equipped with three rooms, each accommodating different styles of sessions. We have a large cell in the back which can be used for over night stays. A vast collections of toys, devices, outfits & shoes (for men) and of-course, furniture to ensure that our needs are catered for.

Ever since I could appreciate My beauty, I have used it, along with My intelligence to use and abuse men, all for My advantage. I always get what I want, you will do as I say and submit to Me wholeheartedly.  I integrate sensuality with discipline and training as I enjoy blending the lines between pain and pleasure (Mine).

Worship, respect and gifts will earn you rewards but disobey Me and you will pay the price.  Double sessions available with My wonderful, sexy, Mistress friends ;)

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Modern Empress – London

modernempressPretty, witty and sexually articulate, the Modern Empress offers session experiences like no other. As a modern-day mistress based in London, this dominatrix provides exciting, engaging and, most importantly, safe humiliation experiences to submissives and fetishists.

Visit her website for more information and fees.Pretty, witty and sexually articulate, the Modern Empress offers session experiences like no other. As a modern-day mistress based in London, this dominatrix provides exciting, engaging and, most importantly, safe humiliation experiences to submissives and fetishists. Visit her website for more information and fees.

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Mistress Tegan – Glasgow

teganMistress Tegan A glamorous Glasgow Based Goddess who operates from a fully equipped ,clean,discreet,secure Premises located in The Heart Of Glasgow.

Mistress Tegan has been involved in the lifestyle for several years and enjoys it very much. Mistress Tegan is a superior, elite Glasgow Dominatrix who is sensual and sadistic in equal measures.

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Mistress Minxy – Sunderland

minxysunderlandI am Mistress Minxy a professional Dominatrix based in Sunderland. I have been in the BDSM fetish lifestyle for many years and have lots of experience.

I provide a seductive domination service, a whispered command, a lightly stroked cheek that will entice you to do my bidding. I will not yell ands shout – I do not need to. My power lies in my understanding of you and the control I excude.

My enjoyment comes from controlling your mind and bending you to my will rather than commanding through dominance and fear. Although, I cannot say that you will never fear me; your development will involve chastisement as a learning tool, my crop is always to hand! I also have a vast and wonderful range of toys to use.

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Mistress Leyla – Bristol

mistressleylaI am Mistress Leyla, I welcome any pathetic creature into my lair at my Bristol Dungeon to serve, obey and worship me…

At 5ft 9 inches tall (without my thigh high PVC boots on), I will dominate, punish and tease you into submission – make you whimper and beg for my mercy, of which none shall be given – unless damn well earned!

I especially enjoy humiliating my subjects by the means of water sports, Sissy Maid/Slave training and forced bi, but enjoy teasing and torture of any BDSM, domination and other techniques.

At 33, years of age, I am an exceptionally Evocative & experienced dominatrix – I guarantee to exceed your fantasies & desires. If there is something not on my list that you would like to try (See Sessions tab for full list of services), or have tried before and enjoyed then don’t hesitate to ask, your pain is my pleasure and I will try (almost) anything once.

Do you think you are capable of pleasing me?
Are you ready to serve me?
Are you ready to be owned by me?…

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Domina V – Brighton

dominavI am very diverse in the Art of BDSM and Transformations, not to mention humiliation and torture. Those who see me will always be on their toes, as you will never know what to expect.

I enjoy all forms of play from mild to extreme. I am happy to see those who are new to this lifestyle. I offer Introduction training for new slaves, submissive’s, sissies and cross dressers. I also enjoy playing with those with experience and who would like to have their limits pushed. ALL play is under a Safe Sane and consensual manner.

My knowledge of BDSM has been considerably expanded by my own personal lifestyle as well as my travels. My experiences and My choice to work as a Professional Dominatrix has given me the opportunity to not only explore my own wicked imagination but to be in a world, My world of exploring other peoples fantasies, their deep dark secrets, their desire to be my slave, my submissive, to be beaten, humiliated and used as My plaything.

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Mistress Chloe Whippington – Camberley

chloewhippingtonSo you have decided to enter my world, there is no turning back now!

But be warned my world is not for the faint hearted. You are slave to my will. ​I OWN YOU – mind, body and soul, ​YOU ARE MINE.

Until now you have been asleep and I plan to awaken you…

…awaken you to what you have been missing for far too long.

You will follow my rules and commands, if you defy me there will be consequences for your actions.

I will use you in whichever way I please.

