50 Shades of Glasgow


Fifty shades of Glasgow dungeon hire is a city centre premises based in the heart of Scotland.  As well as hiring out the studio for private play, we are here to guide novice couples in SAFE, SANE, CONSENSUAL play.

We are situated on Hope Street, across from central station, and we are here for one reason alone. We are a small friendly studio for people that wish to indulge in kink in a safe, non-revolving door environment.  At no point shall you EVER encounter another human being here, except the Dom/Domme/Sub/Partner you have booked with, as it is a STRICT one session at a time rule.  We do not agree with there being more than one session happening at the same time as it can be off putting… especially hearing another session going on in the premises.

The Clients, Dommes, Slaves, Masters that use these premises are all very similar, share the same perversions, kinks, respect, and most of all have the same outlook on life.

The studio is rented out to all Kinky people at the rate of £30 per hour.