So if you have not yet been scared away, contact me to see if you are suitable prey.​

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Madam Helle – Paddington, Holborn, London

madamhelleA session with Madam Helle will certainly leave an impact, and lasting impression on you.

Madam Helle is a highly cultured, well educated Mistress who pays high attention to detail and expects only the best from her submissives.

Madam possesses a very cruel streak and not someone to be taken lightly as she is experienced in the harder, edgier and extreme side of BDSM.

With a wonderful twisted imagination, Madam Helle possesses knowledge of fantasies and dreams, which can be made into a reality, and when fulfilled She will illuminate the darkest depths of the human psyche.

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Mistress Harriet – Nuneaton

ukmistressharrietI am a confident, strict  and mature Disciplinarian and Dominatrix.  I can be cruel as well as sensual in my sessions. Pain is pleasure

Please visit my website for more details, I am based in Nuneaton, and near the motorways.

I have my own unique manner which can be playful and fun one minute and the next hurling insults, depending on my mood.  I love being a controlling Mistress and love to verbally humiliate you.

Whatever your requirements might be, I offer you a range of services catering for many fetishes, all of which I take great pleasure in and provide you with the relief you need..  It does not matter if you are a newbie or experienced in the world of BDSM

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Mistress  Anietta – Swindon & Reading

anietta2I am Mistress Anietta, a professional dominatrix sessioning from my own premises in Swindon, Wilts and at the Fetish Studio in Reading, Berks, UK.  Your session experience with me is likely to be different from anything you may have encountered in the past.  Laughter will be a feature, not just from me but also from you.  We can play very seriously, your submission can be very deep but I believe that there is also a need for definite periods of lighter play.  It is important to remember the ‘f’ word – fun.

I specialise in CP and have many other interests, all of which I enjoy immensely.  Our mutual enjoyment is my objective and helping newcomers to take their first steps into the BDSM world gives me great pleasure.  Old hands will be challenged with somewhat more painful pleasures!  All genders and sexualities are very welcome.  Please read my website thoroughly before calling me.

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Madame Caramel – East London

madamecaramelOh, I have changed! For the better I must confess…I have now been a lifestyle/professional dominatrix for 11 years. For those of you whodon’t know me yet, I’m not an English Mistress, I come from a genuine lineage of strong African leaders, male and female, mixed with Portuguese blood.

So what I bring to the table is something different. I’m a genuine, sexually demanding woman, I have had servants since a very young age and so I demand servitude at all times. I’m a little Diva who doesn’t throw tantrums but will administer a well thought out punishment if you fail me. I’m slightly arrogant and look at my servants with disdain, but I have my moments of kindness.

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Mistress Tania – Huddersfield

mistresstaniaBeautiful Mistress Tania should be your first choice to fulfil your fantasy.

My mirrored dungeon is very well equipped with all manner of items ranging from the large St Andrew’s cross, iron cages, stocks, suspension equipment, spanking stools and bondage chair. In addition I have lots of the smaller items tailored to your body, gags, cuffs, nipple clamps, strap-ons, parachute ball stretchers, hot wax and many many more.

Mistress Tania is one of the most skilled in the North of England. She has a wide variety of implements and toys, can be kind and understanding or punish you until you beg her to stop.

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Mistress Zelda – Manchester

zeldaYour most intimate and wicked fetish fantasies are waiting to come true in the Private Chambers of Mistress Zelda in Manchester. Mistress Zelda holds court in a stunning dungeon location in Manchester that offers the best of all elements of fetish and BDSM. There is the Main dungeon fully equipped with custom made BDSM furniture, as well as Private Chambers, School room, Nurses station and lounge area.

Mistress Zelda’s Manchester dungeon experience is discrete, immaculately clean, and designed with the sole purpose to excite your senses and ignite your imagination. It is Manchester’s premier BDSM venue in every possible way.

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Miss Bryce-Jones – Manchester

brycejonesWhether you are a beginner or an experienced player, your fetish and BDSM desires will be teased, taunted and elevated until you are aching for release. Finally, you are left gasping and fulfilled, shivering with satisfaction at the best adult fantasy you will ever experience.

All scenarios at the Mistress Bryce – Jones dungeon is based on the three overriding principles of BDSM: Safe, Sane and Consensual. Rest assured… your fantasies are in the best of hands. We guarantee that your visit to Mistress Bryce – Jones will be unforgettable and will turn your wildest dreams into reality.

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